Posted by: Sk | February 17, 2009

11 Reverted psychopathia: Israel’s collateral events

If in 2004 the origins of Hannah have started to be cleared up, there are a whole lot of events having taken place in Israel that have made my common patterns of organization of reality jump. These are linked to a whole amount of information which I rationally couldn’t have, and which though were there in excessive amounts. The question of how this happened finished by being much more difficult to solve than the one to know where Hannah came from, although they will finish by showing some kind of link as related subjects.In fact, already in Greece, I manage whole amounts of psychopathetic lines: my quite bizarre conversations with the underworld show connections passing from France to the US, from Israel to Syria, China and Japan. I finally get some kind of subjective proof for these kind of connections through a conversation with Gregory Leurent, who maintains having seen a picture move the day the card psychopath in the US had killed some people. As I know that some psychopathetic structures produce alterations in vision so that they use to see ‘ghosty, shadowy’ appearances, sometimes as skulls, I profit of one visit of the same in order to ‘paste’ his logical structures: as we’re sitting at Alekos cafeteria having a coffee, Takis and Morfo appear. I see Takis as a skull myself, but don’t say nothing. “See, how strange”, Gregory says, “I saw a skull on Takis face.” I thus know that he is moving in psychopathetic lines and that he has some kind of ’slave’ (subordered psychic type) in the US, who is expressing through the transmission of slight psychic impulses acts that are deriving from his psychic type, without himself passing to realization himself.This evidences allow the organization of a certain number of data I have been collecting for years. It seems as if some Chinese had the ability of isolating those ‘frequencies’ and had ‘visions’ of acts committed in psychopathetic lines. Thus appears one ‘Lo’ who seems to be a Chinese imprisoned in the US for having admitted a series of crimes he had never committed, but seen in those structures, structures he doesn’t manage as originally as in friction with a completely different social organization.The differentiation of these lines, as seeming to have some interconnective logics, show a ‘female’ line of someone who I associated in image to the so called Federman daughter, to someone I called ‘Salif’ in Damas, Syria, going over to the Shanghai Mafia in China through someone called ‘Sipsei’, and linked to Japan through a ressembling to ‘Kenzo’ name. The ‘male lines’ show a diffuse of German origin, of someone seeming to be linked to the army of name or code Schwatz, to a German/Chinese individual of Frankfurt called Dankner, over to some heavy psychopath without code in Jerusalem, linked to a military in China of about 30, who I see just behind the Chinese Minister of Fereign Affairs on tv (March 2003?) during some official statement of the same concerning the war of Irak.Male lines seem to be usually submitted to female line through a frequency I use to call ‘zwack’, and who seem to be known and possible to isolate only through some old Jordanian custom. This custom reverts this frequency and the male lines are ‘invited’ and killed by the same female lines that do usually submit them. (Logic of the ‘mice story’ in : Manual of a soldier). Developping this Jordanian psychic device, as I use to call them, separating male and female psychic types in women, allows the isolation of female currents, too. In this case, the ‘male type’ is annihilated by the female: elma to salif logic.The strange thing is the male psychopath without codes in Jerusalem. He’s working at King David and I meet him. He’s very young, about 20. Seems to belong to a homosexual female type. The particularity is that he has no ‘codes’.Usually, if the psychic world is interconnected, information as transmitted on lower channels does not become conscious. Strong psychic currents which usually involve whole amounts of information are deviated, stopped, cut down through logics that do channel them to some people who have very sophisticated logics in very strong psychic types in order to manage them (deviation to the self: suicide, or to probable criminals, murder, or traps in order to provoke confession). These logics are usually female.To my understanding the psychopath in question has integrated a system of reversion inside of his psychic system that has as consequence that the usual blocking of information is not possible anymore (what I finish by calling the ‘broken breaker’). Consequently information starts becoming visible, thinkable, organizable, transmitting even words in different languages, locations, names, and whole situations. As the lines are organized in nets, whole blocks of situations may thus appear to the consciousness of someone who is dealing with those kind of ‘languages’.If the female line is located in Jerusalem, it is not that strange that the male correspondant arrives little after, which would explain why not only main parts of the information as obtained in Greece is centred around King David, but why so many psychic types touching psychopathetic lines do seem to gather themselves around the place for a quite long while.If then happened what was only a fact of intuition, the picture finishes by ressembling much more to a Halloween party than to a five star hotel. Lo says: “I have 200 psychic types to know whether they’re of this side or the other.” I answer: “Can you send them over?” (Meaning the psychic types.) It seems that my dear friend confuses the basis of hypothesis with reality: if I’m not wrong around May/June 2003 200 psychopaths land in Jerusalem with … Lo’s greetings.The one who had caused the reversion in function seems to die around April 2003, it could be though that his psychic system is annihilated in function. In fact, without codes his possibilities of survival were anyhow very reduced. At that moment the superposition of realities, stops: my consciousness is not invaded anymore by suplementary information of unknown origin.This explanation is though nothing but a hypothetical frame: in fact, I don’t manage to translate such a ‘function’ into rational structures, although the fact that he disappears at the same time than the invasion of my territory, is hint enough for the possible link.


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