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10 Suspicious trackback

Of course it may seem paranoic, but sometimes even paranoic reactions may move you towards some kind of truth, after a while. As it all started with the irrepressible desire of someone wanting to sue me, I had to go around the last happenings in order to determine what this was all about, and remembered this very suspicious trackback that seems to makes part of a more general intention to link me to nazi movements, as stated again today with a comment wanting to mean I left antisemitic ideas turn around through an article on Lou Andreas Salomé.

The problem with this trackback, whose difference to a pingback (reference of your page in another page) I can’t yet establish too clearly, is that it can’t be deleted, contrary to pingbacks and other types of comments. Which is to say, that I can’t, perhaps luckily, erase the attempt of making a page of mine appear as being linked to another which shows obvious references to nazistic tendencies.

  the lord prayer for child

January 3, 2008 at 2:41 am   edit

  Father and son facing sexFather and son facing sex abuse chargesic Wales,?United Kingdom?-5 hours agoOne alleged child victim told police he recited the course you may ask yourself what the goal of such an attempt could be, as it may have the very bad side effect to make people believe that this is the new nazistic ideology, which is in fact quite deeply semitic, and make nazism wander to the realms of zionism without a second thought.

In fact it is true that, if nazism has been the subject of greatest parts of my intellectual interest, going as far as to justify some random appearance of it, it is more linked to the analysis of national logics in their historical evolution than to a political positioning, which on the other hand, I rarely take.

In fact, I concluded after many years of study, that what can be considered the original intellectual structure giving birth to nazi like structures, affects mostly only as such a 5 percent of populations of whatever kind and is mainly linked to the lack of ordering father understanding structures, reason why these people tend to build some kind of ritual order with strong symbolisms, that may substitute as outer order the lacking understanding structures. The fact of lacking of determining identity does make them reject ‘the foreign’ as if the self could only be said by the maintaining of the own inside of very limited borders. Far from rejecting this obvious state of fact, I tended to maintain a quite tolerant acceptation of such behaviour and favoured a reasonnable distance of those from foreign elements in order to avoid frictions.

To my understanding it is though impossible that these 5% may take over a whole nation and political reins in general, so that I tended to suspect that more to the centre and left situated individuals may make use for personal reasons of the obvious psychological weakness of the before mentioned. You can be sure that of these 5%, little kept properties of the jews after 1933. Others did, which do factually stay more to the centre left than to the extreme right.

The fact is also that nazism is a horribly complicated, extremely wicked problem whose lack of understanding is having heaviest influences on our contemporary world. And this is due in greatest parts to prejudices that do not allow the clear putting of the very problem. In fact, if you dare saying anything against a jew, you are almost immediately suspected of antisemitism, and if you don’t, you may never put the problem correctly.

On the other hand, your personal situation may condition great parts of your own position, as it is different to have a distant perspective than to be more or less responsible for the death of millions of people. In Spain there hadn’t been jews for 500 years and in fact, a ‘jew’ sounded something like a marsman as the image depicted is already so full of coloured mythological touches, that it hasn’t got anything to do with reality anymore. Traditional Spanish positioning towards jews is though not negative although somewhat underlining excessively their gripped nature and their long noses: 10th century ‘El Cid’ describes a quite fair jewish family who lends money to el Cid for a box full of sand and some grains of gold on the top, whereas though the Cid gives back all the lended money at the end without too much insisting in opening the box again. In fact, this opens some somehow ironical distance to given differences without traditional excessive hatred.

For intellectual reasons you may, after a while, take some distances to jewish philosophers (Spinoza), but not much more than to others (Leibniz), and even further distances to jewish born political movements (communism), but not much more than to others (nazism). In fact, if you’re more or less realistic, you discover some deepest sympathy for some jews (Gertrude Stein, George Steiner, Semmelweiss) and some real antipathy for some other jews (Einstein, Marx, Lou Andreas Salomé), from a very personal point of view. But this is the same for other national representants, were they Spanish, German, Greek or French, and in fact, you don’t really see neither why you should hate them all, nor why you should like them all together.

