Posted by: Sk | January 1, 2008

The deeper meaning of things

It is an evidence that even by the way thoughts and words can’t be understood in their depth but if embedded in a more general context, which is actually lacking concerning my marvelous inspirations. Usually it doesn’t matter: we just take what is there and insert it in our common context, thus evidently altering the meaning of what was the original intention, but making anyhow extraordinary publicity to an author.

This strange fusion though between undetermined possible meanings and a structure which is not exactly adequate, may produce peculiar phenomena as the logics governing the one and the other structure of understanding are different. People thus affected by a slight alteration of their coordinates of reality are kindly invited to do as if they were members of the ‘autonomy of Walla’, an undetermined region in the realms of thought with an undetermined number of possible and impossible citizen, trying in one way or another to establish the formal context of the (don’t laugh, it’s not funny) given abstract situation.

Walla is an expression which I know personally from Turkey and even Greece, expressing in onomatopeic way (let us write it like that) something like surprise, admiration or marvel. It is thus just a sound that does not have a semantic value (something like the reproduction of animal’s voices and sounds). Why Israeli have chosen this word to open an e-mail server company, we will perhaps know later, in any case it could be possible that the same phenomenon as described above hits the hebrew language.

It has certainly nothing to do with shampoo company Wella (I do really prefer Dove, not only because of the bird but because it has less chemistry), which does probably take the name of origin from the German Welle (wave), in allusion to the wavening hair, but we see easily that coincidences like that do further allow to imagine wavening messages across the electromagnetic spaces and dimensions, so that we have very quick and cheap poetry and even, if need, publicity.

If you mean it or not, this strange configuration in association and time consequence, is exactly the logic that may produce an unbearable desire of bursting out laughing to the most serious people, and if even wickedly inserted in an apparent extremely serious context, it may have horrible consequences. If we want it or not, although it should be proved before advancing too much of a security on the statement, the deeper logics in the functioning of soul and specifically those related to love and sexual expression, are exactly the same. (It may thus occur that using this logic, you may start laughing and then end up in someone’s arms, without the least intentionality.)

The sad reasons that may lead someone to explore these regions of the human soul so as to trap them with such chirurgical precision, are of random interest. It is though to be stated that this logic in its obvious rationalization as shown does fundamentally affect even structures of understanding and comprehension, going over to fields as serious even as astrophysics. If whole departments of knowledge do thus not want to crash down from one minute to the other, they will have to find the intelligent way of integrating the given logic into the old structure even if this means to readapt even lecture of old structuring logics.

In order to avoid a catastrophical universal adaptation through one and the same parameters, it is of advice to form local cells of experimentation. Groups of determinable individuals that are sufficiently isolated so as not to disturb the whole, but whose interactions should be studied from far distance and possibly integrated through adaptation into a whole.

My group of observation I call ‘the autonomy of Walla’ just because of the determining logics and because it is still my birthday today, the day I opened the account. As surrounding censorship does prohibit nearer contact, this group is specified as such because I’m the only one reflecting psychic interactions of different individuals submitted to different wholes in possible or almost virtual interaction.

Yes, Sask, you are perefectly right, the situation is more than grave, it is gravest. And though not buried (German Graben, war der Rabe schon begraben…)



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