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10 Strategies of investigation

While the Russian Prince is still searching for gold in the Oriente, I will have to continue my comments on what seems to be everything and nothing, although, yes, there must be some general principle underlying the whole, giving satisfactory explanation even to former teacher Monique Lasségue who wondered what … I had actually to do with Haute Couture. (I do never neglect her questions, although sometimes I have deeply to remember St Augustine in order to forget the obvious lack of effort in understanding.)In the meantime I discover that Betty Catroux has become a dissertation subject in the Us, which can only be satisfying news, as it seems to mean that it is easier to concentrate someone’s thought around someone or something that does enchant your eyes than around void abstract concepts.What are we actually talking about? Which is to say, what are we aiming at? Quoting Dr José Serrano, who quotes some French saying “that word is nothing but the mask upon what we think”, may we suppose that we are hiding obscure intentionality behind our humoristic (sometimes) considerations of reality?To say the truth, I’ve some kind of program I follow almost blindly and which became so vast at the end, that I had to point at a certain number of facts and main characters in order to make visible what I actually meant, to myself, first at all, and finally to anyone else, if there were anyone to be found who may be interested in the evolution of history as such.The problem arose as follows:to my understanding the patterns that do allow interpretation of facts, words and writings, of reality as a whole vary from culture to culture, from century to century, from social sphere to social sphere, and sometimes, these patterns are manipulated in a certain way and imposed on great parts of humanity, it becoming difficult to change the consequences of such an alteration as the concepts determining these patterns far too abstract and complicated in order to allow further work on it.I understand that the formal patterns as producing gravest alterations in the understanding of reality derive from Kant’s definition of form and matter in ‘The Critique of Pure reason’, not only being at the origin of several world wars but possible cause of a universal disaster in time. In 1992 I define form and matter differently and hope the metaphysical frame deriving should be enough in order to counter the consequences of Kant’s definitions. But I declare myself incapable to evaluate the impact of the new definitions in a general context determined by the former definitions and go on search of an ‘absolute’ parameter of evaluation, which I presume to find in the New Testament, doubled by the Old after a little while. And not that much because I’d mean that those are absolutely true as such, but because it is part of an inheritance of mine, which I’m obliged to confront myself to, if I ever want to see clearly on what is happening. Which is to say, that I limit the field of application of my definitions to a context which is traditional inheritor of a certain number of texts, which may be used as absolute referents only and only in that context.As I know that patterns of interpretation do determine the way something is understood, I’m obliged (1994) to give up my own formal patterns in order to make of OT and NT the formal patterns determining reality as such. The result is a complete change in the understanding of reality, of history, of social and political facts, of the identity of the human being.After a while, the changes thus resulting, start causing gravest frictions with the established patterns of understanding (1996-2002). I called it the time of war. In 2002 I see the final victory of my way of seeing as being the only path of survival left. The problem is that it seems to leave little perspective for my own empirical path, as the actual possible communication with people still submitting to former patterns of understanding is factually none.I thus put a certain number of tasks into my program. The first is the tracking of people being cause and origin of the impossibility of divulgation of a solution that was actually ready in 1992. It just needed the adaptation to more general patterns of understanding. The second is the tracking of the OTM (organ traffic mafia) whose coordinates I had some problems to grasp.Concerning the second: it is possible to understand that a criminal is such only inside of a ‘group’, were it national, social, or other, as being the one who puts the whole in danger of death. Depending on the different groups, the criminal is determined by different criteria and is trapped in different way. People, as national entities, have inherent behaviors that are more or less conscious, which allow detecting whoever is dangerous for the whole and developing measures allowing fighting against those. As patterns of understanding are imposed through mass media and education and other means that do fundamentally aggress these spontaneous reactions, the natural defense against crime disappears progressively.Studies in Greece do easily allow to establish that the recovering of the national identity as such (not as a vague concept born of complex or despair but as an affirmation of the common self in its possibility of making mistakes) do quickly lead to some kind of spontaneous interaction in chains of people that do lead even to the trapping of terrorists: the 17Nov is destroyed by ‘an accident’. While wanting to put a bomb somewhere, a terrorist falls from a bus and weapons become visible. A policeman, accidentally walking down the street at that moment, catches the man and all the others are caught through the confession of the first. It looks like an accident. In fact, it is obvious that a psychic mass that was shifting from suicide tendencies (war for FIROM) to megalomaniac projections of the past into the future, was factually covering terrorism as a