Posted by: Sk | February 14, 2009

4 Alea jacta sunt

Structures of understanding and natural allies

It’s not that you believe you may ever solve such complicated international problems as the one of the Middle Orient, nor even that it were the slightest of your concern, but precisely, by having a look at the zircon price, all sorts of gathered data and observations are put together in some wise puzzle organization so that you have the very satisfactory feeling that, inside of that frame, a more peaceful vision of things may appear that is more relaxing than what results from the cold vision of things as they are.

To understand what may be ment by such an approach means for a while to forget that reality is governed upon by democratically pushed around individuals and think it were, for a while, just a question of concept, which may be more than true, on the other hand.

Life is very difficult when you have been born in Spain and been the object of my mother’s teachings, as you tend to think some invariable, absolute sphere governs upon the world and that, if true in Spain, it must necessarily be true elsewhere, too. You’re thus usually quite surprised by the lack of management and order in other countries and the fundamental lack of concept in organization. It’s not much later than after a certain while in Greece that you’re obliged to consider that the organization and structuring of the state depends a lot on eaches people history and what I finished by calling primarily principal values in their distribution of wealth and power.

Thus, it was obvious that Greek behaviour was determined by 500 years of silent resistance to the ottoman Empire and more than obvious, that incapable of realizing at once such sudden changes as obtained through independence, they happily continued to resist to all authority with acquired structures of behaviour, were they from the EC or from Athens. Consequently they were eating up their own State without being the least aware of it. Things were even worse for ‘not to state related populations’, such as, in Greece, Tzarakatzan, Tscherkez, or Pomak, tribal organizations that were smashed by the incapability of absorbing the very concept of State. In this regard, Pomak were quite lucky, living in a restricted area in Thrakia up the mountains, they were, through the strict forbiddance of entrance for anyone (Greek or foreign) allowed to continue with their own organizations, that were thus preserved in natural ways without ever causing frictions with the environement.

Unluckier were Tzarakatzan, people probably originally arriving from the wide siberian steps or the whereabouts and taking their name from the persian Tsar (Gold or measure, and thus probably principles or kings) from the region of Kazan (lower Urals), if Kazan does not finish by meaning something, too, like horses or sheep or whatever. (This is my own understanding of their name, as usual interpretation does not agree.) In fact they told themselves the oldest Greek living population and maintained the truth of this through the very fact that some very old words of homerian Greek did still populate their vocabulary. Which was to me no proof: arriving in byzantine times to a Greek environment, they may have kept in their usual mountain isolation (they were shepherds) some very old words lost for all the rest. Their asian origin was not only visible in physical features (rounder faces and small eyes) it was even more perceivable through their value organization. Which was not easy to detect: they lost their sheep and tribal organization after the closing of borders in 1922, which caused a horrible confusion of identity while trying to integrate more to earth related values (agriculture), which they factually never really managed to do.

Turning around their sheep secrets, which seemed to me of greatest importance seen the common stupidity governing general politics on this behalf, I almost entered their secret tribal world as parts of it for many years. I needed a few years to conclude that their value principle was ‘a horse’, one and alone, which produced horrible shivers of fright in my mind, as I knew perfectly well that a ‘one value system’ inside of a ‘two value system’ as Greek is, may be at the origin of the very quick disappearance of the first, with the consequent loss of vital knowledge related to survival. I thus bought up a horse.

The very presence of the beautiful horse, quite stubborn and a little old on the other hand, did seem to wake up some shadow of reliability deriving of my person, so that tons and tons of information arrived in the most oblique ways to my knowledge. It was not enough: with greatest effort and almost a magician’s ability in translation, I manage, as a way to say thank you, to transport the notion of value of a horse into the one of a car, which seemed to cause some further relief, and even invaded the other parts of the population (called endopios), who started making tractor shows in the village place as if they had acquired the most beautiful and impressive horse. Such vindication of the tsarakatzan identity relaxed very much the general situation and in not that much time, even deepest bridges of communication were established.

The deep knowledge of those structures of understanding did construct though extraordinary bridges a little bit everywhere, too. While travelling to Pakistan in 1999 for the mariage of a cousin of my mine (through a Spanish aunt’s mariage to a Pakistani) I could not but be surprised by the deepest links of understanding being naturally there so that I felt horribly happy and peaceful among people whose principal determinator in value was a horse, too.

