Posted by: Sk | February 14, 2009

3 Final conclusions of the fusion of realities in b-mol

Yesterday I had some problem with my blood pressure. In my deep happiness after having managed to take away not only Lagerfeld’s name but even his signature, I had not only forgotten something but understood I may have even caused some damage on my sprung out of fairy tale character Inés de la Fressange.The whole explains itself the following way: ‘my’ Inés de la Fressange has still a shop in Paris. I do thus attribute the loss of pictures and logos to a lack  of care of the same, and although I’ve already jumped very happily into the hypothesis nobody may claim as these things are not registered in all countries, it is not sure the international legislation may accept my honest claims. The fact of alerting thus a hypothetical Fressange through an e-mail to the Femmes Business Angels of the distribution of pictures and logos reposes on older jurisprudence: the preservation of name and logo as warrant of financial security environment. The slightly peppered mail refers itself to a personal interaction with the same in 2003/4, hoping that independently of their obvious incapability to evaluate projects they may have the links to Fressange in order to tell her what goes on.It isn’t but after that I learn about the confrontation Fressange/Lagerfeld/Vuitton. (Through wikipedia.) My superb French construction with distract airs and wrapped in silky imaginations, already described in principle as heavily under attack by Lagerfeld’s and Galliano’s has been … already eaten up by the monsters. No! I say, how may I now save my character from such a nightmarish environment? I launch thus a horrible attack on Lagerfeld, just integrating reality into my construction and seeing what my character may have done if actually preserved through imagination from the boring reality. I if I were her or her if she were my character destroys Lagerfeld by the simple use of psychology: that Lagerfeld is reacting to appearance of his name linked to this page is obvious as no combination whatsoever of Lagerfeld + related shows any result in Google, although others do (Even Bendick + robios gives a result). Renewed attempts to link the page to obscure parts of reality show up their nose through a research ? +, which actually has no mention at all in the page. Lagerfeld is thus behind a computer system controlling his appearance of name. Nice. German? Minds the signature. Accidentally a research on Lagerfeld+pictures reveals a ridiculous image of his claiming diets, with …. his hand written signature on it. Marvelous. A little Photoshop magic and the signature falls into my hands, which allows a full confession of the same regarding the precedent stories. If he sees that, he’ll jump into the pit all alone by himself without the need of further divulgations and mass media.Extremely happy, I count my dollars in my pocket and listening to the Bavarian anthem some counter spy has put among my belongings as if it were some Oktoberfest song and many Piaf songs, I say: “ah, such a pleasure for 3 dollars.” And go to sleep while avoiding with laughter some very obscure shadows don’t make the pleasure disappear too quickly.I can’t sleep though, something is tormenting the background of my brains and my pride revenge in other’s name of my own destiny seems to have some obscure points left somewhere which I don’t manage to clarify.La Marianne? Vuitton? No name nor image? That is, no shop? Slowly I gather all my observations around another principle, she has no shop, no name, no logo. But it is obvious that the tee-shirts are hers, as well as the perfume (one of them, as their seem to be two different kinds). You see, that then I say, for God’s sake. ‘My’ t-shirt symbolizing the inadequacy of ancient customs to modern technology is a … vindication of name! I start staring at the pictures once and again. Oula, that’s worse, I think.She is forbidden of image, name and logo in 2004. The t-shirt appears as an extremely fine and intelligent counter attack in 2005. The logo has become an ‘artistic motive’ of her own creation (I guess), probably, I suppose, nothing but the family color, as Fressange being of family of marquis (lowest in aristocratic hierarchy) title presumably resulting of support to Crown or State as coming from a banker family. That it is such seems to be confirmed by the appearance of the motive on some huge walls where my airy princess is trapped in. I don’t think it is a shop, the walls are at least 4 meters high (usual 18th and 17th French construction) and the motive at least 3 meters height. Well, if she lives there, I think, will have some problems to clean the windows, I think.But what, she has been using the family color as … logo? As far as I know, that is forbidden, as the color is a good of inheritance and the logo a symbol associated to a temporary company. Even if monarchy does not exist in