Posted by: Sk | January 3, 2008

On Inès de la Fressange for Chanel (abstract) Series 2


Could be called ‘the spirit of contradiction’, too. It all started yesterday, when I discovered some new acquisitions of the hooligan in (pictures/chanel 2), and thought: “that’ll make a nice triangle, or perhaps even a good square.” In the morning I thus geometrized Inés de la Fressange with greatest enthusiasm and thought the result quite good. After I when to eat. What, I said, won’t stay that mathematical, the whole affaire. Consequently I went back to construct my somewhat (somewhat, I say, because it’s not that, either, still) rounder configuration of some realities. At the end I couldn’t help inserting the square into my more Picasso/Matisse in Rubens waters bathing inspiration. New cubism … sorry, squarism.

Pictures not available


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