Almost without wanting I put a quizz to their minds, the kind of puzzle that was troubling my mind in regard of tsarakatzan, and that was, how to translate older values and wisdoms into a more contemporary language and knowing them very well, I knew I would have to expect some answer in some years. I thus left through Iran and Turkey and hoped some help may come in support of those poor lost people in the middle of Greece whose danger of extinction was as high as almost already a fact.

Referential thus for what would happend after were two requests. I asked for a leather bottle container I had seen in Lahore and was answered in some tones ‘I would get them later’ (They would be arriving) and then I asked for two very peculiar sheep of Pakistani nature, with long ears and very special characteristics that had struck my attention. For which I got no answer.

It’s true that I was somehow surprised by the very fact that Pakistani roofs had no inclination which made that there were horrible water falls in times of rain and although it was usually none of my regard I told to a brother of my uncle, who belonged to the army, why they did not incline roofs. I studied in the meantime with greatest attention factories of brick and other natural inventions and innovations, observed that they had already managed to convert a horse into a truck as those were brilliantly decorated and shining in sun’s light, and reassuring Tzarakatzan while coming back on the fact that I had found a many of them somewhere else, I sat down to wait.

To explain thus a certain number of happenings, it is of need to consider that the tribal organization does associate a symbol in identity to some physical object: water is as much the flow of words than a specific matter. To say something to someone may be thus said ‘to put an egg’, and thus all human activities are related to some natural phenomenon. (Which later conducted to the observation that for example, Genesis, in the Old Testament, is written in this ‘tribal’ language, being completely inintelligible if not referred to it.) The symbolic association to a natural phenomenon does though vary depending on the main value categories: a one value structure will relate these to some objects, but a two value structure to others, and these to even others if the fundamental values are different. And this makes of translation almost some kind of miraculous malabar more depending on some angel’s inspiration than on a human ability.

It is obvious that Pakistani solved my quizz inside of borders so well (there was a restricted area to our intellectual games in order to avoid frictions with other world’s understandings) that the information concerning the zircon value in Istanbul managed to fall under my attention, meaning at the same time that ‘water’ had been translated into ‘zircon’ and ‘container’ into ‘market’ with greatest ability and accuracy and that the older lines of communication had been restored in an almost unbelievable way. Happy with this observations I had to look back to another acquisition that had been obtained through the ‘black channels.’ To say: I’ve always used two lines in my investigations, an ordered one (with response) and the more irrational one (without response, called black), as I organized structures in an ordered whole and the resulting consequences in disorder (mafia, illegal work, unconscious happenings and the kind), and one information had to my understanding no value except if accompanied by the other. The man responsible for the restoration of the black market lines was an officer met at the borders with Iran, whose explanation concerning the production of butter ‘it’s women who do it in order to keep them busy’, deserved in my personal evaluation table the categorization of ‘hooligan’ and thus I put some star on him in order to keep him as reference in the wise dealing with the black market organizations. He, I asked the sheep from. A few months ago I exchanged some work for a nice coat with a well sounding american brandname, a Liz Clayborne, that had attracted my attention through its matter composition. A 20% silk and 80% wool was surprising enough, but reminded me quite quickly of my pakistani sheep. China is bordering Pakistan at the north and the old Caravans passed through Pakistan, so that you may still find in some forgotten places tons and tons of best quality silk. Ah, my dear, I claimed out, here the so called cashmire in the image of an american woman’s revenge for such a horrible misbehaviour in words and disposition. See how secrets and compositions leave easily borders when you don’t know how to behave yourself.

Horribly satisfied I thought in no case the revealing of such a secret may affect Pakistani economy but may even perhaps put an end the the never ending Kashmir war and in any case show in evidence how the oldest paths of understanding had been restored thanks to the unbearable efforts to misbehave (keep control on lower lines) of a Pakistani officer.

That Pakistani became unbearably important in all my thoughts and observations was finally linked to the fact that computers, having also a 1 to 1 logic, had thrown back humanity to a tribal status without corresponding evaluation table. Horses and trucks became thus horribly important and the fact of observing that those had even invaded Israeli territory and so well cared off that they were put some gum shoes in order to help them on their walks around the town, led to the quick suspicion that even diamond dealers were governed by a 1 to 1 logic. My suspicions were led to points of proof when my WordPress Dashboard informed me of the fact that the WordPress team had went out on horse excursions, which ment perhaps that it was possible to find some kind of natural attachment to the erratic and chaotic computer population.

