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7 Leo Mallet conquers Paris

The Russian Prince sighed of happiness. After all, it seemed he had managed even to get the address of Inès de la Fressange and although he had not the slightest intention of writing a letter to her, he had seriously to consider the fact that there were reasons for him to be extraordinarily proud of himself, as his new exploit did at least mean that he had pierced her surrounding well enough as to get the proper information.Luckily, he remembered, I’ve read the whole Leo Mallet series along with the one of Arsène Lupin, because, yes, he thought, it is true that each country has a specific way of hiding information and shows even proper paths in order to get it. Ah, Russia! Where the guilty does go back to the place of crime and it’s enough to leave heavy silences on the shoulder of the one suspected in order to obtain results that come … all alone by themselves. In France, you have to make use of specific skills in order to find a path among the labyrinthic streets, because you get an answer, wherever the crime happens, whatever information you’re searching for, only … in Paris.It’s not that he was specifically searching for her address. But that’s exactly that. In France you can never be searching for something because you will be suspected of putting a weight and value on things that can further be sold or aggressed, so that the very fact of looking as if you were searching for something gives horribly little results.What was he actually searching for? He was as usual controlling the appearance in internet in different languages, passing from China to Russia and over to Israel, Spain or Greece. Of course he remarked with a stinch of jealousy that she was really but really much more famous than himself, because it was enough to launch a smallest campaign of support in order to get results all over the world, while he was still trying to impress far cousin Natasha with his knowledge on aleatory logic after 9 months heavy work and tons and tons of ink, strategies and references that had of course given some kind of result, but could certainly not fight against 100 visits one day or 89 yesterday on Fressange’s site.Perhaps it was some kind of awareness of the indefinite superiority of the other that obliged him to prove to himself further skills and abilities that may, were it to a certain extent, balance the frustrating feeling of inferiority arisen from the stats analysis.Thus, while simply looking on the different pages, he remarked what seemed to him a new appearance on Greek Google, which may though have escaped his attention before. On this page, where whole lots of companies were listed giving deepest insight on European business, there was also a … Inès de la Fressange. That’s new, he thought. The fake one, the real one, an accident or … some reminder of a company having existed many years ago? Interesting.He thus opened the page and discovered an address and a phone number and a reference to another name just put beside Paris and started wondering what the whole was about. He remembered he had seen some pictures of the church where d’Urso had been buried on a Spanish site and guessed that it should not be too far away from a home, although you never know. A detailed examination of the façade shows that the Church Sainte Clotilde (quite impressive on the other hand) in the seventh arrondissement (quarter) is the one where the liturgy took place, and that that church does not seem to be too far away from the Seine, just in front of the quarters where you can find the Champs Elysées and surroundings.Google maps are always very helpful, and although the map was obviously cheating (got apparently some Greek inspiration, as those did change names of streets and towns during second world war in order to confuse the enemy) because introducing a street’s name to start and a street’s name to arrive, it made the most unbelievable tours around Paris that had hardly anything to do with reality: were it a common taxi driver, you may say. Thus, rue du Bac, actual siège of the convent of the Filles de la Charité, also in the seventh, just 100 m away from the Lutetia hotel, appeared … the other side of the river far beyond the Marais and near to the Bastille.As the Russian Prince knew Paris very, very well, it was though not possible to cheat him that easily. Thus, walking up from Île Saint Louis and Île de la Cité to Odéon, he passed to the Church of Saint Sulpice and landed little after in rue du Bac, from where it was easy to find the way to Sainte Clotilde.Now, the thing was, that the address mentioned on the Greek site was just in front of Sainte Clotilde, crossing the river, somehow surrounded by millions and millions of Embassies and boring buildings, and the Russian Prince laughed and said: buuf, luckily I didn’t spend much time over there while still in Paris. But what, did a Inès de la Fressange have a siège social in the extremely expensive 7th quarter, whose rent could possibly be covered by sales of perfumes in Russia and China? Or was the fake conquering territory and profiting of mafia benefits in order to invade the most bourgeois quarter in Paris, not caring much about rents and the rest?As he started to get fascinated with those little electronic inventions that allow zooming in and out satellite maps, he started to make a walk around Paris, realizing by the way, that the quarters he had been strolling around were just in front, beside and against