Posted by: Sk | February 16, 2009

8 Hannah’s bizarre logic

While dealing with some problem it is of need to make the difference between what clearly is empirical (events) and what is the result of interpretation, even more so if this occurs inside of the defined frame of the theory of transfer.Hannah arrives in Greece in 1999. Her language is what I would call later a ‘inner symbiotic in psychopathetic frame and blood micture structure’, which is to say, not intelligible. To give some image of what this looks like without too many details: it is someone who translates psychic perception into symbols of outer reality, without synthesis of outer reality (inner symbiotic), in a field of consciousness without membranes (usually reason has some kind of brackets in order to pass from one level of thought to another, so that you’re thinking of what you have to buy at the supermarket – bracket – there was someone you met on the street last time you went to the supermarket – bracket – how much money you need to buy everything, etc. These brackets allow the differentiation of different levels of thought and usually have a ‘bridge’ something that links one level to the other by some means, warranting reason). Psychopaths don’t have ‘brackets’: their field of consciousness is invaded by anything without their being a clear difference of fields in something that may look like ‘blinds’: thoughtone.stop.thoughttwo.stop.thoughtthree.stop etc. While the blood mixture logic is an arborescent diverting logic: without determination in identity, word or feeling does refer itself always to something else in a strange logic that attaches meaning to parts of words or statements, passing from one to the other while just keeping ‘meaning’ as vector of consequence in cases there is no illness or perversion in psychic disposition.It is an evidence that this strange logic is quite difficult to understand and very difficult to deal with. While the inner structures of identity give a logic of extreme brilliancy on some fields (arts, finances, psychological insight in types) it is useless in order to determine the actual social identity of the concerned.Consequently I did never believe Hannah in what concerned her origins, her family, her studies, whatever could be attached the way whatsoever to an empirical reality. If gathering the information on her in 2003 it would have looked the following way: a Jew born in Israel, probably Jerusalem, speaking English though no French nor Hebrew, as far as I could understand, born around 1961/2, with one sister and one brother who was two (called the fusio), one son born in 1982/3, with a grandmother of the Rothschild family, and who had lived in a ‘castle’. As far as I understand, something happens in 1983, which looks like an attempt of murder doubled by some kind of illness which I identify as puerperal fever. After, there is nothing.This happening attaches itself in quite bizarre way to some stories I had written in 1983, during a stay in Lübeck: some one dies in a closed room through the filtration of liquid wax through the key hole. “A friend of mine is dead today” I finished the story. Other stories of the same time do have marks that are attachable to what seems to derive from Hannah’s sayings through a symbolic understanding.Although I believe that something has happened in 1983 that may be considered origin of a psychic and social death, I don’t believe she was living in a castle: “Are there castles in Jerusalem?” I laugh, which doesn’t get any answer. Nor do I believe that she belongs to the Rothschild family, as seeming to my understanding extremely incongruous.Ever though since 1999 I’m ‘cloning’ Hannah’s psychic type. In knowledge of the something that has happened, I think of a reproduction of a psychic type in 20 years time down fall in order to ‘trap’ the possible murder or murders. In 2002 Hannah leaves definitely. I’m living myself in a logic which is very similar to hers already with one slight difference: I don’t even believe myself that my attempt has been so succesful. Incapable of synthesis of reality, I’m living in a system which reacts automatically to some signals coming from outside, whose aleatory relationship to the consequence is completely irrational. At the same time, slightest bridges to what may be called apperance or social reality determine the field of consciousness: to my social consciousness, I’m making up a horribly interesting plot for a spy novel that has to explain the extreme complexity of the psychic world in characters involved in the most unbelievable stories.A Saturday February 21st 2003 news arrive that the Challenger has exploded. It is the ’signal’ that I have to leave for Israel. On Monday 23rd I take the plane for Athens, and then for Tel Aviv, where I arrive very early in the morning. I take a taxi for Jerusalem. It is snowing and the roads almost blocked. A police man half sleeping in a police car next to Jaffa gate, tells me there is a hostal somewhere around, as it is impossible to get that night to my intended place of destination, a hotel in the Palestinian quarters.

The day after I ask some othodox Jew where Hotel King David is. It should be the axe around which whole tons of strange things will succeed themselves for 6 eternal months.


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