Posted by: Sk | February 16, 2009

2 On new technology viruses

Yesterday I was really furious. So furious, that it was only after seeing the accident happened by introducing the copy of my mail into WP, that I started laughing and laughing and I almost forgot my anger.

What happened really. First, that people who  are not worth there titles should definitely be thrown out without second thought, and  this,  regarding viruses (among many other). As Mr Shrimtico happens not to know what a virus is and  he  yes he  is I don’t know what I don’t know where, of course everyone has to listen to him, even if what he says is bullshit. And this may cause a damage of millions to private and public subjects.

ADVICE: before you listen to anyone try to understand what he is saying and after VERIFY! For God’s sake.

Many people don’t know that a  virus is recognizable because  it has the mark of an active function on it. Something like this: ~. This symbol does usually mean that a document is open. When a closed document shows a double with  this symbol, it means  that one of the functions kept by it contains a virus. The double document has  the same name than the original document having introduced the virus.

Yesterday I discovered the virus  that had  come  through the Microsoft page. As there are many types of viruses and some very harmful,  I thought that perhaps the very fact of eliminating  the virus could  put it into functioning. Thus, very  carefully  transporting it  from its original place to the bulk and vice versa, I finally decided to copy it on a 31/2 inch disc. The effect was desastruous. The disk was completely destroyed and as it happened that I had several disks on  the desk, I took one I thought empty which was full of important documents. From there my fury. I try thus to formate  the disk, which has as consequence that  the function ‘formate’ in 5 computers is annihilated. To consider the little poison…

Quite angry thus I step into an internet café, as I start becoming afraid that a general attack through earth, air and see may not  be launched on  me. Or the computer. (Sometimes I feel it’s more  or less the same, I  take aggressions on computers very personally…) To find the  address of Microsoft US  seems impossible, so that I try with Microsoft Spain. (These pages are full of spyprograms anyhow, so that must have been staring at each other for a few minutes.) Microsoft  Spain shows at least the possibility of writing in a  box under complaints (quejas) (!!) under sub category: virus, which seems  to fit my affair quite well. I write thus my letter and am about sending it, when … the idiots want to connect the machine to Outlook Express. So  what do you want the box for if you are to send  the mail through Outlook and on top you have already asked  for my e-mail address? Now, that was enough. After trying once or twice I ask the boy what the devil is the server of the shop and he doesn’t know very well. I try again three or four  times and quite fed up, I decide to keep a copy of the letter. And,  the function  doesn’t work! I start changing  color  from red to green through purple and say, ok., copy all, and take the page where I have written my message.

I paste  all into the WordPress blog, thinking of course it will happily just copy my message, and …  the whole Microsoft page appears! It was the moment to burst out laughing, and I went out of the shop thinking: you deserve it well, Microsoft, don’t care a shit if this is damage  for  you. Although I couldn’t think why it should after all, as Ecuatorian law says clearly that the contents of a letter belongs  to  the one who has written the  letter, and if you don’t allow me to keep the  copy, the worse for you if I’m obliged to keep the paper I wrote it on.

I write two or three lines still under the heavy influence of anger, and don’t give it a second thought.

Later though, I’m invaded by some perplexity. What is the whole box doing in WordPress? I do even show  it to the secretary and can’t avoid laughter again. Ruminating for a while, I finally decide to blame Mr Landheim for everything. His e-mails have a strange shape. And while copying a simple mail on WP before, I  had remarked that the lines did invade the whole skin’s place, so  that long parts became invisible, appearing just at the end of the skin. I had to re edit the whole, in order for it to become readable. Now, Mr Landheim knows about computers. What if he has fumbled with a personal e-mail production center at home, introducing two or three inovations? Copied, they are kept by WP and allow the … theft of the century (if considered like that, because it was  completely unvolontary.)

Conclusion: if I SAY that functions are copied,  please  first verify before universal disasters  are caused.

Sask is horribly curious to know how I  managed to heel a computer from a  virus that had attacked the operative system. Now, why it is like that, I don’t know.  But I had developed my special antivirus in France 2003 and it was horribly effective. Some sites are securized through a system  called (by me) Legifrance. This  system does restore always an attacked system at the very moment the damage has occured (Some kind of  phoenix bird system). To say: it has a memory that considers all possible ‘heal’ changes. When a function is causing damage, it restores everything at the moment of detection of the ‘ill’ change. As said by Figaro in 2002, the sole fact of keeping two or three documents of such a site (Legifrance, Apce, etc) in a computer does avoid major horrors, but … with care. It will not  restore the system, it does just localize the ill functions and pushes them after a while to the temp archives  in WINDOWS (for example), where they appear with the little ~, mentioned before. You eliminate these  archives and  the computer is  clean.

Strangely,  the same effect can be obtained with a laser scanned agata stone. This stone does interact with  laser in such a strange way, that the properties kept in a .gif or other extension, does also materialize the viruses in the temp archives, even better than the Legifrance system (the same Microsoft has, yes, Ms Wingsurf). Now do not ask me how it happens, but my computer survived a mortal attack in 2003 this way, with the hilarious effect that the attacking computer (Rothschild) lost fonts and other functions,  which did all land in mine (together with their  pretended to be sceal).

Of  course, you don’t have to  believe me. Of  course, I wouldn’t believe that if I were you. Just continue believing  the computer mafia that sells  infected programs in  order to give jobs to lost of money computer engeneers,  and other horrible  nightmares of our innocent believe in  the righteousness of  people. And who of  course, will never provide you with correct information. You just pay, as if you were (it’s what they think) a silly ignorant.

To solve the question, Mr judge of California, I don’t believe that an address, which is the property of  the state, may never be copyrighted nor severely protected. Or they pay taxes to the owner of the name, which is, Mr Governor, in the name of  the Californian people. Of  course, if you are Microsoft, you will  certainly not want that your extremely expensive protection system serves other computers, too. But this is not my problem.  And in any case, there is the agata, too.

If you  have a  little  time, give it a try: it’s real fun to hunt viruses! And as long as you don’t commerzialise my idea, you are  free to do so. It’s protected by international law  through the  WP program, isn’t it? You should know it! But only for commercial exploitation.

See, how things happen.

About viruses, more… next  time we are under attack. You happy, Sask? Should make business me, dear, you Jews have good  reputation, and as you can see, I’m not that silly either!!


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