what seemed Inès de la Fressange’s quarters. He remembered the Berthillon ice creams in Île Saint Louis and Camille Claudel’s house just along the quais, facing the medieval house of Eloïse, the unlucky lover of Abelard, behind Notre Dame. After he went to the Marais, to the place the Vosges, the rectangle square, made by Henry IV along with the triangle square (Île de la Cité) and the round square, that has disappeared. Henry IV was murdered by crossing on horse Les Halles, one day, as if the mess said to get the throne had not awoken angel’s pity in order to save his life. The Jewish quarter, limiting the Marais, still said the scents of the battles of Guis and the rest somewhere during the middle ages, and while walking up Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord, he just took the way to Montmartre, and the many steps up to have a reminder of Picasso still struggling for survival in the Bateau Lavoir.It’s true that the rue Fleurus, where Gertrude Stein had her apartment in Paris, is somewhere in the seventh, too. It’s a fact though, that the Prince never went that much down the town, and that the rue Fleurus staid mainly a name in his memory. Actually he had very little passed the borders of the sixth (Latin quarter) to get to the seventh, and the farest he used to reach was Saint Sulpice, perhaps even up to the Guerlain shop facing hotel Lutetia. Only twice he entered the seventh, going on visit of Maxime Catroux, but luckily her mother decided little after to send her to her father who was living rue M le Prince in the 5th, and quite next to University, so that he didn’t have to enter those quarters any longer.Of course, he visited Anne Hélène Nicolas on his virtual trip through Paris and Madame Lassègue and remembered even that Madame Moeglin had lived sometime in Buttes Chaumont, although she after moved outside Paris. After more than an hour plunging in memories, a virtual light crossed his mind and he said: but, that’s her address, in evidence!How such an evidence may get out of Henry IV’s souvenir is perhaps a little difficult to explain, but the fact that the church was so near to the other address and no other, let us say, heavily bourgeois church in the surroundings (there are very little in the 8th actually, as if banned of architectural organization), seemed to be a decisive fact.Now, that’s great, he thought, and even the telephone number. Ha! Mind a phone call now, the type, see, wanted to buy 10.000 pink t-shirts and couldn’t get the way through, speaking English with heavy Russian accent, but who’d mind, after all, it could be charming. In any case, considering how horribly expensive that could become, he just staid with the satisfaction of his newly regained self confidence and said: “See, Madame de la Fressange, won’t mind my own investigations having actually more to do with my wounded pride, but you really have a somehow dangerous tendency to expose yourself too much. With so many psychopaths and sosias around the world, and you dare putting your personal telephone number on an international site!”Very happy with what seemed to definitely prove the need of his existence as being constantly obliged to protect Fressange’s quarters, he though got very curious with the appearance of a name next to the address in question. Arbel. Now, what’s that again? Why does the address say … and then Paris, and then ‘chez Arbel’. Dont’ mind, but Paris chez Arbel does not exist on maps, and I really don’t believe whole Paris is living in Arbel’s house. A mistake?Arbel, Google says, very happy, too, to prove those frenchies how much worth he can be while furthering investigations through proper information all around the world, is a train company, founded at the beginning of the century, producing trains, wagons and detached parts. Nothing to do with shoes, the Russian Prince thinks, nor with prêt à porter, although some gossiping voices of Mans (Town of car race ‘Le Mans’) do associate some Arbel, or ‘chez Arbel’, to a shoe seller, specifically kickers.Now, now, now. See, perhaps an inheritance of grandma, let’s just verify the location of the headquarters. Brilliant. Same address. Siège social of Arbel has exactly the same address than our Greek Inès de la Fressange company. Of course the company may be lodged among detached train pieces, who knows, or Inès de la Fressange living surrounded by gipsy wagons and high tech trains, but the most probable thing is that the building where the Fressange company is, be some kind of inheritance that comprehended another inheritance in parts of share of the train producer along with the headquarters.As things are, nothing says that Fressange has actually something to do with Arbel. The company Arbel (Google says) seems to have changed constitution around 1957, which means that it may have changed hands, and been attached to other people, and simply paying a rent to the Fressange or Lezard inheritors (which may be several). A rent in the 7th is already not bad, he thinks, and may pay easily an ice cream in Saint Louis without too much of a harm.Of course the Russian Prince prefers this hypothesis, or even another one saying that Fressange is just paying a horribly expensive rent in the 7th and struggling for survival through t-shirts and perfumes, than to the horrible possibility Fressange may have shares in a company whose capital gets up to 8 million euro. The fact though that ‘Arbel’ appears mentioned next to her company’s name obliges to the consideration of such a desperating possibility and thus he goes on the research of news about this, for him, completely unknown financial organization.Very satisfied he discovers soon that Arbel has closed the year with 16 million losses, which means, he wickedly thinks, that it should declare bankruptcy (French law does not allow losses be one cent higher than the capital, and here, well, looks like 20 years prison, well considered). He laughs with his latest inspiration but is actually obliged to reconsider things.Arbel had a turnover of 111 million last year on a budget of around 117 million. 