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9 Information as resulting of superposition of realities

I suppose that the only way to understand whatever will happen after is possible only in the given frame. I’m living 20 years before and my consciousness is gathering information that is related to a memory. At the same time though, a certain number of facts that are linked to the present are interfering constantly with the attempt of gathering information, and these are of two types: 1.) I seem to know already too many things about too much: the people I meet principally at King David are nothing but the physical presence of some characters I had made up before and whose outer characterization I had fixed in images or pictures, some words I had noted somewhere are now recognizable as Hebrew words and places I didn’t know before have names that correspond to reality 2.) These strange ‘coincidences’ make appear the ghost of the reality of the stories linked to the characters, involving through psychopathetic codes whole nations in an almost end of the world plotThese phenomena are thus carefully differentiated from empirical reality, the only reference in order not to finish by loosing my mind … completely. With mathematical precision I thus note in my internal note book names, sayings, situations: Doris Wilheim is actually one of the few I’ll have some longer conversation with. She’s working at Stein’s jewelry at King David, of Swiss origin, married to a Jew of yougoslavian origin, with one son and at least one cat, living in a jewish settlement facing Bethlehem. Her son arrives from a world tour after having just finished the army around those days. She goes to Tel Aviv, she says, and makes a party.Another one is Jusif. He’s working with his brother at the restaurant at King David and is of palestinian origin. He has many brothers and sisters, one of them a lawyer. One day there is a marriage in his village, he says, and his mother cooks a lamb in milk. “Like in the old testament,” I say. The manager of the restaurant is someone called Benjamin. Another one working there is Avital, whose grandmother, she says, speaks Spanish as coming from some arabic country and being sefardite. And Rabah. Schwartz, who comes from Rumania, works at the bar.People working for the security (guards), are Douna, Shanee and who I call ‘Mini Minoulis’, a tall young man of about 20. Other I baptize with nicknames, as ‘the katzikis’ someone working at the reception. Someone who seems attached to the army, called Rafael, sits down for a while in order to fish some impossible information. He speaks Spanish with Argentinian accent and French. His daughter of about 14 arrives a little later.There are the ones I had called the ‘German’, two women who look German, although they’re not. One of them is Irit Gazit, manager, who will tell me she was born in Israel, her parents being of Hungarian/Polish origins. She divorced, she says, almost after having married and has two children, a boy who has just finished the army, and a girl, a little younger.A little later I get to know Kesdi, the general manager, the only one I will ask some questions to, without too much result. “Rothschild have not been here for many many years,” he says. Accidentally someone linked to the Rothschild family and living in Nice, France, arrives a little later.My main questioning turn though around some person, about my age, or a little older, whose picture I will draw in France a little later ( ) and who seems to be attached to the Hannah story somehow. Another character whose features I knew before and who seems to hold the clue to many things. I meet her that very first night I walk to King David among the snows, and sit down after many thoughts and a coffee for diner. She arrives with what seems to me her husband and stays standing just in front of me, as if I had committed a horrible crime invading her territory. The hotel is completely empty, the announced war in Irak has emptied Jerusalem from visitors. I remember that I slightly looked up, not at all disturbed by such a silent criticism and thought: “You don’t cook the lamb in its mother’s milk.” (?) Which had as immediate effect that the same retired from my visual field and would never again approach that much.She was though somewhere around all the time, for a while. Sitting in the lounge and walking up and down the corridor. After a while she even disappeared from there. A ’sosias’, who I identified later as a secretary in the management’s officer, almost the same and though slightly different (she didn’t hold her back so tight) substituted the first in the walking up and down the corridor.She seemed to behave as ‘owner’, but careful questionings around have as result that I’m informed that the owners of King David and the whole Dan Hotel Chain are some Federman brothers who have taken over a hotel originally built around the 30ies by an Egyptian and later used as general British headquarters, bombed up and left as ruin until taken over by the said. Who is that woman?Kesdi tells me in one conversation that one of both Federman daughters has just divorced, following the steps of the first. And one day Doris Wilheim arrives quite angry about the irruption of who she calls ‘the owner’ (a woman) into the jewelry. It seems to me it is the same. A Federman daughter who has put her headquarters at King David? Further questions result in the statement that only the American Embassador of Jerusalem has a permamanent room at King David.Leya appears. A woman of Japanese origin who seems to be linked to some prostitution mafia and who was another character of my imaginary novel (the Mayflower Sipsei mafia in China). She tells me that she has denounced some affair of false passports and that she is a witness of state, although the one involved is left free a few weeks later. She says to be working for an insurance company insuring immigrated chinese and that “she had said from the beguinning that she’d keep herself only inside of legal frames”. She informs me also of the fact that Sharon’s son has been involved in illegal gambling activity and I finally manage to get some names of the people having brought her to Israel (someone in some political position and someone called Marina). She says her family in Japan was catholic, that she left quite soon the religious obligations and another strange things happens that is not very clearly defined (she ends up in a hospital). Her sister has some marihuana plants at the window and her mother makes some esoterical interpretations of the names of interested people. She’ll come back two or three times. After, she disappears. Sharon’s son though will come for a drink with some bodyguards a little after, as I’m informed by Yusif’s brother: “This is Sharon’s son” he’ll say, very proud of his knowledge.Other strange characters sit sometimes down for conversation for some minutes, or a little longer. In fact, I don’t get any information whatsoever about Hannah, except for some things that do appear strangely or I find following unconscious impulses: a picture she said having made herself I recognize because ‘the sky was orange’, ’skies are not orange’ I had said, ‘I had no other colour’, she answers, and strangely, the very day I managed to get the picture in some shop along the palestinian quarters, a sand storm makes the sky becomes orange, almost as orange as the orange of the picture. I left that picture at King David, as I didn’t know exactly what to do with it. A review from about 1975 (?), I still have, appearing thrown down on a grass layer behind Kind David, seems to be one she had refered to as giving place to a discussion of whether she didn’t know how to make the difference between a lamb and a goat. In French, its contents have some images she knows: the blue Mosquee in Istanboul and other. Having asked her whether she spoke French then, she said “she was only looking at the images.”The only information that seems to me attractive is the one consisting in discovering that someone called Edmond de Rothschild, died in 1934, had had some wine yards in Israel. In fact I didn’t know the wine activity of Rothschild, nor that Mouton Laffite belonged to branches of the family. Rothschild is just a banker family for me, but Hannah had talked about wine and wineyards as somehow linked to her family. Other researches result in the discovery of many ‘little Rothschild’, Kesdi says, in Jerusalem, who though can’t be attached in the way whatsoever neither to castles nor to wineyards.The places I go to seem all to be linked somehow to Hannah’s past. The place where she lost definitely her senses seemed to be somewhere walking down to the Bazar beyond Jaffa and then to the left. It seems also that some people I meet more or less accidentally have known her, were it for instants: a police woman at the Jaffa station of about the same age, some bankers having the offices crossing the Central Post Office, and some other.The identification of her son seems to correspond to the one I had baptized Mini Minoulis or Jairo, apparently at the security at King David.

As I don’t know what to do exactly, I leave in early August 2003. Gathered information is diffuse and seems to point at another country of origin than Israel.


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