France, I know that the goods resulting from a monarchic organization are warranted as property in France, and as such, which is to say, as inheritance (as if you get a jewel from your grand mother you can’t transmit but through inheritance), consequently it is impossible to sell (as good, you can’t do but selling it if you associate it to a company). Or you associate it to a company as ‘bien en nature’ with a certain value, regarding the fact that if the company is dissolved the good in question falls back to the owner.It’s obvious that Fressange, daughter of Marquis and probably inheritor of the valueless title, has no idea of law. But she knows well who she is and what her name is. Probably as terrified as myself by the obvious deformation of law, she simply staid without word that day in 2004 or said: “Mais mon nom est á moi.”(but my name is mine.) And maintained her identity in her name and inheritance by smashing the said ‘logo’ on a t-shirt. T-shirt is no haute-couture and without shop, she starts selling through internet.Inés de la Fressange sells well in Spain, it’s obvious. These ’señoritingas’ (fine ladies) produce always deep impression on Spaniards when they decide to walk down the Parisian temple as they recognize their natural answer to terrible situations transformed into moving lines, silks and elegant movements and are always so appalled by themselves that they can’t even recognize such an evidence. This mysterious t-shirt with such a blunt affirmation without name, logo or words, such a clear provocation in silent and distinguished manners, such revolution to the established wrapped in tender gestures of haute couture, hiding away behind a horrible non chalance the obvious disgrace that has never been translated into Spanish, by simply pointing at facts: Maison de Chanel, etc. must necessarily conquer Spanish grounds without too much of an effort. It’s obvious, Fressange becomes immediately some kind of guru of a new born feminism and many want to be psychologists hide their deep observations of nature, diets and fashion behind an anarchic red/black combination of colors on Fressange’s picture.It seems that it works. Fressange opens a bank account in Spain (I guess) in order to put her fortune in a secure place as she doesn’t trust anything but anything anymore in France, not even sure whether she may open a bank account with her own name or whether she has to ask for permission to Vuitton for doing so and launches a second attack in order to recover her pride and name. This time, she drives provocation to the extremes of extravagance: the name of the perfume is her own name. It’s neither the name of a company, nor the name of a brand, it’s the name of a ‘character’ as much as my fantastic incarnation of the French in her name.At night, in my dreams, I try to understand what the legal situation may be. There is apparently no company behind. Something like a ‘empresa unipersonal -personal company – of personal creations out of different matters and distributed through internet’.The perfume conquers again territory, and this time, jumps to Russia, China and the US among other. People related through internet to the business start asking pictures from Fressange as the ‘character’ seems to attract attention. What, Fressange thinks, am I going to say, I’ve none in right? Her silent revolt is though somewhere aware of the fact that too say too much may have implications in the commercial interactions. Negligently she leaves two or three pictures on a table, a gipsy Spaniard can’t resist temptation taking. The picture are wisely distributed all around the internet and arrive to China.The perfume, which I call the ‘last song of the swan’ with its mysterious leaves falling on a golden autumn, a metallic mask wrapping almost indifferently the slank lines of crystal fascinates Chinese imagination as if seeing in such a forced silent full of possible interpretations some links to their own psychology and esthetics, even if, I guess again, the perfume itself has certainly some bitter touch that horrifies Galliano. “Mais c’est amer,” he cries out (It’s bitter), and gets as answer “la déroute”, from … the bottle.Here we are. Instead of helping my imaginary character through my alerts and cruel revenges, I’m pushing all her strategy into void. If some one is alerted it will certainly be Vuitton, and if Vuitton becomes aware they will certainly now ask for compensation for I don’t know what. Not that it is legally impossible. They’ve forbidden her of the use of images and logo, but can’t do for the rest of the world, as they’re not registered anywhere else but in France. I found some pictures on the street one day, some snobbish photographer threw away as thinking them without importance. What do I know about clauses and contracts behind, and many etc.The thing is that law is not respected anymore in principle in France, as it would be impossible to think the