Posted by: Sk | January 1, 2008

Must have fun with copying!

Relative to security, I would rather try to develop programs that do assure property rather than to hunt people for things that are not ilegal, as for example, to use the ‘copy’ button in a computer (otherwise you better forbid). If the former is true, and it seems rather an evidence to me (but I’m not supposed to be referential on those matters, do just go one with actual politics), look what funny things may happen:

clip_image026.gif What do you think this is? It looks beautiful, in any case! Came along with other WordPress little symbols into a floppy disc. Well, if we continue like that, we’ll certainly may forget patents (what are you talking about if you sell the data along with the program?) Now, don’t worry for my life, I leave everything in my justice mourning heart before I disappear under the pressure of the … establishment!

Ma, is this supposed to be serious?



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