In any case, the zircon arrived in such mysterious ways to Istanbul woke up again those forlorn memories in my mind, leading to the following observations: if Israel had a 1 to 1 logic based on war logics (national reserves in cases of war) in a general environment of submission to other states interests, it had to show an absolute incompatibility with a 2 values logic (arabic) inside of a principle of religion of maintainance of own values (Islam was born as a rejection of foreign values and laws brought by some inspired catholic priest). Consequently, the ‘none of ours’ principle in a diamond dealing community, would necessarily cause constant frictions with the environment.

It’s true that I have always maintained extremely positive links to Islam for the very reason that a maintainance of proper identity is to my understanding much healthier than a submission to other people’s evidences without comprehension and could certainly not blame them for the constant blood shares in Middle Orient. Not that I blamed Jews excessively either, as it is certainly difficult to adapt oneself to strange environments in different political situations, and the new acquisition of a State with borders and territory was for sure a surprising enough phenomenon so as to explain all sorts of misbehaviours.

None the less I could not but state the fact that a situation like this would necessarily lead to an annihilation of Israel as political entity and my mind, which does always deal with problems as theoretical quizz, did naturally turn towards the possibility of a solution. Of course, my solutions were based on my own schemes of thought and had nothing to do with political interventions, and thus I searched first for people interested in stones. The very fact that the EC was furthering zircon value was nothing but the proof that they were more or less unconsciously agressing diamond communities and thus made of them practical enemies (incompatibility in purpose). The sudden appearance of a Teheran stone market with branches in Istanbul and Pakistan did though open some kind of window. Not that rubis and sapphires are diamonds, but they build a natural communication bridge towards diamond, they may be unable to refuse. On top of that, they link naturally (borders) to Pakistan in older understandings, which means, to horses and 1 to 1 values and consequently whole tons of natural allies could be found through the sudden assimilation of diamonds to horses. The problem remained though as the principle of understanding differed and that even sapphires in a ‘my own table of evaluation’ do not understand diamonds in ‘of others depending table of evaluation’ so that only the Tschech Republic may cause some event that may force and oblige to convert Israeli to Islam in a blunt and almost irreverent affirmation of own values. Were this obtained, it would be possible to consider a survival in the future, as fundamental communication bridges possible inside of the islamic world.

Now, why should the particular idiosincrasy of Tschech be at the origin of such wide reaching consequences, can only be understood if those studied apart. I’m very lucky myself as a Checa in name (Tschech), and after deep contemplations I had to give in to the evidence that the name was either nation related or qualifying some character or feature that was to be hold in common with those. (Spanish custom.) But which. My mother used to say, when you were looking around in pockets or purses ‘con las cosas de comer no se juega’ (you don’t play with things related to food), and although I had some difficulty to grasp how eatable coins and bank notes could be, I finally finished by understanding: that ‘the thing to eat’ and ‘the means through which you get the thing to eat’ were identifiable in essence. It was not much later than at the moment I had to deal with the CZ zircon price that I remembered my mother’s teachings and understood, almost immediately, that Tschech were dealing with Zircon as ‘thing to eat’, in a somewhat irreal association to a bread linked economy, where price can never excessively go up because it has to feed everyone.

Only this very peculiar and almost rare way of understanding could thus in complete innocence undermine the EC politics. They could simply not understand that a zircon be anything else than a piece of bread and thus, led by fundamental structures of apprehension of the world, distributed their breads all over the world at cheapest prices. Not that they’re not right, to a certain extent: bread is factually a fundamental value that should never be neglected. The appearance of a second value for the same object does though reveal a schizoid market in Europe so that it becomes of utter need and without it implying secondary dangers to reveal the happy exchange of stones around the old caravan paths, and secrets whose knowledge I had kept in the depth of my unconscious do simply jump out of internet ressources, signing thus the justification to reveal a certain number of information. The mainly secretly kept psychic islamic world, that structures parallel worlds and markets, appears suddenly in its proper light, without danger: the possible agression arriving from an attack on EC interests is cut short by the fact that the EC has caused itself an inner implosion. Say still thanks to Teheran, Amsterdam, if you find the words.

This coming out of darkness of the extremely safe and healthy islamic organization may now become a real bridge of understanding to the somewhat stubborn and blind diamond dealers. And if taken seriously, put an end to a never ending war.


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