Posted by: Sk | January 1, 2008

Now, that was an update

Whether that is the effect of thousands and thousands of little iterations introduced into the system or a really surprising and not mentioned WordPress update, it is a fact that one fundamental and even vital thing has changed:

before, Google tags did oblige to a search all through the blog in order to find the subject requested, except if you had the intelligence of asking for a cache page,

and now, the research does make you land exactly where the subject of your interest is. For me it’s a great improval, hope it is the same for others.

On the other hand I ask myself how the ‘walla’ gif picture I had posted under ‘even Walla fell into the trap’ has landed in a post on ‘Regio Bank’, where it has strictly no reason to be. Black magic introducing itself into WordPress, … certainly.

See, there is nothing but observation in order to understand how deep the fundamental disorder can actually be.



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