Posted by: Sk | February 10, 2009

1 Target Sask

How horrible. Getting lost in such almost macabre subjects as if pushed by some inner logical coherence that escapes understanding. After all, you may say, it’s not my fault, as it seems necessary to put the correct names behind a certain number of happenings. Say. How else would you qualify them.

Of course it is funny, to a certain extent. Or it was. As long as you are not really aware of what is going on, you may still deal with subjects your own way, which, – don’t say no – does specify your character and identity after all. Until you get aware of what it is about and then, would you really have dealt with them the same way? Perhaps not. But precisely: before, you were yourself and after, you’re nothing but a vanished attempt of saying yourself inside of the awareness of what is socially correct, or not.

I don’t know who I prefer, as both have some charme inherent: the first because he is honest and the second, because he’s aware of the fact that he isn’t alone in the world. Which though does not alter anything to the fact that it is becoming a compelling necessity to change subject.

But what may we be talking about, then? Crystals? Windmills? Palm trees?

Let us start the attempt of touching to subjects in lighter way (without putting fire everywhere – with or without lighter, on the other hand) with some childhood memories. I don’t like to talk about, anyhow. Thus, I may be making them up. (Say, it’s easy to talk about other people’s life as it does not concern you very much – and perhaps you may start getting aware of the fact of how furious Sask must be, just by trying to consider things from a personal point of view, and only.)

It’s not my fault, Sask, if you really existed, finally. If, on top of it, coincidentally, some arbitrarily made up facts, did correspond to some reality. Don’t say you have any kind of reason to get angry.

Consequently, I will not go through the torture of giving back childhood memories. On top of that, empirical memory is boring. You have to put everything into some general plot, which may give even to the most irrelevant happening some deepest meaning –  thus it is not boring anymore, although it may then have little to do with factual memory.

It’s perhaps better I forget childhood memories and start trying remembering what my plot was about, which may have some relationship with childhood memories, too, but not enough so as to affect my personal shyness.

If I write it down, perhaps I’ll finish by developing the story, after all, and after so many interruptions and unwanted happenings affecting the plot.

General idea:

Due to some theological mistake happened  hundreds of years ago, the coordinates of death have been altered. Consequently people who don’t have to die are dying and people who should die, don’t die. Hell is full of innocent shadows and the devil is crying in his cave. Hannah is dead, and belongs to the first category. The very moment she had arrived to the underworld, she immediately allies herself with the devil in order to try rearranging things. Thus, she makes up a test in order to allow people who have unjustly landed in the whereabouts to go back to heavens. The so called ‘ring of fire’ test, makes ghosts have to jump through some burning fire ring which would be the equivalent of a proof of love in upper worlds. Those who finally manage to go through the flames, get a new passport for heavens. She obtains enthusiastic help from the devil and other most notorious characters as Stradivarius.

Some mistakes occur, though. Due to Hannah’s legendary lack of control on given circumstances, some terrible ghosts escape the borders of hell and start intervening in human affairs. And this, because she had omitted to understand the devil’s explanations, according to which it is still possible to affect human soul through the lower realms of the unconscious, which she hold for impossible inside of her personal metaphysical frame. Until devilish and though kindly, the devil pushes her to the windows opened in what he calls ‘the digging diver’, my self’s soul, which is studying the effect of changes of patterns of understanding in the organization of soul.

Due to these unknown to the most happenings, tensions grow in international relationships. In fact, the factual general lack of knowledge is allowing that criminals start gathering around main poles of power. In China, an officer of the army is gathering troops against anyone’s knowledge and thinks of an invasion of Europe crossing Siberia and Western Russia. In Russia, gravest uneasiness derives of the fact that some discoveries seem to attach Israel to Tschetschenian terrorism, to the point that a one sided wicked attack on Jerusalem is planned, that should bomb up King David Hotel. In the meantime, Israeli officers have proofs enough for the fact that European politicians and the catholic church are behind Islamic terrorist attacks, but don’t dare publishing them, as they are afraid not to be believed.

Were it not enough, three women are contriving to a general financial breakdown through a capital escape towards China. Having put an announcement all over saying “put your money in sure hands” (or something like that), an incredible amount of money is sent to an anonymous bank account in Spain, which is diverted to China and put on another account, without there being any factual relationship between those and that.

The political situation is collapsing as much as the financial one. It seems as if a war would be the only way out and in fact everyone thinks that the Irak war is nothing but the starting point for a more general conflagration. Sask is waiting for, on the other hand. She calculates that Russia and China will not allow the Irak war to happen, and inside of a more general war situation, Israel will be obliged to invade surrounding territory, which is becoming of need, as salt has made most of the agrarian fields useless.

Russia in the name of Natasha, convinces Putin to leave Chinese pass and not to get involved into the war, while, for simple reasons of interest she does not further excessively a war in Iraq, but prepares herself to put the bomb in Jerusalem. Hiding away an explosive in what she maintains is nothing but an electronic device she wants to show for sale in Israel, she passes all borders and controls without any kind of a problem.

The situation looks horrible at that point of the story.

The anonymous gang including a hooligan called ‘the devil’ is though perfectly aware of the fact that things do not seem to be to their advantage, as a total destruction would finally put an end to the whole effort that has been done in order to restore a more balanced relationship between the dead and the living. Consequently, there is a counsel. Hannah is accused of being at the origin of the capital escape, as the fact of leaving ghosts jumping around reality has built up a cover that becomes invisible for human justice and police. She’s thus kindly asked to restore at least this point of the whole, which for she engages someone called Shanee, a young guard who keeps slight contacts with the underworld and will have as task, to innocently convince the chief of criminals to bring the money back from China, while arguing she should use another identity for it. This one falls into the trap. Shanee is sent to China to bring the money in a private plane which is put into Leumi Bank in Tel Aviv under a false identity. As this false identity though does correspond to some real identity, the real owner of the bank account is going to usurps legally the whole money and makes up a new distribution system, of which though he excludes Germany. Of course Chinese will be most reluctant to give all the money back, and finally only one symbol that fits to another half which has staid in Chinese hands, does seem compelling enough so as to convince them to send the capital back.

