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3 Value of peace, price of war

It’s an evidence that while trying to determine a somewhat flexible environment that may be good as starting position to enter the business world, if it were of need, considering how much the business world is ‘infected’ by second hand considerations, you will have as well to locate yourself somewhere and pretend locating yourself somewhere else, as you may otherwise not be able to find contact points outside, and this very hypocritically, as no other solution left.

In fact, my business understanding is in principle very easy: no politics may interfere in commercial transactions but just the exact evaluation of the benefit deriving of some profitable transaction. It’s that easy, you may say, although this implies the stubborn believe in this that only legal paths assure benefit in time and that the attempt of grasping cents through illegal activity is just a temporary quite tiring enrichment, that is not worth the while. Of course, I had to admit after a certain while that Robin Hoods had their charm, too, and had to give in also to the absolute need of the existence of wood and mountains populating Davids and latter King Davids. Which is to say, that my very Spanish to law and regulation submitted mind had to integrate the possibility changes arising from some marginal activity whose necessity was justified by the fact of pointing at the limits of laws and regulations, and although I could never go as far as to infringe law, I finished by admitting some variability in possible interpretations of texts of law, thus heavily leaning on German Protestantism, in cases of utter need.

Let us give an example: the internet market, somehow without law and regulations, is in fact a net of law violations. People are selling without legal representatives in other countries, avoiding import taxes and thus causing disturbances in national balances. Some countries, without further theoretical background, answer to the whole intuitively and almost instinctively, by cracking all sorts of programs and receipts, they put in their own markets without second consideration. I wouldn’t crack a program, although I adore picking pictures from other countries that are not registered here, which on the other hand (say thanks to the good education of my mother), I never sell, although it’s tempting, because I know that it keeps me even inside of a legal international frame. But I may not become too critical towards those who do, just because a general overview allows thinking it’s just establishing some kind of inner order or restoring some balance without too much of a fuzz.

In fact, if you want it or not, business if reasonably considered, does have to take into consideration a whole amount of facts that do not only assure benefit but also value in time. It’s true, on this behalf, that I’m horribly conservative in thought and that my main values do turn around basics without more consideration: good food, a peaceful place to sleep, a healthy environment, little stress and lots of time to care about my own business, which is usually the freedom of writing down all my poisoned observation through WordPress (lately). As long as I can be sure to get some cigarettes and a good cup of coffee, a few mangos and a nice piece of meat for the weekends, I may say I have assured my fundamental values and thus, may consider myself horribly happy. Of course I adore getting into trouble, follow the paths of human evilness and intelligence with care and some distance, put the whole into brilliantly shining theoretical frames and try finding the means to put an end to worse consequences resulting as well of evilness as of intelligence, sometimes, by careful remarks, if ever possible.

If it were though to change my usually quite peaceful existence (which would look a horror for others, but that’s a question of perspective) and invest some time in the involvement of affairs involving more human beings than myself, I’d have to choose some item that could be of interest to my mind. And to be of interest to my mind would mean, to offer through its very presence some kind of fascinating and almost erotic solution to a problem whose roots may be lost in history, thus saying a part of myself without too many words.

Greek used to say that ‘Jews never got into the agricultural market because they couldn’t close tomatoes into safes’, which made me laugh very much, as it was in fact nothing but the clue to the functioning of general economy, which is always very interesting. In fact, it is obvious, I remarked a little later, that you may easily make the difference between an economy of war and an economy of peace, as values do change radically depending on each period. If peace is nothing but the organized distribution of wealth inside of legal frames, war is the spending of all wealth as kept in reserves in a more instinctive stroke or attempt of such. What makes value in times of war is a something as money depends in its very appearance on a legal organized frame, which disappears in times of war. Consequently whatever you can close into a safe without it disappearing after a few days may be said a healthy value as it is in times of war as well as in times of peace. To a certain extent: gold in bars is useless in times of peace but seems to back well enough all sorts of activities on its very presence.

And probably on this basis, all sorts of attempts and mostly misbehaviors have determined human behavior, as the research for ’secure’ values does slowly create state dependent individuals who think a general organization may easily be considered a new idol in perfection (Kant) that creates security by its very presence. A state does never incur bankruptcy, my mother said, and although I could never really understand where such security may arrive from, I tended to believe that if it were not true, it was as least not bad to believe it were the case. Of course I changed the notion of state in my mother’s table of evaluation very quickly for the one of nation, which seemed much more secure to my understanding and this because I had observed that state controls in Europe (France) mainly concerning banking (backing of state) were insufficient and that, without wanting the least to put shadows of doubts on her beliefs, I had reasons enough myself not to think these reliable enough. Consequently, I did even change the value of gold for one, a Jew would have never thought about: water, milk, bread and sheep. Were there war, you’ll always need them, which is warrant enough for survival. Even more, sure my banker is going to give me 2 gold bars for good cheese in times where none is available anymore, and this is a good start for a new future.

