Posted by: Sk | February 15, 2009

1 The problem of evaluation without proper frame

There are many ways of walking through the desert. The best should be to know the way already. Then you may have a map. And finally, there’s still the sun and the stars. The main difference between the first and the last is that the first knows when he’s going to find water. The last will just hope he will.The evaluation of problems and even of reality as such does very much look the same. The logical frame of knowledge the ordering of reality is usually embedded into, does allow evaluating whether something is grave, very grave, or insignificant. In fact, reason could properly be defined like that: the ability of evaluation inside of a given logical frame. (Never mind University of Jerusalem’s definition saying it be: how to get benefit …)The problem is that knowledge is not a fixed whole. Even less in our times where we are supposed to submit to the thought that even most incredible subjective opinions are to be considered for evaluation. Do we though think that knowledge is a certain compound, it is still moving. While new phenomena, unexpected and thus not ordered, strike our consciousness, we are obliged to proper reorganization of the whole body of knowledge.Perhaps the most considerable problem in our days, simply squirling out of all frames, is the phenomenon of light in its interaction with every day engines like computers and other ‘frequencies transmitting’ objects. It’s an evidence that the ’strange’ occurs too often so as to be considered negligible, and that the danger possibly inherent is extremely difficult to evaluate.The thing is that related theories which may be of help in order to understand what could possibly be going on (Quanta, relativity, annexed or former theories considering time, Newton, etc) are certainly not adequate to treat the problem as seeming to be suspended to non adequate metaphysical frames (Kant). In fact, it looks as if we were staring into a mass of undefined and disordered elements that will need years in order to get a proper frame, if they ever do.Consequently you may say that only intuition is left, in order to grasp were it the very reality of a problem, if we still dare looking at them instead of looking away because of the possible damage to our image caused by a probable imperfection in system. Intuition does develop a proper language, exactly because it does not pretend to the peculiar rational form deriving of reason as appearing in a generally admitted logical frame. To confuse one language with the other could be the reason of deepest misunderstanding. On the other hand, intuition can’t evaluate the dimensions of the problem properly. My own psychological position is that you always consider the worse, because you never know. I tend to think that the worse is always somewhere hidden away even in apparent every day’s problems. The question is who may have the means to consider the worse. Considering the lack of rational tools it is sometimes much better to do as if … it could be worse. I do myself admit for myself, that I don’t have them and that intuitively apprehending a problem as gravest; I have to admit that it puts you into a somehow depressive mood. Thus, if you want to continue doing as if nothing would happen, just do. Hope you look happier than me, at the end.


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