Hannah is sent to China in order to put an order into Chinese economy, which is to say: to try translating western economical concepts into Chinese and vice versa.

I have a lot of problems. Accused of ten thousand things I stay in what looks a kind of concentration camp under electronic control. As the counsel has though decided that the most probable thing is that the simple elimination of the factor called ‘Sask’ will put an end to all the trouble, I’m obliged to find the means to leave for Israel escaping control – without devil, as the poor guy not having any kind of metaphysical or theological foundation in those countries.

In fact, the most difficult task will not be to eliminate Sask, but first to save her life – precisely, in the gang’s language ‘eliminate’ means to switch an adversary to a more amiable disposition, which would become impossible if the one dies. There are though three dangers of death pending on her head. The first one is a psychopath who has been submitted to some kind of training without anyone taking into consideration that the one was ‘reverting’ instructions. Thus, instead of going to make disappear some given target, he tends to make disappear the one who has given orders, in this case, poor Sask. Already, with greatest help of angels and other demons, a fake character has been put into his way: someone who will be killed in her identity lines in a lift at King David (everything happens at King David). – Parts: the plot of the invisible man -.

Not enough with this, her husband is involved in some counter spy affair through one of the capital escape criminals, Elma – she’s supposed to send some documents concerning the security of the army to Russia in order to reveal week points and further an attack through Islamic countries, which she will be compensated for by some members of the French government with a French passport. Her husband is preparing the documents in such way that it appears as if it were his wife. Reason why, there is high risk for her to be shot down for national betrayal.

In order to avoid hers not being killed by the psychopath, this one is induced to suicide. In order to avoid the documents do not leave Israel, a new substitution of identity is planned. Myself as Natasha, will never receive them, and hers, too bluntly arriving as Russian, will never be suspected of being a Russian. Which does though not imply, she may not continue having a bomb in her suitcase.

Problem remains that having saved her life, twice, the possibility Israel continues expansive plans are high. Doris Wilheim appears here as being of help, as participating to the subjective affective dealing with the subject, which consists in knocking Sask out of the game through some correlative affective involvement. Not aware of the fact, that this may have as further consequence her husband kill her in some crisis of jealousy, primary intentions are deviated in such a way, so as to leave things in darkness, for a while. Leya becomes of help, here.

Knocked out for a while, the situation keeps itself stable, without improving. An indirect phone call arriving from far, does allow the destruction of the war preparing elements in China.

Myself who have been able to leave my concentration camp thanks to the explosion of the Challenger which deviates attention for 48 hours and the confusion arising between myself and a visitor, have to leave Israel after having seen with my own eyes, how Natasha does finally not put her bomb, she pretends, because ’she saw an angel’ and changed her mind.

Inside of this, a vast investigation has started concerning the possibility of trapping the twin tower attack intellectual organizers. In fact, the elimination of Sask is the logical motor allowing to do this, which, as putting things as they are, would not only calm down the general international situation but also balance economical exchanges.

In fact is determined: that the catastrophically situation affecting this poor person is the logical structure which avoids to properly deal with reality and thus, misunderstandings growing, are leading towards a universal disaster. The change in one individual is an image for the possibility to deal with reality otherwise, and this should be proved through the possibility of trapping the responsible for the twin tower attack.

Not enough with all it, a new disaster starts pending on humankind. Sask’s changed logic does introduce through influence a compound in apprehension which, not being absorbable by some determined people, causes the so called ‘sipsi’ – an illness that can’t be detected by empirical means and which through the interaction of some light frequencies as coming from andromeda inside of some understanding structures, creates like bubbles of the substance that is produced by the dead inside of the dorsal spine, being at the origin of a painful mass death of millions of people.

While Hannah is in China, Sask changes the direction of her missiles and starts attacking, for unknown reasons, targets in France and Germany linked, she argues, to the organ traffic mafia which has its operation centre in Hamburg, Germany and works through France until Rumania.

There we were. Of course there is a happy end to everything. But it’s not to tell. Other stories are inserted into the general plot, which could still be developed or augmented.

Now, don’t say it wasn’t a plot …”

At those times, this ‘plot’ is coded in some kind of other language whih ressembles the language of ‘Manual of a soldier’*** whose wicked references were sought out above.

I had reasons to believe this peculiar plot had some kind of relationship with reality, which may be panicking enough. Consequently, I started some investigation. First: how do you translate these ‘codifications’ into a more reasonable language? Second: If you manage doing so, how do you establish the relationship to reality? Third: If there were any, do you have to take any measures?

Before I arrive to any conclusion, I think it is better, seen the gravity of the possible implications, to do as if it were true, hoping something may finally explain how it all became possible. I will structure my writings through subjects, and it becomes obvious quite quickly that they all seem to want to solve one part of the plot as it was given in 2003.

On top of that, they seem already to be dealing with the possibility some horrible accusations may not be falling on my head. Both readings are possible, thus.

I’ll leave today the text above, without comments, of course. Such indifference to given insinuations is certainly going to cause some trouble to my torturer. And then, the birth of the idea as such, at those times.


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