In fact, it becomes quite quickly obvious, that the results of my personal observations were putting me in diametrical opposition to Jewish interests, but, to say the truth, I didn’t guess myself important enough so as to affect those basically, so that I really didn’t care, until those, though, started in their complete innocence concerning agriculture, to put drop irrigation systems into the market which affected my holy environment through the irrational augmentation of salt in earth at panicking quickness. Even this did not create excessive frictions as I thought, with some hints of evilness, that this may quicken up my project by leaving them without bread and butter, and although it was evident that milk would then have a somewhat saltier taste than before, it could still be sold at reasonable prices. I even divulgated my theories in Pakistan, where I was asked to explain my point of view to the Ministry of Agriculture, which I kindly refused as it could have been given some official purpose, which was to be avoided, preferring thus that some horribly intelligent glimpse may induce these people to return to natural agriculture in order to have the reserves ready whenever salt would have invaded the rest of the world.

Completely submerged in my calculations, I did though not forget to continue my theoretical observations which did grasp more intuitively than anything else, that the usually quite stable Jewish financial dealing was being confused with a common economy in times of peace. To say. It’s not because gold is a stable value that it is the ruler on natural economy (peace), as this should be food and other. Seeing Jews always full of gold and gold bars, it may have seemed tempting to all the others to base economy on those values, which produces a complete disaster in the dealing of temporary values. There is thus a fusion between two main categories that make quickly the world seem at war in times of peace. Even worse, state regulations are substituting gold bars, generating a completely irrational appearance of banks based on virtual benefit, without no gold backing. (In Spain, at the times my mother was still giving me lessons patiently answering to all my questions, the national bank distributed a backing of gold to private banks, that made their natural capital, without is ever being allowed to have some bank without gold reserves.) These two factors make economy become more and more virtual and while Jews try to get into the unknown agriculture market, some others think banking is just the well presented robbing out of other people’s possessions. Consequently, the fact of breaking law becomes slowly the very means of enriching oneself, while this is nothing but an act of war. In times of peace.

Although it did really have nothing to do with my own purposes and strategies, that were peacefully waiting for the end of the world in order to sell at good prices onions and carrots, I started thinking of a possible solution inside of a theoretical problem. In fact, if I wanted or not, I had to go back to the Jews to get some solution, although these seemed not to deal with their own solutions properly. Diamond seemed in fact much more attractive to my mind than gold bars, as a diamond was worked out, and worked out is a characteristic of peace that gives value to human intelligence and organization.

I knew from my mother’s lessons that diamonds, to have a fixed value, had to fit into some scheme: measure, light beams, crowns and the kind had to be exactly what they were, otherwise the price of diamond fell sharply to the one of rough diamond, which was not of interest for a national treasure but perhaps for a jeweler. The latter cuts, called also ‘fancy cuts’ have strictly no value in cut for evaluation.


d-1value determined cut

Now see what appeared to my mind: for a while I forget my miserable plans and take the position of a Jewish banker. I would buy a well cut diamond (value in cut) as a jewelry piece. Easy to see why: if I’m ever in trouble, I’ll sell my diamond and my gold piece at the actual price of weight. I’ll loose some parts of my investment that have gone lost in paying taxes and working expenses and the kind, but what, while still bathing in peace/war times I’ll sell a magnificent image. How impressive: a 2 karat diamond worth 10.000 USD in some nicely presented gold frame. It’s sure, I’ll get the contract. Whatever I don’t have, people will be mislead by such a ring. Image is giving me 10 times more than my obvious loss in secondary expenses by buying the ring. Consequence: My investment is a warrant of success in times of peace and a warrant of security in times of war. I will have now to sell all my beautiful rings and will be able to buy my cheese and butter from my former reserves.


d-2proportions of diamond fixing light beams and necessary cut of brilliant

It’s obvious though that my wicked mind is thus only interested in ‘legally’ cut diamonds that warrant to me both benefits without the fright of a horrible loss. Emeralds are quite good, too, rubies and sapphires. War values. Of course it does not see any interest whatsoever in zircons whose value is politically determined and will disappear in times of war. It’s true that if I had a lot of money and not just one beautiful ring, I’d buy the zircon factories in the Czech Republic. It’s obvious that their horrible lack of self confidence makes it a very nice investment. A limited production field with hardness limiting the diamond’s, sells almost diamond in image although with greater loss at the time of selling. Doesn’t matter, the investment has been smaller, too.

See what has happened, I said to my Jewish banker who was still trying to gather the concept of thought, I have used your diamond in order to define a value of image, which has a price, too (French economy). Can I, may I fix it? A 7/7/7 at 3000 USD, that’s a peace balance. It’s not more, because I can’t further fix it. Image depends on the place and situation you’re in and thus more on the subjective ability of evaluating a situation than on an objective price.



fixed 7/7/7 referent without zircon evaluation

If this is true, or almost, then you can keep your gold bars and fixed diamonds as reserves for times of war and I, yes, I do invade the peaceful peace market with some fake or virtual value which is though profitable enough. Seen like that, I can even leave my cheese and my sheep for a while. Knowing where they are, I can assure myself their acquisition even in times of war. Consequently I can try taking some more temporary advantage of so much thought.

Ah. If you want some cheese, don’t come with euros. Bring some well cut diamond or a dollar, as I don’t think that national reserves based on artificial second hand zircon may back a coin. And there is milk none, nor cheese. Perhaps it may be the starting point of some kind of agreement.



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