16 million losses are thus payments on top of budget, apparently (or they just forgot to include heavy taxes on property inside of the budget, as things are). On top of that, Frenchies are really weird. How can you conceive a turnover of 111 million on a capital of 8 million?Now, the Russian Prince, already confusing Russian, Greek and other financial structures, has problems to really understand what a French company is supposed to be based on. What is a capital? He says. A warrant. If a company has a capital (fix) of so much, it may have as many debts as the amount of the capital because if it can’t pay the debt, it will pay them through the capital (bankruptcy). If debts become higher than the capital, there is no warrant for payment and consequently the managers are all put into prison for thousands and thousands of years.Now, there is a difference between a capital in money and a belonging in property, to say buildings and trains and wagons and detached pieces. Usually, in cases of bankruptcy, after having dissolved the capital, you go on selling the properties until you have no debts anymore (property is thus the warrant for the share holder that he’s not going to loose his investment). The properties can’t be a warrant for a debt because the fact of selling them implies the impossibility of continuing producing, which leads to the same: factual bankruptcy. But they’re good in order to pay debts once bankruptcy declared in order not to land in prison. Once all debts have been paid, the resting sum is shared among the share holders who thus don’t have to show their nose again around Franklin Roosevelt and depending on whether the company had the small apartment in property or was renting from inheritors, it stays free in order to be rented to the Sultan of Bahrain, at least, seen the prizes.Of course the Russian Prince got quite angry in the depth of himself considering French financial behavior, as it seemed to him, independently of whether the whole belonged to Fressange or not, or parts of it, that most people around were just kidding. Those saying that there were very positive perspectives resulting from the development of a new generation wagon diminishing cost of I don’t know what, without further proofs. Thus, he thought, they’re certainly going to sell ‘baroufa’ (bull shit) to the share holders in order for them to take a new lend (actually forbidden by law), so that they may continue living at the expenses of others without considering a blunt evidence: technological progress in trains is no warrant for benefit anymore. Too expensive, it has become a bad investment. But a lend will assure the income for two or three idiots sitting around in banks who will eat up the rest of benefit resulting of sales or other (in this case, 2 million benefit of a subsidiary construction company they say should cover the debts of Arbel, which as such can’t actually be used to pay the debts of Arbel as a completely independent entity), while exactly those workers who were claiming for a 35 hours week go on spending on pastis and porno films, having augmented so much the costs of production that it becomes impossible to sell. While managers go on living on thousands salaries (varying between 3000 and 8000 euro if not more), investors don’t see a blank penny and have to manage the arising disaster.If I were Fressange, and even if not, I’d simply declare bankruptcy. Voila, mes chers, c’est la loi (it’s law), you can go home now after having proved how intelligently you know to manage business, I pay my debts, sell for the rest, and am sure that I will live for the rest of my life with the resulting benefit. Did you care about me yesterday? I don’t care about you today. Now see how easily the all for the workers politics does quickly lead to a ‘manage yourself the business’ politics, if you can and if you can’t, sorry for you.But that he was grumbling into his beard while going to sleep, actually quite satisfied of the fact that finally he didn’t have a 14 million debt, and swearing he’d never give his considerations any further as that may put her again in positive figures to his greatest despair. Luckily he whispered some words while sleeping at night and I could gather these last pieces of information. Well seen, I don’t care very much about how rich Fressange may actually be, although I share the Russian Prince’s opinion of the extreme boredom of the quarters referred to.On top of that, it may be of help in order to finally solve several questions that are still roaming in the back of my unconscious. No, no, no, I’m not at all interested in buying ruining train companies, you’ll have to find another buyer. See, the German’d pay. They’re silly enough not to believe into my deepest analysis of economy.

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31 Av Franklin Delano Roosevelt 75008 Paris Chez Arbel – ΓΑΛΛΊΑ



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