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3 The electronic system as image for the psychic functioning

Developing further the main lines as already mentioned in (Creation Process), and without wanting  to pretend to a more serious rational foundation, we may for the time being just mention the possible relationship (in image) of a certain number of events (I was, as usual, accidentally working at) with events concerning the electronic functioning system.

1. the first concerns the appearance of an illness (baptized: ’sipsi’ in 2001, as a purely hypothetical reference to a disturbance which seemed to be confused with schizophrenia). This illness seemed to has as cause a disfunction in the nervous system having more or less the same consequences than schizophrenia (superposition of inner vision with physical vision, psychotic crisis, ‘flashes’ of intelligence) and was thus confused with the latter although it was obviously different, as schizophrenia is usually a periodically determined illness, while this was more aleatory. Considering the usually low appearance of heavy schizophrenia among heal populations (5%), the high appearance of ’schizophrenic’ in France (15% of population in 2003), was more than a hint towards the justification of our hypothesis.

Studying the possible causes of the same (without though material support, thus just using deduction made on analysis of the changes in behaviour and understanding), it seemed as if ’something’ developed in the dorsal spine (same than herpes virus, but of different nature) would get up aleatorily to the brain and produce high disfunction in neuron’s synapses, giving the same psychological impression of ‘having understood’ as if really understood something while there was nothing understood at all, creating some kind of euphoria linked to that fact, which would activate artificially the ’system’, finishing by disturbing completely the brain’s functioning until creating a superposition of vision, at the origin, through the shock, of a psychotic crisis.

Strangely, our ‘miracle’ (http.// gives the exact image of what we had put as theoretical model of the illness in question. A copied ’translation’ does introduce into the system a whole number of information (chinese characters) that do look highly intelligible (beautiful), having as a result though after a while, the complete inintelligibility of the text and the small empty boxes refering themselves to nothing. The copied function does produce an alteration in the system, and aleatorily the ‘chinese’ characters are pumped into the program causing probably general overcharge (psychotic crisis) in the superposition of the two scriptures.

As it was the case for the chinese characters, fault could be originally refered to myself, to a certain extent. (You are never responsible for others copying without anyone’s permission, nor are you for the fact that WP does not have a function avoiding copying of elements that are not absorbable by the system, though.) In the case of the psychic disfunction, the theoretical model built up in 2002 (which honestly terrified me), was the following: I was moving in a reverted psychic system since 1993. A reverted psychic system is one where the ‘I’ shifts from the understanding to the coordinates of soul (Tao), so that consciousness is not ordered through the forms of understanding but makes intelligible the functioning of soul. As my general functioning was ‘chinese’, whole lots of linked to mechanisms and ‘wisdoms’ appear to my field of consciousness I try to integrate into our contemporary almost unexisting psychic systems. In 2001 I discover that Chinese had two quite interesting wisdoms: 1. they control the psychopathetic lines in their different interactions, 2. they have a logic to plunge in memory or ‘talk to the ancestors’, as they say. I study both with greatest interest. The dealing with these logics does create a ‘tone’ (tones are nothing but the ‘metaphysical frame’ something we say is embedded into, what we have thought and felt related to the situation, and thus ‘tones’ may have very specific frequencies depending on the general context they are to be found in). Although extremely isolated (as in knowledge) these tones enter the occidental world without having been adapted (translated, integrated). The ‘error’ does lead further to a non verified hypothesis saying that most probably I was under observation (accused of terrorism or spy work or other misbehaviours, I supposed), and that the ‘tone’ had escaped through means unknown and undesired. As this ‘tone’ falls into populations with a structure of ‘I’ in understanding, the effect of it is ‘reverted’. Instead of affecting the mechanisms of soul it becomes an inner ‘frequency’ as an altered electromagnetic wave among neurons, supported by a ‘matter’ in dorsal spine whose nature becomes altered through this change. Systems in soul (third world) are hardly affected by the ‘illness’. Those though with extremely weakened defenses through bad food and excessive pornography (incapability of using the mechanisms of ’stop’ to the appearance in consciousness of ‘undesired’ information, and weakened procedure of rational evaluation of information) does make appear the possible damage in Europe in 3 years times as high as 80% of population, which is to say, the complete loss of rational parameters ordering a society.

The two possible ways out are the ‘Natasha’ logic and the ‘Sask’ logic. The first does order information in horizontal superposition (WordPress solution, say thanks to the Russian), so that one can clearly be ordered as belonging to the subjective realm of phantasy or affective life, and the second to the objective world. The second is a complete cut between the subjective world and the objective, so that the first does not even come up to consciousness. Both logics are extremely weak in Europe, and only the clear image of what is going on may drive attention on a quickly developping illness. The image produces itself, all alone by itself (without intentionality, spontanous).

