Posted by: Sk | January 1, 2008

Bank codes?

Sometimes you fall on data which may be of interest somewhat accidentally. I receive a form from the Regio Bank in order to open an account. I don’t have enough time nor will to spend paper and ink on an obvious fraud, so that I fill the form through another program. The form though I have kept before in PDF. How funny, by opening again the Pdf document with WORD, tons and tons of data do appear (up to know I have found a computer that holds 10.000 pages, but there must be more). A single simple 6.000 KB pdf document may contain … 10.000 WORD pages …

Is it now true or not, that the ‘creation’ does contain the data of the programs and source of origin of the document as given?? May it then be true, that the very fact of altering data inside of a document may alter programs whole and even change them in a general interaction? Well, it seems to me the evidence.

The thing is, that now, 10.000 pages or even more of probably vital international bank transactions are in a little small and insignificant second hand cd brand princo or related. Not only: the PDF format has lost all reliability as it may transfer information that is supposed to be hold … secret. I don’t say sorry anymore. It’s an evidence that in our times it is more secure to belong to Mafia (you will always have some … important people to protect you) than to be a normal citizen who is supposed to have learned to respect law or at least appearance. It may be true that not everyone may fall on so many extravagant happenings in such a short period of time. But it is an evidence, too, that if you take 100 citizen one after the other, the sum will certainly be able to claim to the same amount of highly disturbing factors for themselves. Short: why should you pay taxes if at the end the ‘establishment’ will listen to mafia, who doesn’t, before listening to you? Better pay a private body guard or detective to clear up situations. Mind staying without your job, Mr judge of California or the High Court of England? I would, and don’t like … interferences in my private life, Sir!



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