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3 Events 18-22 December: Microsoft/WordPress

An event is a series of happenings in time which may or not have a rational structure ordering them. We say an event ‘intelligible’ (understandable) when the rational structure it is embedded in comprehends all the elements of the different happenings as succeeding in time. Sometimes, it is necessary to build up a rational structure which may make an event intelligible, and this may make questions arise that may give birth to a theory. A theory is supposed to be valid (or valid for a restricted field of happenings: eg physics, electronics, etc) if all events having the same characteristics than the first, do fit into the pattern. If only most of them fit, the theory needs readjustment. A valid theory may have implications on other fields of science related to the first. The event concerned is the so called ‘crash’ between Microsoft and WordPress December 18th. The problem to analyze this event is that data as given are very little, so that we are obliged to work on an almost pure hypothetical basis. In normal letters: the real events. The rest is hypothesis. December 18th someone does paste a Microsoft Webpage document on a WordPress blog. This apparently ‘insignificant’ event has though a few singular characteristics: whole blocks of functions are pasted and appear as functions on the blog. If we want it or not, this means that the normal ‘html’ format of the webpage has been absorbed as such and kept on the blog, and not, as we could think, the web page image as such. Most peculiar is the fact that the ‘box’ (comments or other) is pasted, too. Or, this box is a ‘mail-box’ for complaints, and must be connected via function ($$$) to a server and thus to Microsoft Spain, and eventually even to Microsoft Silicon Valley, if it happens that the latter ‘controls’ the first (you never know). Is it possible that two incompatible serving systems (www and http) have been fused through a sheer accident? If to consider this is of importance, it is because an accident may reveal an ‘error in system’. What happens once by accident, may happen twice, and if it happens that someone observes the phenomenon, it may be repeated on purpose in order to deliberately cause a damage. Is there any possibility the damage being high? Subjectively, which is the realm where we evaluate possible damages, the problem appears as high to very high. What if the incompatibility in systems does generate some kind of inner tension through some packed in one system rejection (figure out you have two imams with the same pole in a place under high pressure: the very fact of rejecting themselves and not being allowed to separate through the outer pressure, does generate a new energy, which on the other hand, acts as emitter or transmitter or in any case as attracting ‘currents’ from the same nature, in this case, electronic energy)? As poles of energy do concentrate in centres where it can be absorbed (as the water flows through places that allow flowing, avoiding as much as possible rocks or other), the possibility that the mass of energy does slowly shift towards centres like a server or a satellite after, attracting more and more energy, is extremely high, to my understanding. The consequence may be an explosion of both. This is the hypothesis I work on December 21. If this is true, only the fact of separating Microsoft from WordPress may avoid a possible disaster. How to do that, though? The process I follow is the next: I have my bizarre ‘antivirus’ in As I have never had the opportunity of exactly analyzing the exact effects of  this ‘chemistry’ with electronic waves, I just suppose that it may have a regulating character for electronic frequencies, among other. It is an observation made in 2003, and at that time it seemed to work quite well. If this is true (I pray), I have to transfer the ‘fused’ element to sonjakasten1. The ‘chemistry’ obtained does need day in order to be absorbed by an electronic compound, and to simply put it in soniakasten, will not do nothing at all. Thus I copy again the strange fusion on sonjakasten1. Correct hypothesis, it seems. WordPress can’t absorb the whole information again, and only parts of the webpage appear on the blog. But … going back to the ‘post’ (edit), the rest of the information appears in complete superposition with the WordPress blog (I have the documents, but won’t paste them again to avoid a possible further disaster). The function edit/publish and other have completely disappeared. I take a turn through WordPress and luckily the ‘antivirus’ works: the information on the ‘edit post’ section disappears and I can at least paste the developed form of the same (functions do still not work). This developed form of the antivirus is in fact nothing but a series of frequencies generated through an Excel Document through the iterations (about 3000) on the same in interaction not only with the agatha stone picture but with other color combinations of Adobe Photoshop that have been in interaction with the specific chemistry used by the Sony CD in 2003. Activating the excel page does generate the specific ‘electronic current’ for a while, and this seems to order fusion in currents through given logical structures (functions). By introducing the activated picture into the blog, the functions do reappear (publish).  The hypothesis implies another point: the fused structure is in soniakasten. Sonjakasten1 has managed to separate both. Is there any link between both allowing that possible energy accumulated in soniakasten be deviated to sonjakasten1? The very pasted half document must link both. Through the antivirus, sonjakasten1 appears as absorbing more energy than soniakasten, so that the energy should shift slowly towards the second. As here the functions are separated, it should avoid a possible explosion. The introduction of the same antivirus in soniakasten should further help absorbing and channelling energy. Strangely the image thus posted does show gravest alterations if the original is considered. The rectangles are visible and a strange red and green configuration appears that is not visible in the same as pasted for example in sonjakasten. This seems to indicate that the image must have been under an extremely high pressure for brief instants, and tends to confirm the hypothesis of the accumulation of pressure due to the fusion of systems. If this is true, there are several things that will have to be taken into consideration concerning internet electronic flow and interaction of systems. To my understanding decisions should be taken at very high level, allowing the regulation of interaction. And this should imply the restriction in possibility of pasting undue functions, leaving though marges of absorption (apparently) in order to allow channels of transmission in not compatible systems. (Let us say that the function x is www and Microsoft and ‘hits’ or creates tension with http://wordpress. If WordPress has a number of determined and localized similar functions in operation, the tension created is channelled through these functions into a relatively more supple system – if I understand well the http is a system/sever, and not like www a server transmitting systems information: the first is logically much more compact and supple.)  Otherwise we may confront ourselves with greatest probability to possible explosions that may happen as well at home if the pc happens to seems to absorb more energy or even whole satellites or other (antenna).  At least this is what appears from the analysis of the before mentioned. Of course it may have other implications if it is otherwise confirmed. It looks like an extraordinary model for the Bing Bang. Void contradictory formal structures generating condensed energy and thus, matter. Wouldn’t be that bad either…22.12.2006

