Posted by: Sk | February 16, 2009

6 Psychosomatic illness as computer function

To see how a computer works is something like seeing oneself working without any kind of intention (although…)
Before 1990 (when internet started to become more generally used) a computer was a oneself without psychic system, when internet appeared, the psychic system got fused with the physical self … to a certain extent.
If you analyze deeply the functioning of these human made machine (how otherwise), you may even understand difficult problems such as psychosomatic illness.
A computer speaks three languages: the mechanical language (as appearing on the screen), the proper computer language (java script and other) and the electronical language. The one is ours, typed on the board. The second does translate the first with the ‘orders’ into a new language (to say that the machine does not understand a blank space, but an order x leaving a blank space), and the third does translate the second into electronic impulses through some kind of logic in what I call the alternative current morse. The electronic signals are thus ordered to hit different functions, and marvelous shining letters do appear on our screen.
The system has thus two obviously separated parts: one that does reflect the product of our inspirations and work, and the other that does concern the general functioning of the whole (the .rar and so on archives). The latter have again two different parts: the one’s refering to the software or programs, and the ones refering to the hardware.
The transcription is the following: ourselves as ‘image’ or representing ‘I’ are the ’screen’. In order to have something appearing on the screen, whole lots of procedures and mechanisms are put into functioning. Some of them concern our ‘theories or beliefs’ (software), others do concern our body (hardware). It is perfectly thinkable to conceive that ‘intelligible’ or ‘inintelligible’ compounds of words and impressions appearing to the consciousness are ‘translated’ in the brain to an ‘electromagnetic’ language (neurons) that does assure the interaction with the body (feeling of relief, dispair, anxiety do affect the body and are generally produced by representations appearing to the consciousness), and further to a more physical language allowing the interaction between will and muscles and others. The result of all these interactions does appear to our consciousness again in … its own language but having embedded the structures allowing translation (logical schemes or forms).
Psychologists have problems to explain (if they ever try) what a psychosomatic illness can be, as most of the people tend to separate the realm of thought or understanding, fantasy and affection, from the proper body, as if we were cut in two.
Now see how easy it is for someone who knows what a computer is (I don’t), to select among all those little archives those affecting for example the temperature of the computer (ventilator). The program appears on the screen, and … is it or not possible to intervene through simply changed characters on the temperature’s regulating functions and thus cause … general damage to the system? Eventually even repair it?
Is it thus not possible to think that the information inserted into a psychic system (heard or perceived), if introduced into the same while the function x is appearing to the consciousness, may fundamentally alter the … temperature of the body causing general damage? Or vice versa, healing someone without too much of a miracle?
I had promised I would never tell you what causes the distortion effect in computers, but you are rather far too curious, Sask. If I’m not wrong, (you may verify) the logic used in the computer is based on symbolic logic (& for and, v for or, etc.) Some somewhat of logic lacking logicians do introduce the function f > v = v, probably confusing the contents with the function. Let us say: whatever you write (wrong or false) has as result a given product (.doc) archived in z. The logical misbehaviour of these people confusing contents with layer produces a general misfunction in system: actually, try to order a Word document under .gif. Does it work? No. Thus Words document (v) > .doc (v) = v, and now! you repair the whole and the distortion effect disappears. You are not talking about contents, which can’t be ordered in .doc or .gif, but in categories as rational or irrational, etc (evaluation on subjective or objective basis), you are talking about the relationship between different phases in the procedure of ‘enter inf’, ‘categorize inf’, ‘memorize inf’.
If you want it or not, the logical disfunction thus introduced as pattern of schematic ordering of information transmitted as truth through the repetition of information obtained through these means, has produced … an invasion of ‘ghosts’ on our general consciousness field! Bet it is?


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