desperate expression of the self through destruction. The affirmation of the self as positive entity does slowly segregate the ‘ill’ destructive and aggressive units from the whole, who stops covering that kind of behavior, the former thus being pushed to mistakes that had never been committed before.The different national structures do give strange results varying from country to country. The selection of psychic types that seem to harm the nation in Greece, is furthered to Russia through oldest orthodox paths of transmission. Instead of provoking accidents, Russia does gather all the criminal inside of … the Opera. I’m no judge, but seen from a logical point of view, (which is to say, from the obvious structure of the ‘lines refracted’ that seem to function in that case) people dead in the Opera seem to correspond to groups of attack (Tchetschenian) and group of support against the Russian (victims), with probable exceptions.(It’s no accident that all happens around the Opera, but that is a deep question that may give birth to further considerations.)Russia is no country that likes Greek accidents and invasion of territory of ancestral tribal methodologies. Immediately after 2002, they separate a formal corps of investigation (SVR) that channels the currents leading to the aleatory gathering of people around unconscious signals: 2006 the leader of the Tchetchenian is killed. 2007 they attack so effectively mafia that even innocent tycoons fall into the nets of who I called my dear Natascha.The net that allows to trap terrorists and mafia bosses is though not enough in order to trap OTM, even less in countries where these mafias (usually working with private hospitals as in Rumania and Iraq) have infiltered the state (presumably France and Germany) and appear in to the state linked hospitals.To say briefly what refracted lines are: there are rational and irrational logics. A rational logic does keep itself in identity keeping some general features in definition that are though embedded in a more general ‘national’ body of interpretation. Irrational logics use ‘refractions’ (deviations in meaning, doubling of undertones with double meaning, etc.) in order to exploit gaps always existing in rational logics to cover illegal activity.Which is to say that the logic of the cocaine mafia is not the logic of the prostitution or the illegal weapon traffic mafia, etc. Each mafia has a logic that inserts itself more or less brilliantly inside of rational logics and exploits gaps that affect more or less parts of population as lacking of protection in a general rational frame. Thus, terrorists have a very determined logic, too, and that makes a language. The language builds up a ‘psychic environment’ that allows the terrorist appearing here and though not there, this way and though not that way. To track the criminal is in a certain way nothing but to understand the logic of functioning and the possibly affected environment, if it were to be considered from a more functional point of view, and Russia’s perspective was to be considered seriously.From all the logics I had been dealing with, it is the OTM logic that escapes completely my understanding as the field where it seems to be generated (to my understanding, France) has no determined national coordinates anymore allowing a clear definition of the same. Thus happens for the logic of the Twin Tower attack, whose rooting logic I would situate in France, too.It’s sometimes difficult to explain the actual methodology you’re using in order to track and trap what you may finally consider ‘international dangers’: people who may cause a disturbance on international spheres being possibly at the origin of gravest disasters. At the end it’s not enough to ask yourself who was financing the UCK, even if the fact that Rugova had been studying and indoctrinated in Germany, is an obvious hint towards politics that use peacefully claiming independence individuals in order to further financing of terrorist groups which are further presented as ‘liberators’. Thus for the 17Nov.There is a main logic, a core of people using some kind of logic that is perfectly veiled by strategies of image making and deformation of information that is at the origin of many crimes and could be a final cause of war. To track these people, who do just represent a logic and can’t be associated directly to a criminal activity is thus much more difficult.

Historical considerations do lead progressively to the hypothesis that Germany is using information concerning collaborators of Nazi regime in France in order not only to obtain revenge for their defeat, but to make use through deviation of the French in order to go on with their original purposes. This seems to be confirmed by news having appeared in French newspaper saying that Mitterrand was a double agent. If it is so? If it is so it means that Germany is manipulating the French left party to their favor and destroying main French identity poles through that means. That Sartre was copying Heidegger, ideologist of the Nazi Regime, seems to be a new hint. That it was a German who lead the revolutionary movement in 1968, seems to push heavily into that direction of interpretation.Seen from that point of view, it’s already 1949 that German make use of their carefully established lists in order to undermine French identity and submit it to their own purposes. The result is a complete loss of identity references that do allow the proliferation of criminal activity. As you can’t, in my way of seeing, blame a whole nation for the consequence of the fault of a few, although you can blame it for not having pushed these out of spheres of influence, which on the other hand is impossible as metaphysical frames imposed on understanding do not allow a clear differentiation of the who’s who in the whole, it becomes of obligation to use of methods (I call the oblique methods) in order to determine exactly who is involved where.


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