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6 Disinformation and possible misinterpretation

If you are not a doctor, you just have an opinion on subjects you vaguely understand, trying to keep relative parameters of reason in order to evaluate given information. Of course my psychotic understanding does usually quick into conclusions, although I tend to reconsider things after, with time, if ever possible. Now this happened while getting through the spam comments in WordPress.

I find some kind of invitation to buy ‘phentermine’, and I say, phentermine? Family fentanyl, the narcotic used in chirurgical interventions, associated to the fentanyl used in Moscow, associated to the fentanyl used in Duragessic, being at the origin of the death of many people, say the Greek, US responsible say? (see article in under halotane etc)

Now phentarmine is used for …diets, and is perfectly legal, is said in WIKIPEDIA. A narcotic amphetamine is perfectly legal and used for diets? (What will the Russian say, at the end, that they just thought people going to the Opera needed … some kind of treatment?)

The problem is you never suspect of something sold for diets to be an amphetamine. The other problem is that, as said in WIKIPEDIA permission to sell having been obtained in 1959, researches were not very … exhaustive. Further though, as much as derivated containing the substance and Duragessic (analgesic containing the same), do lead to serious problems with heart and addiction. Now would we, the common patient and readers of newspapers, those poor people who have not had to go through the torture of seven years studies and thus, of the possible market implications, not somehow reasonably conclude that there is some kind of problem somewhere? May we ever and always be mislead by the pretension of companies who put our lifes in danger, that only relevant doctors, they have chosen and probably payed to mislead in information, have the right of an opinion on matters of importance for our health and well being?

How many of those people who do actually take this substance would actually do it if they new what it is? How many on the other hand do mix their diet recipe with a little alcohol in order to get lost in the mists of drugs? Shall we eternally than, be pointing with the finger at horrible drug dealers and devastating mafia, when well established companies do exactly the same with the backing of governments and profiting of the innocent belief of people in the reliability of a certain number of organisms? What is forbidden we know is dangerous. What is not, we think is healthy or, at least, not dangerous.

May we allow those things happening eternally without even having the right to protest, or even putting our life in danger if we dare? Or reputation, our social environment, our professional career? It’s an evidence that I may be wrong, as I’m not a doctor nor a related scientist. But it is though of evidence that sometimes it is of reason to listen even to voices that do not necessarily have the title to back their saying, as those, sometimes, it is better not to listen to. And nobody does dare nowadays to make the difference …

To who of interest, here the information provided by WIKIPEDIA, to my understanding one of the most reliable sources of information nowadays:


Although Fen-Phen was never approved by the FDA the agency did approve of the drug. A study was published in 1992 that Fen-Phen was more effective than diet and exercise with few side effects. However, in 1997 after 24 cases of heart valve disease in Fen-Phen users, fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine were voluntarily taken off the market at the request of the FDA. Studies later proved that nearly 30% of people taking fenfluramine of dexfenfluramine had abnormal valve findings. The FDA did not ask manufacturers to remove phentermine from the market.

And for further information:

Phentermine is still available by itself in most countries, including the U.S. However, because it is an amphetamine, individuals may develop an addiction to it. Hence, it is classified as a controlled substance in many countries. Internationally, phentermine is a schedule IV drug under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances. [1] In the United States, it is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

Implications of the phentarmine article

It may seem as if the very fact of exactly determining the meaning of words and a certain number of points of law, could eventually enchant two or three blind followers of my suggestions, but nothing else.
Don’t ever think so. There are millions behind. See this virtual reconstruction in reason of a certain international problem:
The Russian government does use phentanyl (let us say it wasn’t also halotane) during the Moscow Opera terrorist attack. Phentanyl is a substance forbidden by the Convention of Geneve (forbidden chemistry in cases of war). The use of phentanyl in war may be considered a crime against humanity. France (maybe others too, but I’m not so well informed) does attack Russia’s image on this basis, causing enormous economical losses as the government is suspected of ‘near to crime or criminal action’.
Russia proves that phentanyl is allowed in use in civil environment (peace) by the OMS (WHO). And that there was no war in Russia or surroundings at that time (even civil war implies in correct definition a certain number of measures). Consequently the use of phentanyl was legal. Consequently France and others may be accused of difamation (attack against fame, or name or reputation) as well as other charges, implying the consideration of the possible financial losses caused by the ‘campaign’. How much would that make? I would evaluate the whole in billions.
The fact that phentanyl is dangerous does not imply that you are allowed to agress someone on basis of evidence that has not had as consequence a general interdiction.
Of course things are certainly more wicked. In Russia phentanyl is certainly forbidden in civil context (drug). In Russia it is probable that the opposition with thechenian was catalogued as prior national matter (civil war). The problem then being, that Russia’s own law does not configure the parameters of international opinion or references that allow judging on a subject. Regarding international law there is no way to critize Russia. Concerning international law there has been an obvious case of national agression on basis of opinion.
WIKIPEDIA can be horribly helpful sometimes to solve difficult questions.
What remains unanswered is how far responsible people do follow reason in order to settle affairs …


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