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Chapter 12: Confrontation

I’ve received my first translation. That’s a real relief because I was starting to run out of money. A week ago I phoned to my father and he agreed with my proposition, he even seemed to be somewhat afraid – I mean, it’s true, just hearing high security and some horrible images as media transmitted of inhuman conditions in Guantanamo arise in your head – it’s not that bad here, for sure, but that may apply even to Guantanamo – it’s for sure, I don’t trust mass media any more. So afraid, the poor man, that he even sent some dolars along with the floppy disc where the text of the translation is, I shall, he said, write on the same floppy and send it back, which apparently is allowed, although, they said, the contents are read through, which I didn’t have anything to say against. I had already in my thoughts found the way to make a revolution inside of strictest measures of security, and this not because I had anything against Sask anymore but because it was an intellectual game. I’m not going to tell her, how, see whether her system is that developped finally.

In fact, I can’t say anything anymore and precisely and only because she has decided to verify a certain number of points – not bad, she made up a list of 247 people which had me occupied all morning, as I had to write a sentence or two on them, some I knew and some I didn’t and those I knew should more or less correspond to those appearing in my master pieces, so, if she wants to find a new reason to accuse me of something by blaming the whole authorship on me, she can – but, at least it’s an evidence that they’re mine.

This has put me in a more expansive mood. And I’m going to answer to her quizz with a new one. Of course I don’t think she may solve it, or she will have to find the one I called Mini Minoulis, who worked along with a Shanee and Douna at those times at King David and who, according to my subliminal information was some kind of intuitive computer genius. As he hasn’t studied computer, as little as myself, by the way, he may be able to follow some indications that may be of help in order to know whether it is possible or not to build up something like that. It is a corresponding engine to a determined psychic type. The problem is of course, I don’t know whether it is technically possible. If it is, pray you locate the emission centres before it is too late.

I have some studies on the subject which are as incomprehensible as erratic and disordered. All seem to deal with the same subject in actual realization of things that have happened. I have some studies on the psychic type, too, which are embedded in some other context, context that should be of importance.

Now. How would such a bomb look like, of you simply translate some psychich coordinates into something dealing with electronics. What I have. A way of doing whose analysis would look the following way:

I have several pages, each of them depends on one e-mail address. Each of them deals with different subjects. Some are transferred from one page to another. These pages are found aleatorily through search engines, google or the kind. Some subjects are not socially correct.

I figure out the following: I write things that are socially correct, let us say, on coffee and music in some determined character or spirit. Inside of this same spirit I write some others that are not socially correct. I remark through my test page ‘roger vivier’ that there is something that links a search to a hit on a page and that a search involves some way in the very way it is expressed that may say a lot intuitively to someone who is going through them. Thus, some searches on ’slogans for a perfume’ just inspire to my tired mind, a ’should thus people start thinking by themselves and stop trying to get good marks or even money by picking everything from internet’ another of more or less the same nature, does though inspire a deep search as I presume someone may be wanting to make a study on the use of slogans or is gathering information in order to get a new one that should not be out of context.

As much a search as an accidentally found text is in some relationship one to the other. I figure out the following: in aleatory logic, some texts hit some hidden parts of deep unconscious, the not socially correct. People are shocked as they read what they think so bluntly said. They consequently repress the awareness of what they read. But. There are others in similar searches (moving cloud of similarity in psychic type) who are doing the same, while some others are moving inside of some humourful mood having the same marks in a socially correct environment. These are becoming slowly a social cover for the others who start moving in some kind of conspiring mood as they have the feeling they know something they shouldn’t know. Their movements become slowly ‘refracted’, they go to places where nobody can see them and whisper by talking and the kind and finally start meeting each other until they seem to form some ‘groupment’ which attaches itself elements that are accidentally there. The pressure in this that they are obviously different causes an implosive reaction. Implosion means here they hide more and more away. Hiding away though they discover they’re horribly similar somewhere and start making use of the fact that they seem to participate to a similar language. They plan something and the groupment ‘explodes’.