 General conclusions after the turmoil

First: it’s not an imam but a magnete (sorry for the confusion, but it is perhaps a new way to understand the etimology of the word ‘imán’ in Spanish)

Second: luckily all functions are restored today, which means that pressure is lower, and this probably thanks to the Internet Café Lai Ming, that has 10 machines on all day with a to my pages linked pages (lucky for those who are, they’ve VIP WP service), among other probable factors. (I couldn’t help imagining Spanish Engineer María Eugenia Mendoza putting the whole Spanish Microsoft to create iterations in a net interaction with all the computers on and a laser scanned agatha in the middle. Of course she didn’t forget the magic formula in the centre and was completely right. Have to learn something of older witches … but that’s just an elucubration of mine.) But, concerning my Sony Vaio picture, I have bad news. I could post it today, the thing is that it is a real miracle of technology, and pasting it on Adobe Photoshop to get the .gif formate it is deformed and ugly and colors changed. (I have it on Word). Now, how may I interest Sony for my wonderful creation? I will have to send a letter… (Yes, Sir, it’s horribly, horribly beautiful, with sweet cream colors and a man with japanese features appearing in the depth as if coming out of memory.) Perhaps I’ll post the ugly version, later (I don’t carry it with me.)

Third: Analysis on the pages copied December 21st on a Word document, give the following result: Microsoft Spain may explode from one moment to the other. And now, please, Sra Mendoza, you may understand that I can’t but publish this now, as I have no means to tell you otherwise and the danger, quite obvious. But … is anyone ever going to pay one day for all my gracious advice? IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYONE IN MICROSOFT SPAIN MAY HE PLEASE TRANSMIT MESSAGE? I hope I’m right, otherwise you’re not obliged to payment. (Signed, SK)

Seriously: the problem seems to be the following. The page is designed in a combination of Excell functions on Word Web (probably Frontpage). (Precious!) Now, usually you put under the letter box something like ’submit’ (enviar), which is connected through an $$$ function to the main office (or abouts). The ‘….’ who made the page, could apparently not fix this function on the page and invented the following idiocy: he wrote the Microsoft e-mail address, put the button on top, switched the letters, and the hyperlink thus created … makes jump up the … Outlook Express program (!!!): Brilliant … And this apparently is creating shortcuts. Better fix it and fire the guy (is my advice). If it is a company ask for compensation, so that you … can pay me after.

Fourth: even deeper analysis of the situation allows thinking that I have a complete design pattern of Microsoft’s web page in intelligent interaction with some WordPress functions (buttons, boxes, etc.) You can paste beautiful colors, pictures, move sections together with the whole spy program etc. Expensive web pages … That’s not the point (although: I’ll ask Bill Gates himself if he doesn’t want a page of mine for 20.000 USD, before IBM profits of the ocasion). It is that both systems seem to have  found a friendly negotiation table on my Word page, which may mean a lot about function interactions. As I don’t know how to program though, I’d need some programmer in order to know what has really happened, if there is intelligence left anywhere. In any case, the peculiar and particuliar product thus created, may be said solely mine, it is neither WordPress neither Microsoft, alterations have been produced accidentally (with a little magical potion, rabos de toro y migas de agata) and the whole acquired through an extreme urgency reflex in order to avoid a bomb explosing in my nose.

Fifth: by the way, Sask (it’s always the same with you, dear, only thinking of wars and battles), goes to 50% if you build an electronic bomb, otherwise I don’t tell you the rest of my secrets. And, be happy, luckily you’re the only one to understand the application for cases of war, differently we’d have bomb building at home, hm? You see, it’s all your fault. If access to responsible people had not been blocked by frenchies and germans for so long, you’d had no need to worry now about public divulgation of army secrets and … innovations. You’d be sure that I wouldn’t be that … generous if the situation was not that … urgent. There are moments you don’t have time to negotiate!


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