Posted by: Sk | February 13, 2009

2 I denounce publicly


Perhaps we do always need a certain time to order events and happenings and to come to the general conclusions and understand the implications of them. The following does perhaps have some implications that may eventually oblige us to deeper considerations.

It all started February 2004. Already then, I suspected that the ‘game’ with electronics was getting out of control. Unluckily I had no proofs and little technical knowledge. Following thus intuitively my general pattern of thought, the following event takes place:

(I omit details). I copy a seal that appears on the webpage ‘brainpower’ and is supposed to belong to the Rothschild family on a Word Document. The original webpage of the Rothschild Bank AG in Zurich is on the other hand on my favorite’s list. To paste the seal on the document produces alteration in the order of the letters (see picture above). After a while, the computer starts to ‘misbehave’ and scrolls down tons of documents in some kind of computer language (java or other). For about 10 minutes. I think it’s the end of the computer, but after a while the computer recovers its ‘normal’ functioning. I put the picture (called my ‘antivirus’) on the screen, and start working on the same text than before (some kind of legal exercise). The font is altered. ( See upper part of document.)

Others with the same seal without alterations are still in my hand.)It looks like a Palatino with slight differences. It’s possible to think that a whole keyboard has landed in my computer and I have no spy program in it. As I have no proof, I continue writing on the same document, in Spanish. After about 10 pages, a window appears saying something like ‘la police Rothschild ne peut plus continuer à corriger votre document’ (the Rothschild font is unable to continue correcting your document). The proof disappears after seconds, but it was there, the evidence. I write a letter to Rothschild’s, asking for some kind of explanation for the happening. Thanks to former University mate Gregory Leurent, I’m closed into a psychiatric hospital for 2 months after, due to his maintaining I had lost my mind saying that … the Rothschild font had landed in the computer.

This small accident will have as a consequence that my researches will be stopped for more than 8 months and that vital information is not transmitted to people who may have quicker worked on a solution for an obvious problem at highest level. French justice will never respond to my claim of obvious violation of human rights, arbitrary use of force, robbery of personal data inside of the computer, and in general, gravest drowning of the possibility of revealing facts whose very existence may put the life of millions in danger, as I will try to explain.

The facts appear as following: some web pages are using spy programs inside of the pages themselves. These programs are configured like little lines that form the pattern, and are even introduced in computers through anodyne letters. One of them was accidentally sent to me by Anne Hélène Nicolas: the CV of the well known French business school INSEAD. They do appear in the Microsoft page, they were there in Rothschild’s page. You may think that these programs, that may be there for reasons of security (possible IP number of an aggressor), do not further harm. But this is not true. Thanks to WordPress, it is possible to reveal the following: these programs may steal everything from your computer. The proof? As the Rothschild font appeared in my computer 3 years ago, the whole WP program landed in my disc yesterday. I may edit one example of the incredible amount of little pictures arriving in my documents (not now, a little later.)

It’s obvious that as much yesterday as three years ago, the agate stone produced what I called a ‘reversion’ in function. It looks as if the function of spying was turned against the one who was spying (here, not WordPress, but Microsoft inside of WordPress, turns itself against WordPress):  (seems have taken some functions of Walla, too …). Viruses are isolated and may even be the spy function itself (if I manage, I send, but I can’t, thus, just the reference name: image 001.emz). The ‘images’ attached to this archive appear blank (they vanish trying to open them, but it should be possible through pasting them on Frontpage to get the corresponding html codes.)

What does this mean? That we’re systematically robbed from our property through these kinds of little inventions. The thing is to my understanding much worse. These functions do seem to activate some laser mechanism whose real effects on human beings, environment, computers, are certainly not exhaustively studied. To my understanding they produce slightest electronic alterations EVEN in closed systems.

Even if a logical is consistent (closed: without inner contradiction), matter is never consistent. A chip, a hard disc, a system are submitted to changes, infinitesimal, micro changes that may finish up by changing the very structure of the system as such. If some kind of radiation does on top interact with the whole, the effects may be disastrous for atomic plants, national security systems, electric stations, radars, satellites, etc, disregarding the obvious fact that … a computer may explode just in front of you (it has been reported.)

The agate stone, we may call a miracle of intuition in the immediate response to a possible danger. This stone, as scanned with laser, does seem to avoid possible dangers, even more so if fixed the way it was fixed in 2003. That it was impossible to transmit the information further, may be, to my understanding, put on the back of Gregory Leurent, the French University Technopole d’Angers, and other authorities, who insistently maintained the sayings of a mental ill as Leurent is, could be considered as valuable.

To my understanding the danger is very high, still. But the solution possible. NO, Sra Mendoza, no tengo ni idea de programación (I don’t lie), the script sent yesterday is the html page as resulting of copying it on a Frontpage page and has apparently ‘generated’, ‘produced’ new functions all alone by itself. Not only. For minutes a new server was born, the A:/ … that was connected to the air through a new singular event, produced (with many prayers) in order to channel energy that could not be absorbed anymore (weekend) through the University of Mrs Suzanne Skeen (who saved the world) and other powerful organisms (walla). I will have to see what has happened to this singular phenomenon (I swear yesterday my page on Frontpage appeared published under this protocol.)

In the meantime though, I will go to have a coffee. It has been too many adventures and emotions and bad memories in too little days. Ah, and Mr Sony, if it were not because of your brilliant idea of mixing some agate powder into your color combination in the Sony Vaio, we wouldn’t be here anymore (beautiful colors, by the way, that have … a very protective function and must have cumulated in my computer about three tons of company programs). Although you deserve your magnificent picture, to my understanding, you’re horribly Japanese. If I make a present out of it, you’ll never consider the value as such. If you give the prize … you acquire the most powerful antivirus in the world! Won’t believe it! (Yes, it’s the Vaio VGN, series of 2002, as far as I know.  – If you continue being so Japanese, I won’t talk to you anymore-.A 17 inches one, the most beautiful and powerful of all. Now don’t think that makes of me some one who is very rich, just some one who … knows to make good investments!)


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