judgment of 2004 otherwise. How can you leave a person without name, surname, image and logo? The constitution in France says: ”le droit á l’image … and many other things related … est inaliénable” (the right to image can’t be taken away from a subject). The judgment is … infringing Constitution, not only law. If you put to the disposition of a company (Chanel or Vuitton) your name and image, you get them back the moment the contract is broken. You can’t keep a name or image for yourself, as little as you can keep the voice of a singer nor forbid him of singing anywhere else if a contract is broken.I do understand that probably Fressange has been induced into signing ‘abusive clauses’ through contract. Yes, but abusive clauses are punished by law and can’t be used in order to make prevail the abuse. On top of that, she seems to get into a completely wrong financial interaction by simply not making prevail that it is her name and logo that sells, which, if she’d done would have made of her ‘actionnaire majoritaire’ (main share holder) in spite of the lack of ‘apport en espéce’ (share holding through investment in money). That she keeps business by herself is not only proved by the immediate success of my Inés de la Fressange Fan Club ( but by the very high response in sales through internet in Russia, China, Us and Spain (probably among other). The name, the image, the subtly hidden away provocation that maintains identity whatever happens is warrant of financial success wherever she goes. In a world that wants to maintain itself ‘globalizing’, naturally deriving nationalistic currents identify themselves much easier and better with the affirmation of ‘I’m, whatever happens’ as the ‘I’m’ does not seem to imply ‘and only me’ but just ‘I simply don’t know anything else’.This is inherent to her character even before loosing her shop. Her opposition to Lagerfeld regarding her nomination to the ‘Marianne’ shows already that she a.) doesn’t give up what she believes into, b.) she doesn’t give into pressures tending to make prevail political or other interests on personal preferences and c.) she may resist to the shock resulting from the consequent crashNow, it is obvious that Lagerfeld doesn’t sell by himself and that he won’t sell even if covered by Chanel. It is obvious that Chanel sells only thanks to Fressange and that this makes Lagerfeld very nervous. He shows obvious German nervosity when Fressange is associated to a national symbol which provokes a final crash that may though have deeper political implication, Fressange is not aware of.Now, ask yourself, what the damn is a German doing in Chanel? French are very reserved what national products are concerned, and even more so if representative brands are concerned (Cognac, Foie Gras, Champagne, Haute Couture, etc.) I’ve been myself in Ay (village near Reims), one of the main producers of Champagne. You’d be sure there’s no weird foreigner showing his nose up there even during the inauguration of the Champagne season. So?A little after an English with Italian name, takes over Dior. Many question marks arise in my troubled mind. Do German or English or Italian have information that may involve Chanel or Dior into some kind of dirty interaction during the war, and have they made pressure in order to take places they’ve never deserved? The very elegant atmosphere that was the result of many many years of working on image and matter, provocation and seduction that knows to stop coldly and indifferently any attempt to go a little bit far too … far, is substituted by a vile heavy pollution where prostitution is covered by Cashmere and the quality by plastics in ghostly models.I simply wouldn’t have thought much further. I see my little wikipedios (as I call them, as I don’t know why, I build up an image of youngsters of 20-25 with American almost shy hooliganesque allure as representing those who make the investigation for wikipedia) be fascinated by some air surrounding Betty Catroux and Inés de la Fressange and obtaining through the fact that nobody gives importance (ah, it’s internet) the most accurate information everywhere.One of them gets very angry (in my representation) because Lagerfeld refuses to contribute with any picture of Chanel to his article on the same, and writes an to the limits of hilarity reaching article whose general lines resume themselves perhaps in the following: ”El abandono de su padre, la muerte de su madre y la soledad espiritual que contrajo Gabrielle Coco Chanel marcaría de por vida su actitud hacia la vida …” (The leaving of her father, her mother’s death and the spiritual lonelyness contracted by Gabrielle Coco Chanel would mark her attitude towards life for the rest of her life. = errors in structure give back the text as it is.) After, she’s attached to 235 lovers, but wait, there’s something else: (second world war)“La caída de París en manos alemanas, la obligaron a cerrar sus