Posted by: Sk | February 16, 2009

Chapter 13: Confiscation

Today my cd’s have been confiscated. It’s true that finally I had started asking myself how it was possible they had not been the object of some further restriction before, as they may even become dangerous weapons with cutting edges if broken. But after having been said to leave them all at the entry – in fact, after some deliberations apparently I’m allowed to use them during the day, but have to leave them at the entry along with cigarettes and matches (lighters are not allowed) at night, and may get them back in the morning – I discovered there is some long list on the wall and even if it is written in Hebrew it was not difficult to state that something new had been added with a pen. Apparently the list corresponds to the objects that can’t be allowed inside or whose use is restricted and it seems as if nobody had ever brought cds before and they did not belong to the list. Now they do. In fact Maya has told me in the morning that this is not the actual prison, which is downstairs. It is some more ‘liberal’ context where you may stay under some observation for even a year – she said. If you’re sent downstairs, you can forget coffee and tv, and almost even toothpaste. But those are very wicked one’s, she added as if she presumed she’d never be sent there. Nice trap, I told her, think you’re going to spend your life been graciously fed by the government, confess everything and are sent to isolation cells. She also told me that the guards as well as the people working around, the one of the shop and the one who brings the food are recrutes with some health of problem, well the guards have no physical problem, the others. Made an exchange for social work, apparently. Less expenses. How bright. Not bad, after all. As long as you can avoid the second phase. In fact, Maya is of greatest help. It’s true that I had spent a few thoughts on her when I had first met her, but I have time now to get deeper into things and what, I’ll do some social work to help her getting out of here. In fact, it’s structural. I saw it then and it made me laugh. See the kind who doesn’t have any awareness of law and even less of the value of information. An information is an information, that’s it all. And law is a behaviour and behaviours, there are many, which are all laws. Which means that even illegal behaviour is law for her as it is a behaviour. That’s a thing, I had thought then. May be spreading red code information all over in complete unawareness. Tested. I usually don’t go very far with my tests because I’m very careful with what may be significant information but it is a fact that after 24 hours I knew that she had been trained at the intelligence services and … by who, a little after. At least, I thought, she didn’t give in to some English student’s pretensions who wanted to seduce her arguing that he had been with a different woman each night. Which I would have thought insulting as proposition, point which in the depth, she may have shared. Not that I witnessed such a thing, but I was told by the french spy program, a young man called Benjamin who couldn’t sleep that night. But, yes. What was she doing there, after all. It was some common room in a hostal, I had was in for a few weaks in order to try gathering my ideas and there were lots of people from everywhere for a few days, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa, France, Germany, Switzerland. From everywhere. Except Israel. She was the first one. (I always controlled origins, place of birth, birth date, occupation, social status and familiar status, plus general activity.) “Ah,” I said, “how here.” “Does it bother you?.” “Oh, no. It’s just I haven’t seen any of yours here before.” “I wanted to get out of the common route,” she said, “usually we’re said where we have to go and I wanted to try something different.” Hmm. Why? I asked for her e-mail and said, I’d be nice to have some pictures of her journey. How funny, I started thinking, this person has no determining general ruling concepts in value. To say, true, lie, good, bad. What there is is good because it is there. A danger, I considered. Well, it was none of my concern, anyhow. I was happy when she wrote to say she had arrived back, which, seen the general situation, I did not presume obvious. Then, she disappeared. Now, it may be of my concern, though. This is structural, like my own shit, I must say. It should be enough to develop somehow a general notion in law or moral understanding in order to get rid of some possible cause of national catastrophy. How things are. She doesn’t find contact points outside and develops ‘excursions’, ways out and then, she makes an image of her world she definitely believes in by organizing an international meeting, or before, but where the difference. But she’s very intelligent, which is not rare – how to survive in generally hostile environments if not that way, developping intelligence. She should adore Sask : she hasn’t spatial structures herself. I have a structural problem myself caused by Golden Virginia, the bastard. It’s not enough with what I have and had already, I had to solve a problem without the coordinates of the problem. It seems it made some security barriers jump, kind you consider a particular fact as sign of a general problem you are answering to. To the general problem, which is of no one’s concern, after all. Or perhaps yes, but not, in any case, in a direct, coincidental relationship. That’s no behaviour. But I’ll have to solve that all alone by myself, perhaps by getting into the problem. It’s obvious. These texts are from much before I ever saw what the problem was about – solution before the problem arises, that’s my actual pattern of behaviour. Such fun. Well, at least I know what it is about, now. Needs three weaks of prison, four already, in order to properly name it. What was this story about. I’ll have to go through it again, although, honestly, I don’t like it. In the meantime I’ll see what I do with my social work.

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