Posted by: Sk | January 1, 2008

Wicked ideas and real publicity

(Imagine my marvelous article was  censored yesterday without anyone’s  permission! Say,  you don’t mind telling  first, why,  in order to proceed to the necessary adjustements?!)

Now, Ms Skeery, imagine you are a serious blogger, sorry, double youpee, and you are treated like a 16 years old starting up in the world still in relative to hooligan mood youngster, and asked, how you’d use 10 Mg space…

Immediately, all sorts of wicked ideas come to your mind, you go back to your youth and all the miserably failing imaginations concerning the possibility to turn the world up side down, and this with a 40 years experience …

Of course, you laugh. Say, WordPress, you say, what about 3461 different e-mail adresses, where you may have not 10 MG but 100 for free, and without winning any prize whatsoever. In fact, you just adjust premisses. You say WordPress is for free, and not, legally spoken, up to 50MB for free (lawfully correct). On the other hand, 50 MB are attached to ONE blog and only one e-mail adress, but there are strictly no means to control whether someone is using 23 other e-mail adresses (which on the other hand, would cause enormous problems, see why: if I’m administrating 7 different blogs of different people, would you restrain me from doing so by arguing I’m always the same?)

The question is perhaps always the same. How do we get money and how do we tempt people to spend money for our products? If WordPress gets only money from updates, it’s badly off. If it gets money from current percentages, it is in its advantage to further people who have a lot of traffic on their blogs, and thus, not limit MG. On the other hand it is absurd not to get money for what is worth something. 500.000 bloggers makes of it almost a … contemporary must. Imagine the historical moment when you say, ‘you don’t have a blog? Pfff, you’re no one …’ consequently you may ask for a fee for the very program, from then on. And reward all those blindly faithful little bloggers who just created the trend with … free MG.

On top of it, it’s cruelly cheap to do as if and then, ask for money from a given moment and on. Gives bad ideas, guys!

And honestly, what would you do with your 10 MB? To take as many copies of famous pictures from all over the world until you solve the question of the copyright. Is this a private space or a public one? All rights reserved, Ms Wingsurf! Don’t copy my bad ideas…

Now, how do you pingback this again? ‘d have been better to leave it as comment, Donncha, now my wicked ideas become … universally public. Mean I’m undermining the program? Give me the company’s name (!) Ah, back to youth, dear …



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