Posted by: Sk | January 3, 2008

For Sale: beautiful logos of unknown origin


According to law, names of brands and logos are reserved only inside of the country where the legal entity  has registered its activity as such, which may involve other countries, too. The logo you may see in the slide show above is thus for sale, in my property and not registered in Ecuador. Registration happenning tomorrow may have some problems dealing with the buying up of rights or will be followed by the consequent legal measures.Thus for whole tons of those inside of,,, which except for those concerning specifically: Burguer King (registered trade mark in Ecuador), Coca Cola (registered trade mark in Ecuador) and perhaps some other make part of my private collection on cd, for sale. Including: Sorbonne sceals, Rothschild stamps and most beautiful acquisitions that belong to those who shout for right when they are systematically using law in their favour in order for their image nt to be damaged.Here some worked out examplaries, which show traces of illegal program contents such as spy programs, laser activators and many other very interesting things.¬ifyfans=1&bnc=bncIt is an evidence that I consider the fact that slide shows don’t have the possibility of being inserted into WordPress anymore as a personal aggression attempting against my professional activity and consequently, I will have to compensate the financial damage by other means.For what is of security in internet and explicite warnings concerning the lack of security of some site: please refer to (last acquisitions) and other on legislation of logos ( , from  a personal point of view), explicitely saying that only flash in movement can’t be copied through a legal function in a computer, and that logos have no validity in all countries by themselves or some French appropriation and usurpation law.For what is of Loewe, or a company in Spain seeming to have the same name and logo than the shown above, they were warned by e-mail of the wandering around of what could have been their property, message they prefered not to take any notice of.


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