Posted by: Sk | June 17, 2008

Walking backwards like crabs

It’s perhaps much better like this, although it means changing the general structure of the plot. But, to be honest, I’m a very bad dialogue writer and can’t deal with synthetical key situations easily – to say, I wouldn’t sell in Hollywood. Such a pity – Hannah wanted to make a movie in Hollywood, but I had already told her that not everything is possible in this world.

Doesn’t matter. In fact it’s just an intellectual exercise. So. The title. We’ll leave ‘firework in amaretto’, because it sounds nice. But it needs a subtitle called ‘Under accusation’. Don’t think it’s a reference to Zola’s ‘J’accuse’, although it may. You should never leave a third tell your sorrows. It’s becoming serious, imagine I have a new literary reference: “Shall others talk about their sorrow, I’ll talk about mine” (Betrtolt Brecht in ‘Deutschland, bleiche Mutter’ – approximative translation.)

Why ‘firework in amaretto’. Easy. Splitters of stories that make a firework which would be easily associable to a long bitter night accompanied by amaretto. On top, Sask likes amaretto. It fits thus well. And ‘I was accused’, finally, would allow perhaps, to frame the whole reasonably without having to take to many helicopters. How can you manage to do so?

Now, what about this idea. Finally, after a certain number of years, Sask manages to make a long list of my possible and impossible crimes, exercise she submits to after having read the publication of ‘Manual of a soldier’ in wordpress, which drives her so furious, so as to almost make her make up law completely in order to make the list long enough, as to make some extradiction compelling. Put in front of the choice of ending up in one of Natasha’s gulags -where it is very cold- or in Sask’s high security prisons, I choose the second, not for any other reason, but because they speak better English in the whereabouts and I don’t speak Russian, and I suspect I may obtain some better food through a proper exchange of work in translations at 0,08 cents a word (from german to english).

I’m thus given an eternally long list of accusations, I have properly to answer to. As I have a lot of time left beside my translations, I write little stories, that finish by building up a whole picture in time. It’s an advantage. I can use given material and have just to put it in some kind of order. It’s an evidence, Natasha, that I will exchange very quickly some private lessons in Spanish for some walk around, just because Sask thinks it will be easier to get proper information out of me. Which you would have never done.

So. I’ll have to put the whole material into some kind of order and add some others. Next task.

Of course, I have to seduce someone who may be wanting to put the whole into proper English. After, I have to find an edition house. I’ll ask from my father a bottle of authentic Amaretto, in order to get some help of Sask on this subject. Perhaps she’s wanting a webpage, too.

It must be starting with this chapter. But I’m not going to publish everything, otherwise, it won’t sell.

If there is anyone interested in such international collaboration, just send an e-mail to . No, I’m not in prison, it’s parts of the plot. Well, for the time being.


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