The basic mechanism leading to this disfunction is the ‘trend’, ‘mood’ and ‘fashion’ to copy whatever without it being correspondant to inner psychic coordinates or given identity. Lacking legal dispositions avoiding such a thing (as WP doesn’t avoid to copy) do give the false impression for a while, that people copying may arrive socially high without foundation. The social mechanism is the same than the psychic: wrong identities are taken for right ones, producing flashy undestandings and creations and productions, whose definite source is though the shadowy realm of the death in Chinese language, and thus the illness, appearing as ’socially correct’ has strictly no means of being detected nor put limits to. (To say, Ms Skeen, things are serious.)

2. the second one is not yet as developed as the first, as I could really not understand what was going on. In 2002/3 I have ‘messages’ (in coded psychopathetic language I was working with for the translation from Chinese) saying “there is fusion between Israel and Greece” (?!), the attempt to know what is going on produces the psychic impression of complete superposition of realities. What is going on? What has happened? Attempts to give a clear image to the ‘message’ in Israel (2003) do have as consequence the awareness of complete irreality: greek music in the cafeterias, greek psychic types all over the town, ‘characters’ walking along the streets, psychopathetic codes repeated as ’small talk’ … What is going on?

Strangely, about two day ago, while opening WP EDITIONS (the Spanish sub company of double2up) it gets opened at the same time in block ’soniakasten’ and in block ‘bgcentroestudios’. As I was openeing double2up at that very moment, the name of Wp Editions is registered at the same time in the one and the other block. Surprisingly, the first one does not allow opening pages, but only posts. (I have to verify whether changes do affect both sites, as I haven’t done it yet.) The second is perfectly functional.

At the same time, another fusion happens: in ’soniakasten’ the fact of copying the categories of the ‘category’s management’ department into a post, does attract the category’s section on the ‘posting screen’ which finishes by falling on the posting box, not allowing thus to move the arrow up and down of the post’s section, and stopping the possibility of sending tagged posts. Perhaps the one is the result of the second, perhaps one thing is linked to the other (soniakasten is in the same block than double2up.) But what is behind? May the symbiotic fusion between ‘Israel’ and ‘Greece’ take its explanation from the computer’s functioning?

Actually I suspected already at that time that there was a mistake in categorizing. Let us imagine that hypothesis 1 is correct (which seems to give the only proper explanation), and let us say ‘Sask’ is absorbing information from a ‘terrorist’. In order to understand the ‘gravity of the case’ Sask is integrating a reverted system into a system of understanding. The categories of ’soul’ are thus scotched on the categories of understanding, provoking an extremely high flow of psychic information into a completely distructured system of understanding. As understanding has power of command, if Sask is a high officer (how to explain otherwise) in a country in war (army orientated), the very ordering of reality in these coordinates does order the whole society. Power of command means that reality is actually ordered in these coordinates while the psychic mass produced in Greece is just working at levels of intention. It may have produced some kind of subjective hole in time. Going to Jerusalem, I’m walking into … my own future. If this is true, the strange combination of fusions and symbiosis in WordPress should have produced a glimpse of an idea of what that means, actually, as an image. I don’t really see the point now, but perhaps I will a little later.

No, Ms Skeery, the exact functioning of the psychic mechanism in terrorism I will explain a little later. I don’t have the time!

But not to forget the other point, related, this hypothesis linked to ‘my two mistakes’ in Israel was linked to the OTM (organ traffic mafia). It seemed as if the still hypothetical link relating my ‘tao incrustation’ into Europe through Russia (Natasha) and Israel (Sask) had been copied as referential model of transmission of information by  to-certain-states-linked people (hospitals) in order to allow transfer of organs of people … who had been killed, mainly in the third world. On the other hand the so called ‘chinoiseries’ introduce an extremely dangerous mafia almost everywhere, the Shanghai mafia (Salif, Elma, Kenzo) (latter not refered to the brand, but to a specific name), based on a ’spirit’ of interaction I finish by calling the ‘St Louis spirit’, the devotion to a mother in repressed sexual lines, mainly homosexual male, but unhappily enlargened as phenomenon through Freud’s almost ridiculous theories on Electra and Oedipus complex: the proper ground for the extension of Shanghai.

I’ll try, Ms Wingsurf, to give all the related informations if I find the time … hopping that it will not produce new WordPress aleatory electromagnetic alterations …


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