If you spend after many hundreds of years studying Old Testaments and related, you may find it even amusing to finish by recognizing some thousands of years old feature in some contemporary representant of these who say coming from those, and it is true (I stated), that some kind of heavy mythological aura affects your contemplation of the same in its contemporary dimension, which does not loose (if you keep some Spanish essence), great parts of irony and other most regrettable feature (which, a well educated jew would attribute to some kind of complex, but this is another problem.)

In fact, I would have staid myself there, because I prefer to leave people in my most idealistic representation of things as it configures such a nice view of the world that it is a pleasure to live in it, even yes, even if it has nothing to do with reality at all, if the very worrying situation in Middle Orient had not obliged me to reconsider things from a more realistic point of view.

In fact, I suspect that some open left wound from the second world war, may not have as consequence that events do not repeat themselves and the leisureful help coming from Europe and Catholic Church towards Palestinian and in general any anti israeli movement whatsoever, made me think, Madagascar may have moved borders and be sorrounded actually by arabic seas and oceans. From certain angles, Israel looked like a horrible trap again and I didn’t know how far I should feel moved by some hypothetical bad consciousness to try at least (my business) to clear up the intellectual aspect of the problem.

Not that I would have ever moved a finger against a muslim. In fact, my largest contacts find extremely good friends all over muslim territories, going as far as Pakistan, so that I don’t see the point either in straining anti muslim positions. My thought is that muslims are in fact pushed by European and Catholic interests against Israel and that the usually quite peaceful life stated for hundred of years of both is troubled by the presence mainly of Catholic schools, churches, hospitals and the kind, which on the other hand, are used by hidden national interests.

This hypothesis leads progressively to a very critical view on … jews and on the very specific jew denier, who tries this way to find a better place in the country he is living. In fact, it is not difficult to state that there is no worse nazi than a ‘converted’ jew, such as Rudolf Hess, among many other. This quite strange configuration, which is not unique, seems to have been at the origin of the exit of jews of Spain around 1492. Documents state that queen Isabel was fed up with the continuous quarrels of converted jews with not converted jews, so as to finally decide to oblige them all to christianism or … to leave.

The same phenomenon seems to reproduce itself in Germany, happening though inside of a very particular national and historical context, that may explain the extreme violence generated by the different frictions. Around 2001 I develop the theory according to which Jews went much farer away than egyptian Sina, and probably had arrived up to China, as 40 years wanderings explain themselves with difficulty inside of a three weeks walking distance from Ramses to Jordan. Other points seem to support this theses.

Around 2002 I start thinking that Goths are actual Huns, converted to Christianism by Constantinople and changing name after, probably thrown out of China around the first century before to first after Christ. Imposing themselves on germanic tribes, they stay a closed group keeping asian traditions and behaviour (Gotha). The attempt of knowing why they may have been thrown out of China leads to the hypothesis they may have stolen something. Popular german stories seem to support this thought. The result of this interaction gives a splittering of psychic type as described in the ‘Nibelungenlied’.

It is then further possible to think that some very old chinese wisdoms as taken away from Israeli may have fused with similar features as to be found in Germany, provoking in very different understandings some kind of destructive symbiotic relationship that may be at the origin of the death of 6 million people. Strangely though, I tend to think that only ‘converted jews’ may have put enough fuel so as to provoke such a wide disaster.

The key to the understanding of Middle Orient passes through what I would call somewhat bitterly ‘the zyklon B2 syndrom’: the israeli does seem to try understanding his own history through patterns of organization that are derived from structures that are at the origin of his own distruction. In order to try determining proper non destructive formal pattern that may be israeli, I start the from Moses ‘Those for God and for me’ strategy while fighting against the golden bull’s adorers: some are good, some are bad, what is yours? which has as result some quite frozen agressions against some jewish representants.

I wouldn’t call it antisemitic, but mosaic.

I don’t see any other solution for Middle Orients and luckily I have no political responsibility.


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