Posted by: Sk | February 17, 2009

10 Hannah R. as appearing 2004 in France

Soon after leaving Israel, I left for France, where I staid in Angers for about 6 months. There I had the occasion of studying all the Rothschild branches all over history, as the very fact of having found coinciding elements to Hannah’s stories in Israel, seemed to be hint enough for the fact that it could be possible to establish some kind of relationship with some Rothschild environment. Strangely though I show little interest for the British branch, although she spoke English and no French. Not only some facts seem to show that she was hiding away vital information, as knowledge in other languages, some name and ages refered to some Rothschild linked to Switzerland strike my attention.One of them is Eric Alain (President of the Rothschild Bank Geneva after 2002, more or less). One of the names I had was ‘Eric’, aged in 2003 around 62. Another is Benjamin, of what seems the same age than Hannah, around 45 now. The Rothschild stamp is the same than one Hannah had (though she may have picked it, as usual) as appearing on the main page of the Swiss Rothschild bank. A story told by Hannah makes appear a Benjamin as some kind of pretender with some Elvis Presley romantic songs included in the scenario, in the style of ‘are you lonesome tonight’.The only way to obtain information now is to try establishing whether there are ressembling psychic types, and this only through discriptions as appearing through internet or esthetical arrangements as viewable in architecture, inner decoration or the kind. The type of interest generally attached to this branch seem to be quite similar to those of Hannah.Leaving France, the information as gathered do configure the following possibility: Born in a wealthy to Rothschild linked family, eventually some side step, she quarrels with her family at the age of 18. Leaving through Spain to Athens and then Israel she will stay in Jerusalem for about three years.What appears concerning Israel is that she may have known perhaps even the Federman daughter or related, stays at King David for a time, quarrels again, leaves and stays at the palestinian quarter keeping very slight links to people more or less linked to family acquaintances. Knows a woman whose name I understood as being ‘Yaser’ or something like that, gets pregnant at the same time Yaser gets ill. Latter dies and she is shot down.

After she disappears, her son staying in unknown hands in Jerusalem.


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