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Of how to deal with schizophrenia finishes by affecting international economy

I had one real problem with Sask, and this while my mind was in fact more concentrated on schizophrenia and psychopathia than on zircon prices, and this was to explain somehow what could be understood under passive psychopathia.

A schizoid, in some healthy understanding (it’s true that German tend to call schizoid whoever does not move inside of the given inherent structures of power, as they did with Rudolf Hess after his attempt of negotiation with England, but that’s no criteria) has a certain number of features whose detection is perhaps not easy but certainly possible, and this is even more true for a psychopath, whose appearance is usually signed by some crime.

That psychiatry has left the quite healthy Spanish understanding of reason (Los renglones torcidos de Dios) and thus of mental illness, implies up to a certain extent that criteria used to detect schizophrenia and psychopathia are not very accurate, risk often existing that you may be qualified as this or that without corresponding basis. Were it though to take back some more fundamental Spanish understanding, the problem remains for the passive psychopathia, which has not been even considered as such, except in some oldest understandings associating them to witches and the kind.

Perhaps the only ones trying seriously to define a passive psychopathia were English/American inside of the frame of the movie ‘O akefalos kavaliaris’ (the headless knight?), where a certain psychic female type does, through a skull, move a ‘ghost’ (psychopath) in order for him to kill whoever of her interest, in order to get back what she esteems to be her fortune.

This is what I was dealing with, to be very honest, as fundamental activity. In the effort to define passive psychopathia in some kind of image, apparently it finished by moving tons of populations in order to build up the proper image. The first was thus to show first what a schizophrenia was, and the ways for it to be healed. As Europe has apparently such wanted to help me in my explanations, let us think that Amsterdam is the conscious ‘I’ of a schizoid. And the whole quarrel starts here.

A schizoid can be a natural schizoid or a deliberate schizoid or even, much worse, a virtual schizoid. Let us say that the human has inherent some logical structures of understanding which he converts into social organizations in whole blocks called tribes or clans or nations or states. Whenever a ’single’ arrives to an environment that is foreign to him, he has to repress his natural logical organization and adapt himself to the environment. If he manages to find in this environment some bridges of communication he will ‘translate’ his own structures into his new environment and live happily with those around. If he doesn’t, the effort of imitating the structures around in an incompatible logical system, will lead to a rupture or breaking, that will be the cause of schizophrenia. This is a natural schizophrenia. It often happens whenever there are constant changes in national pole references, as it is the case if parents and grandparents are of different nations. Of course there are derived types of schizophrenia, whenever there is contradiction in referential values of parents or ‘double tongues’ mostly in mother referents. (Ambivalent schizophrenia). The other type, qualified as worse, because it is horribly difficult to understand, is the virtual schizophrenia appearing very often in tribal environments and mostly in Asian regions due to a very specific understanding structuring, which is extremely complex, but may be dealt with, too. These people have no illness, but their understanding is structured in such way that they deal with two realities at the same time: outer appearance is a ’said’ in obligation (to this situation, that) and the inner world structures in silence laws and regulations and as much general as particular behavior. As these people can’t ’synthesize’ their feelings, and thus give words to their own body of law and regulation, it produces, whenever they’re mixed to other understandings, a complete annihilation of identity and thus a gravest schizoid to psychopathetic behavior. (Cases of tzarakatzan). Other is the ‘evil’ or ’sick’ schizoid who is just jealous of someone else (as individual or people, nation or brand leader) and tries through imitation to get the position of the second through substitution. This one will have to repress his own logical system in order to make a good imitation and this throws him into the pits of the schizoid and further psychopathetic understanding. It is obvious though that the same phenomenon, a schizophrenia, can not be dealt with the same way if it is natural or if it is ‘wicked’.

As you can’t know this in a first approach, you will deal with both the same way, at the beginning. Amsterdam is thus pretending to world power and management, monopoles and superb benefits through percentages arriving from distribution in a somewhat obtuse imitation of Spanish Colonial structures with the pretension diamonds can be the same than zircon. You won’t very much listen to such pretension in a healthy understanding and just go on the research of a somewhat reminding proper structure that may say itself in some desperate whispers all along. That is how you heel schizophrenia. You watch at the behavior of the schizoid and detect a ‘healthy’ behavior structure somewhere. You put your own behavior at the same wave length than his or hers and maintain stubbornly the evidence that the one has others like himself, which are perhaps very far away but of what your own presence is a definite proof. You learn some things deriving of this structure that you’d have never thought of by yourself. Then, you invite the schizoid to learn something of yours and this is first to be absolutely sure of the importance of the healthy structures we both have in common. The usually waving behavior of the schizoid which reflects itself mostly in undetermined words and acts, does slowly get an assured pattern that is recognizable as character by the environment. This situates the schizoid somewhere and the self determination through an environment does stop the usual flexibility and changes in words and acts, so that the schizoid finishes by having some healthy relationship to a given environment.

It is obvious, that not caring much about Amsterdam, I’d care about the Czech Republic. Their zircon is different and delimited, which is to say, healthy. And although shaken by a complete loss of self confidence, it is the only reliable element that may be found in the field of action as considered. The second, or partner, or friend is now the Pakistani zircon. It seems to be the same but has a higher value. Approaching the one of the other does ‘reassure’ the Czech zircon. Continuing a healthy way of thinking, the Czech zircon should get a reliable environment that supports it and does slowly exchange it for the CEN zircon, while leaving the diamond where it is. No need of trying to be a diamond, the CZ zircon has its own value, its own justification, its own reason to be, without which perhaps, the diamond will even disappear, and whose confusion is to be absolutely avoided.

A natural schizoid is healed here. What happens though if there is a ‘wicked’ schizophrenia? Amsterdam will attack the Czech zircon and say it has no value at all, or that the Czech Republic is unworthy or whatever. The ‘evil’ intentionality is aggressing its only sure poles of survival. What does this mean? The ‘heal’ resources are not proper (belonging to the individual or body) but have been artificially included into the one of the schizoid. In this case, natural healthy resources are pumped from somewhere else (in this case, probably Russia), allowing the now psychopath to live in the appearance of good behavior, reason and understanding on healthy structures that do not belong to him.

In this case it is obvious that the psychopath is not healed through the reassurance of the healthy pole. It is none of his convenience that the ‘wealth’ be attributed to another than himself. Either he will, when it is obvious that it is not his, to push the healthy element outside, or pretend that his is all. This is the possible frame of diagnosis of a passive psychopathia. Perhaps the most dangerous of all. While he does nothing, the persuasion made on others of the importance of his references, his values and his goals, will push others to kill, which is exactly what happens in Middle Orients. It is an evidence that the purpose of destroying the value of diamond implies the destruction of Israel and that in the frame of a passive psychopathia, it is enough to know that the Muslim world does translate the value of a thing into corresponding identities, in order to clearly see where the Islamic aggressiveness towards Israel comes from. And this is how psychopaths obey to the ‘orders’ of some very well hidden and innocently into the airs looking someone.

From a social point of view it is obvious that the passive psychopath does ‘nothing’, so that it is impossible to accuse him of a crime that may put him into jail. From a medical point of view, they look quite innocent and don’t show obvious misbehaviors or alterations. But they do obviously reveal their illness in the dealing of values, which is to say, in economy. Were it so, it may be possible to frame a determined kind of activity that could be considered as criminal, in order to limit the action field of a passive psychopath.



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