Posted by: Sk | February 16, 2009

4 The movement of repression in computer language

1. Concerning post below: posts written in wpeditions under ’soniakasten’, appear published as well in wpeditions under ‘bgcentroestudios’. It looks as if the first gave the second a blow, and the button ‘go’ of ’search’ landed just on the window saying ’search’. By pushing ‘go’ it searched ’search’, said there was no result but … the ‘go’ button went back to its place. I can’t derive any conclusions of this yet, but … it is an interesting image of a symbiotic relationship or siamese. In any case, WordPress, the possibility exists that two blogs registering the same domain at the same time, may fuse. It should be rare, but it is still possible. See the mess after. At least here, it’s always me dealing with myself, but imagine you have someone writing into your blog … without anyone’s permission.

2. For the problem of categories. The so called tags are no categories. A category is a metaphysical concept refering itself to the possibility of grouping a whole under a general name, that allows differentiating groups inside through given characteristics. Category: animals. Groups (species): acuatic animals, land animals, etc.

It looks as if the subjective inspiration to say something is ordered through the same principle (tag) produces confusion in the understanding of the objective concept of categories. Categories are never undetermined, but fixed. Objects that do not fit into the category oblige to revision of categories in definition or number, but you can’t multiply categories indefinitely, if you want them to be said categories. This is exactly what I saw then with Sask: a psychic character is submitted to a principle of behaviour, and is not a category, that orders people through characteristics. Categories can principally be only applied to outer realities, were it words (love, tenderness, jealousy: feelings), but not to human beings, as the principle of apprehension of the human is not spatial (body), but time related (in principle: soul). This is what seemed to cause the fusion. The psychic types are ordered as categories, and make explode the spatial categories that structure the understanding of objective reality. You should marry me, Sask, you are completely lost in translation…

3. the movement of repression used in Greece in order to transmit information is similar to what I call my marketing campaign. Bring information to consciousness (edit in manage), mark all spaces of the highest number of categories as possible (varying categories do show different psychic type so that it is never possible to say that it is the same source of production, or hits different targets) save!. The information is relanced on a multiplied number of psychic tag paths. You re-edit, you take away the little marks on the boxes, leave one as ordering, it was never you, you’ve never done anything. Mechanisms of repression work exactly like that. Flow of psychic currents to want to invade consciousness. The pre-consciousness (police! toll!) does not allow entry. The pressure though is very high. The pre-conscious ‘agents’ do open tagged transmission paths, and just… shut down the door. The pressure is deviated through these paths to lower or weaker psychic systems. The relationship between the emissor and the receiver becomes (may become, if not aleatory) symbiotic at distance. The psychopaths are fed in movement excatly this way. The emissor transmits ‘force’ that allows the psychopath to act inside of the emissor’s logic, which implies whole lots of lies concerning the ‘beauty, intelligence, sweetness’ of the latter and a whole lot of never kept promisses, so that the psychopath is always sure of the inner recognition of the ‘emissor’ or sender: while society whole is hunting him, he is happily eating bombons of the psychic realm. This mechanism was called in Middle Ages ‘devil’s pact’ (among other), when it implied the willing agreement of the second to submit to the first for reasons of inner rottenness, and witches called the people (women usually) who willingly used the perceived mechanism of repression in order to submit weaker characters to her will. There were means to know there was perhaps reason for them to be burned (Spanish Inquisition: means asking, investigation, the determing of the what in itself — the first as the second showing obvious problem in the determination of identity in essence it was considered the only way to understand whether someone was ill and putting the whole society in danger.) The witches who ran away to Holland on time … are still chewing revenge!


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