Posted by: Sk | February 13, 2009

3 Rights of author and property

Perhaps, the very fact of living far beyond the borders and limits of a so called civilization for a long, long time, does confront you, while coming back, with a whole number of strange questions and matters, which are solved for you ever since, and seem though to cause extraordinary nervousness among others. Today I wanted to prove photographer Maria Teresa Garcia (Quito), how easy it is to rob away someone’s property, that seems (they have said) to be securely exposed in internet. Not that I do not highly respect her  proposal. In her site it is written in English and Spanish that the pictures are protected through and by law. I would never thus have dared taking one of them, if coincidentally I hadn’t spoken to her yesterday telling her ‘they’d be certainly easy to pick’. And it is that a childish instinct of provocation does always want me to confront people with evidences that are contrary to what they maintain, if ever possible and if the will exists from the other side. Consequently, reading all notes I discovered ‘except with permission of author’, which I thus had. (Of course, my wicked mind did ask for an e-mail and other references that may prove if need that I had really had a conversation with her yesterday in Sankt Florian, accompanied by Catalina Sojos and her daughter: you never know.)To say, Señora Garcia, that they weigh us in a false security that does not exist, and doesn’t warrant anything. Or perhaps, that’s why.

In fact, by philosophically treating the question of the rights of author, the guiding principle leading my investigation, was the following: who may not be interested in the reproduction of a property? I’m myself quite ‘LINUX’ though tending less to universal disorder, not that I do not appreciate though, the fierce and proud claim for property which is, for me, in fact, nothing but the statement of identity and thus of the person as such. Consequently I developed the following strategy: I supposed that people mostly linked to tourism, commerce and related, would be more happy than unhappy by the fact that a given product, nicely viewed, be reproduced and thus attract possible customers. (See: under ‘cooking’ in Spanish vinegar and Polvorones, Cocidos and even, yes even, foie gras and French white wine, would certainly not have as result that the IP starts hunting me. Probably, the same may happen with some marginal people linked to fashion (although!) like Dodo’s in Israel. The rest was justified the following way:

first, it’s always a challenge to find the legal gaps (my job in Greece) that do allow confronting you to law with such a perfect alibi or having created such a nice cloud of confusion that prosecution’d become arbitrary and thus sign of totalitarianism if gone through.

Second, there are horribly pretentious people you have to teach a lesson because they seem to think that they’re alone in the world, as the fashion and publicity, designer and related ‘gens de mauvais vivre’ (people of bad life). Mr. … let us say, Yves St Laurent, when you make a collection of dresses inspired in Spanish Flamenco (Galliani), African Traditional dresses, Greek musters, South American colors, did you pay a cent for beauty collected graciously through the centuries, belonging to traditions and customs as having been extremely difficult to maintain? No. Why should I pay you? You got money out of your inspiration, or adaptation, may I not do the same? We’re quit. And the photographer who sells pictures of the cathedral of Cuenca, did he leave a reminder of his recognition to those who maintain the esthetics of the place, somewhere in the temple or the City Hall?? Certainly not. Beauty is not the result of just one hand; it is the effort of many. And even if it is a fact, that the ability to reproduce and recognize specific beauty or transform it into further more particular expressions of the same, should be rewarded, it is not, to my understanding, to become mad with rights. Simply because of the following: I will, if I can, always prefer a nice book in my hands, than a boring collection of pictures in my computer. As I can’t afford the book, let me have at least the pictures. If I reproduce them, people will get used to a way of seeing and looking much easier than if an author stands alone in the storm. You’ll win much more than you’ll loose. Personally I would just hunt the pretension of some to say theirs what is not. Which is to my understanding extremely dangerous.

Third: illegal invasion of my territory does allow thefts. Pop ups have made me get about 120 3d images, without there being any way to claim. What you try to impose, you’ll loose without claim. I must have destroyed a few horrible porno sites that way. Spam is illegal, as far as I know.

Fourth: The fact of stealing and picking and robbing may be a way, perhaps, to draw attention on happenings that have until now no further consequence while though causing extreme damage. Theft of the ‘Spanish Coat’ ( is possible (yes, these sites are horribly secure) thanks to a logo of the bank Banesto sent through e-mail and … containing a spy program. Activate your account, says the letter and a little orthography mistake allows thinking … and we’ll have your bank codes and will free you of the responsibility of managing your money. Nice guys. The spy program is so powerful that it allows getting both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the one of Culture. I do have an account in Banesto, Sra Mendoza, and I would have activated the thing if I had had an on-line account, and this makes me horribly furious. And nobody does anything, to say …

Fifth: picking does reveal two ill aspects of justice. One is that actually the criminal should not be allowed to claim. Are you going to say anything if you have a forbidden spy program inside of you site (Microsoft, France’s Ministry of Culture, Israel’s Ministry of Defense – and many etc) that are causing highest disturbances in electronic interaction without anyone saying anything. It is obvious that the integration of spy programs into sites does provoke wounds in defense. (France’s Ministry of Defense hasn’t one and it is impossible to pick anything of them.) Then, of course, there is the question of intelligence: How do you get the Israeli Menorah without having the computer exploding in your nose? Strategy of Sicily: sing the enemy’s song. (I’m too proud of this; I’ll have to tell you.) The Ministry of Defense does not allow getting the Menorah. The spy program though inserted (the 3d picture with the planes) does allow picking the picture of the mission. The insertion of another 3d picture, Chinese this time, into that picture, allows confusion in recognition in data of origin. (It is attracting the source of the original picture as main source.) Putting five little blue stolen pictures on a second page behind the main page attracts the fury of Microsoft. The Menorah, found finally in Google through a research ‘Israeli national symbols’ falls into my hands without further problem, as it seems ‘that the Ministry of Defense’ is robbing the other site, nobody would complain about. (I ask myself why, on the other hand, but it’s not my problem.) The Menorah feels very well in a known context (the Ministry of Defense) and while a last attempt of preserving dignity launches a horrible attack against my beautiful site, it is deviated to … Microsoft. Who’s going to pay the damage now, I don’t know, really, but I claim that spy programs (as illegal) create holes in defense and are extremely dangerous. It was just a proof.

The second point justice should think about is if ever and eternally only someone’s rights have to protected, while illegal action is continuously aggressing the whole amount of an incredible amount of people who may start getting quite furious, by the way, as I’m myself. (I can count at least 70 aggressions against myself, having claimed for three or four; I’ve never been given any answer except of ‘things are like that’. For which: M le Ministre de La Culture, bah, c’est comme ça, ah … (Should learn French, oui.) Or are you going to get your right through violence and force as … usual? And there are still other points that have to be consider, which I won’t now, all together, but will be treated with time. 


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