tiendas en 1939, pero se relacionó obligadamente o voluntariamente a pesar de su supuesto antisemitismo con la dirigencia nazi, en especial, miembros SS. Sus amoríos con miembros de la Gestapo tales como Walter Schellenberg y (Hans Gunther von Dincklage), este último es quien la llevó a vivir al hotel Ritz y de ahí, un exilio, en Suiza, durante 15 años. Fue tachada de colaboracionista y se libró de ser rapada y humillada. Pasada la segunda guerra, Coco tuvo que cargar con las consecuencia de su relaciones con los nazis. ” She’s said to collaborate with the German, have even some as lovers and to escape to Switzerland in order to avoid humiliation.Yes? She’s said to be lodged at the Ritz by German officers, although she has got 1000000 Usd from dressing some actors in Hollywood (a Jew). German officers are lodged in the Lutetia Hotel and not in the Ritz and she doesn’t need money to be lodged anywhere. Then? It’s obvious that Chanel is very famous in 1939 and will certainly not make a ‘resistance’ all alone by herself. That some officers do visit her without her shooting at them, is, to my understanding to be considered as … normal. Without that implying anything at all, to my understanding.Here we are. Where does my little hilarious wikipedios get this information from? Probably from Lagerfeld himself. The distortion of perspective, the lack of humanity of the whole is naturally German, I know that very well. They adore: the truth, what they call, the facts, facts that are usually nothing but the result of their dirty imagination in their interpretation of reality. Sir, mind, but I can sit down to have coffee with someone without necessarily making love with that person. And if I do, there’s still a difference between ‘une amourette’ (little love affaire) and … a whore.Of course I do always exaggerate things and tend to see more than there actually is, but I know German very well, unluckily. This is pure Gestapo language, and my little wikipedios does seem to know little about the implications of such a language. May I then conclude that German are destroying national economy in France and other countries through the wicked use of supposed absolute truths that say nothing but their own bastardize? I know it is the case, as my father has already done the same. In that case, the imposition of misinterpretation of law in order to violate internally structuring rules in interaction with the foreign in Spain. I don’t know how far it is possible to link people to agencies or official institutions. Perhaps they do simply have it in blood, I finish by thinking. But it is obvious that there is deliberate use of strategy in order to destroy national entities even world wide. In one case or the other, my dear Fressange is put into the kind of danger I’ve been running away from my whole life by simply saying stop to the kind. The strategy is the same, no name, no symbol, no reference, no image, linking to dirt and basse classe environments, and worse: she doesn’t know that Lagerfeld will certainly think she’d behind my third world inspirations. Well, I can say it. But I don’t know if it will reach her. Take a body guard, dear, or simply run away, and quite far away, to China or China Town at least, Spain wasn’t enough for me. May ask for a room somewhere here in Ecuador, at the end, it was all my fault. And there are many Panama hats and silver jewels, I’ve a friend who’s photographer and even a model in the surroundings, there is merino wool and some people who know about knitting. What about a gipsy haute couture house looking at Paris from the Cuenca altiplanos while leaving the French spit at themselves for not having known to protect theirs and thus save your incomes from a certain slaughter coming from judges pushed against the wall through information coming from Did’s (Deutscher Information Dienst) they don’t know how to answer to?Well, if she refuses my polite offer, I will at least have enough elements to solve one of my main questions. The fusion of realities resulting from a wrong concept of reality that finishes by landing in … Fressange’s arms, is the clue to the somewhat distorted version of things I’ve had for the last few years. If I manage to put it in words, I’ll find even Sask and Natasha. It’s enough for me to assure my desire to go on living.And if she wants me to stop the misuse of her name, well, she’s got no name in order to do so, and Vuitton no rights on me. Consequently: you should make a commercial agreement with *Ask 4 Ten, Madame de la Fressange, it’ll make Lagerfeld disappear in 3 months. If you buy *Ask 4 Ten, you buy your page for the same price. With a page of yours, you get a name back, and with your name, you get so much compensation for the legal brutalization that you won’t have to worry but for a prêt a porter collection Americans are waiting for with greatest expectation. Go for it?


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