Now, if you translate this into a bomb, I figure out: channels of transmission at different levels of forums and the kind, 4 or five. Tansmission of some kind of information that is spread or divulgated or transmitted somehow. Inside of these blocks of information there are ‘tags’, some kind of groupment of words that seem to be inserted inside of the text and do correspond though to something else. The something else are ‘neg’ parts of some computer information. Let us say, hidden away codifications. The system seems to imply that the corresponding codes in ‘pos’ attach themselves like little puzzle pieces on the ‘neg’ parts. The doubling of the information provokes some electromagnetic effect that imploses. When all the pieces are together it ‘drowns’ the system which exploses. As far as I could see, the individual had started his project in 1999/2002 using cracked information of electric power stations or communication antennes, which were his targets. As far as I could decypher his character, it may have been targets in France (Paris) and Berlin, perhaps (Rome). The number: 5.

A similar effect I state in Cuenca, Ecuador. Someone is cracking internet. This has as effect some high magnetic charge as I state december 2006 by buying a glasspearl, which I leave fall on some table and the glass stands still without moving even if it has fallen from a height of about 40 cm. After a long reasearch I find the guy who has cracked it and he even explains proudly how he has done it. He says that internet connections are divided like a brain in two parts. One connection belonging to some part of the city has an ‘empty’ counterpart on the other side, which is used for anoter part of the town. By cracking the codes of entry of the connections you may parasite the empty one and not been discovered as the flow of the connection on the active side is not altered. It seems though to cause high cumulation of electromagnetic energy.

Although it is not exactly what Golden Virginia was planning, it seems it could easily be proved that somehow cracked internet provokes alteration in electromagnetic stability. If the possibility exists to generate some magnetism around poles of energy, it can be used as implosive energy, by means I don’t understand.

Linked to this problem is also some happening linked to Microsoft Spain, where a wrong function seems to be able to send ‘empty’ ‘void’ signals to the cyberspace. Similar is another happening where a cracked computer program through a nokia telephone does make the breakers of a computer jump, causing a high cumulation of energy inside of the screen (white screen for a long time) that has as effect that cumputer functions fuse. Which is the same that has happened with the microsoft element that I had scotched on the wordpress dashboard, and which is still there. These are the factual elements I had which seem to be outside of the common knowledge of people working on that domain and which very much  seemed to support the thesis some devlish engine may be provoked by the combination of all of them.

Computer viruses

As I have no idea of these things, I made some more or less short reports on the different happenings and what seemed to me the intuitive solution (as, for example, the demultiplying of the phenomenon in order to avoid high cumulation at one sole place) hoping some more intelligent person may know what it was all about. I surrunder after a little to the evidence that my language is inintelligible. In any case, the observations are there along with my notes on the psychic type.

As said before, functions that are not in a system are partially absorbed by systems that do not have it. Thus, I have in my hands an excellent editing program derivated from WORD, that allows the automatic paging of titles in pair and unpair, among other most excellent functions (low page notes, etc). This exemplary was sent to me by EDITIONS LE MANUSCRIT, in order to correct eventual mistakes in a book that was to be published. Clicking on the upper marge, I realized that the function was different than in a usual WORD document and made further investigations. The funny thing is that you don’t have the program. You just have a document. But changing the contents of the same, you may use the functions as often as you like.

What may happen if you have thus some kind of function that is incompatible with the general system and produces at that very moment the same shortcut as said before? You have infected yourself without knowing what happened, and that is probably what happened with the crack, that may have eventually cracked and kept a function of security that contaminated the whole computer.

In my understanding whole lots of ‘viruses’ are nothing but the result of incompatibility of programs. Others though are not. And what has always interested me is the kind of disposition or mentality that does allow the production of viruses.

Now you see, Sask, I’m very sorry, but I’ve to leave for a lesson, although I would have continued this conversation a little longer. If I have time enough this afternoon, I promise I will try determining the similarity between virus production and mental illness. Or not, sometimes, but rarely. Has to be Chinese the one who has an inherent psychic function of test on possible error of system.

Ah, and if I forget, I had to come back to censorship again, and of course the marvelous WP system. Really, these people should contract me as Public Relations …

Texts left in the computer


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