Posted by: Sk | January 1, 2008

Questions and hypothesis

Too many things are happening and I do hardly have the time to consider them all. On the other hand, while trying, the same thing happens once and over again: my language is a ‘fake’ language. While using words (referrants) to things people call somehow, I do perfectly well know that the logic I’m using in order to deal with these words is not the logic people usually use in order to deal with them. A logic implies possibilities and impossibilities, determinations and indeterminations, and determined logics of interaction to other fields. All this is fused in my personal way of dealing with the given phenomena. Consequently, if a problem exists, it’ll be difficult to know how to solve it: I may be the only one to know where it is, and the only one not to know how to translate the solution into a common language. While others do have the appropriate language, they don’t know the solution because their logic does not allow them to see the point. Consequence: we’re swimming in a Babel Tower.

If we consider the possibility there could be a bridge of understanding, it’ll look somewhat like this: if an expert does take the words I use and puts them into his own logical context, he may follow a certain number of steps that are the consequence of his own logic, and this may be already the path leading to some kind of solution.

Consider first these two links, both appearing in my experiment pages as mentioned before. The first seems to be recognized as link of protocole, as it does open another experiments page. It appeared as pingback in my ‘stuff’ page on the dashboard. The second does link to a page of mine too, and strangely is underlined in orange in the original. If you copy the link to a word document and you try to get the connection trought alt+click, it says, that the page ‘http://soniakasten.wordpress.spain.mssrl’ can’t be found. Obviously, there is a superposition of links. Both phenomena can be considered as … peculiar and should oblige to some deeper consideration.

A:\ 31.12.2006


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