Posted by: Sk | February 16, 2009

5 Finality and the three aspects of time

Talk about time is always a complicated thing, as little have a clear notion of what we are talking about. To explain thus the meaning of concepts such as ’shift in time’, ‘refraction in time’, ‘hole in time’, should not be excessively easy, but … computers may help.

1. Just sit down and think your are going to create a picture on Adobe Photoshop. Level of intention. (First time.) In order to have this intention, you should already have an idea of what you want to create. Level of finality. (Third time) The level of intention is linked to the the level of finality through the subjective attachment of an energy to a notion that orders the following movements towards the realization of the intention. The means you have to take in order to reach the given finality are in the level of realization or second time.

Thus: you have an intention, whose finality determines up to a certain extent the means you have to take in order to obtain it.

2. Conceive that the ‘I’ may situate itself either in one time or the or the other. Conceive further, that depending on where the ‘I’ is situated the others appear in a certain perspective related to the one the ‘I’ is identified with. Conceive further that groups of people may be situated ‘as a determination of nature’ in one level or the other. Personal investigation leads to the relative conclusion (without rational empirical proof) that the populations called homosexual are situated either in one level (intention = ff) or the other (finality = mm), while middle lines, or second level of realization is mainly composed by populations mf.

3. If this is such, you may see that the psychic realm is composed of three levels of transmission in different times in a determined interaction. The third level is already there when the first appears, as there is no intention without finality. The second is usually a more rational process implying the reserach of the adequate  means for the realization of something inside of the determined intention. Which is to say: while some are still working at the realization of something, others are already conceiving new intentions and projects and possibilities. Is it thus possible to think that an ‘I’ may ‘dance’ from one level to the other, moving in different times? In principle, yes.

4. The high psychic disturbances observed during the last 30 years (depression, nervosity, stress) are mainly due to a heavy disfunction in the link between level one and three, as well as an excessive over evaluation of level 2. It seemed as if (but roots are probably to be found in happenings of 1870) the third level had been cut off from the first, as if finality could be obtained without intention. The reasons for this are certainly dark to obscure, but may give an excessively interesting light on phenoma as the causes of first and second world war. As the general image (image) is sometimes much more helpful even than computers to clear up psychic processes, we will try, if God wants, to show how the different systems work.


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