Posted by: Sk | February 14, 2009

8 Mind Bendick’s mints

To underline the hypothesis resuming itself as follows, that intelligence is the result of many centuries of experience dealing with many complicated subjects in a certain way, so that economy and social life are resulting from this experience in a proper structure expressing the before mentioned and defining a national character, here an English publicity test.It’s strange but a fact that if you think of something English, you have immediately all sorts of associations that come to your mind, were it today a hooligan, Manchester United and a Johnny Walker whisky bottle, and a little before a man with a ‘bombin’ (the round hat) a walking stick and horses in a polo game or hats around a horse race.If you are a little bit cultivated, of course, realities arising from Shakespeare, the war of roses, King Arthur and Excalibur, Fielding and Joyce, etc. do build up some kind of notion that is embedded in the perspective resulting of the notion of reality which is supposed to be yours. After, you may take personal positioning and define likings and disliking in a more concrete way, and I decided to build my notion of the English around Trafalgar Square. It is little known but Trafalgar is the name of a battle lost by the English against the Spaniards, and this unique talent, to make a square out of a defeat, made the English so sympathetic to me that I even learned the song ‘it’s a long way to Tipareary (?)’ with dedication and deepest love, and made of Fielding and the struggle against the French through the battle of Agincourt some of my favorite historical and literary moments. My ‘English’ was thus very Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie and largest tolerance did veil for many years possible misbehaviors in India and other countries until Pakistani did remind me of the empty reality, which I had to integrate into my general concept. Consequently I built up a very personal English notion which is attached to the following imaginary story: The brand Bendicks is the object of commercial spy work and looses the secretly kept recipe of the mint chocolates in favor of After Eight. After many sorrows and legal battles, mint chocolates do become luckily more universal and Bendicks general management sighs: “at least we keep the name.” A few years later, a hooligan ravaging internet steals the logo from a site. “Trafalgar”, is said in Bendicks, who decides to become so British as to make publicity out of it. They write thus the following slogan on their publicity: “even the name” and obtains enthusiastic support from China who completes the sentence, saying “is of importance”. “Doesn’t matter,” Bendicks says, “we meant ‘they stole away from them… even the name’”, which sells 200.000 chocolate boxes in … Spain.


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