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12 Army, psychological experiments and invisible men

If there is something I don’t like fundamentally, although I have some strange custom to run unwillingly against my own convictions, then it is to invade military territories. My mother’s concept of a soldier was very serious, almost the most serious of all, so serious that she might even have been at the origin of my aunt’s Maribel marriage with an officer of the Spanish navy, Agustín. It was obvious, although I didn’t meet them very often, that Agustin’s white uniform looked as serious as my mother’s concept even if he was always making jokes, or precisely, and consequently, there was something attached to the whole army which was highly respectable and in any case to be taken seriously.The first time I invaded thus military territory was in France, while going on visit of a university mate in Deauville, whose father was in the army, too. As we had arrived late, we didn’t find a place to sleep and finally discovered a nice boat which looked protected enough so as to cut at least the heavy northern winds. It’s not that we freezed to death anyhow, at about 6 in the morning another boat arrived shouting around that we had invaded a military boat. “Mind, Sir,” I said very seriously, “but it’s not written anywhere.” We were though taken to the police station against all protestation and were told that we would be fined. “As you like,” I said, “I’ll take the whole to court, see whether you can be fined for invading a military boat that has no proper signalisation.” The fine did never arrive.A few years later, while walking down to Jerusalem we arrived after many months to Bulgaria. There, one day, seeing that the road was making an extremely long turn around the mountain in order to arrive to the next village, I decide to cut short through the valley. It’s true that after a while we heard some shots, but it was difficult to know where they came from, so that we walked on. After a another turn, though, we see some tank creeping slowly towards us, which obliges us to stop, for any case. A few meters before us, the tank stops, and almost dramatically the top opens slowly, and three men jump out of it. The one who seems to be the officer starts shouting at us in some unknown language, changes language at least twice and seeing we don’t understand anything, he makes an attempt in Spanish to our greatest surprise. And asks where we come from. And then: “You may have been shot.” Again I say: “There was nothing to warn it was military territory.” Which seems to soften the officer who starts explaining that he has studied Spanish in Argentina. After a while I ask whether we may leave, and are somewhat reluctantly accompanied to the entrance of the camp.It’s not enough. Staying for a while in Israel at the Dead Sea, we have one day the brilliant idea to go for a bath in the Sea, and make our way through somewhat moving sands towards the water. We hadn’t yet managed to touch the water with our toes when again some soldiers arrive running from behind armed with guns and shouting to stand still. It’s true that for an instant I saw myself caught by the evidence: the border’s fence was a few meters aways and I knew from my mother’s lessons that it is usually forbidden to approach the border at a certain prudential distance. This time I lost myself in excuses, pointing though at the fact that, again, it wasn’t signalized properly. Said the officer: “You know a German has been shot down who was found at the fence at night.” “Logically,” I answered bluntly, “as it was night.” Being warned of the fact that it was serious, I saw no other way of escaping the situation but saying if we could then take a bath, to which the officer answered that we’d better leave, which we quickly did.It would happen again, in Ecuador, although this time the trangression seemed to be a deliberate step taken by my environment I trusted regarding the possibility of entering the territory in question.Thus, I started to be really worried, when among the information sent via psychic birds as said before, a not negligeable amount concerning the army was found. Stories belonging to the army, events, data, even the name of an officer called by myself ‘Baruwth’ who seemed to correspond to a general called actually Taluwth, were starting to make me very nervous, as I wouldn’t really care about love stories but even if no soldier to know how to evaluate information, the rest seemed to me quite dangerous. What are they doing the other side of the Mediterranean? I thought. Can’t they keep their mouth shut? In the effort of repressing the information that was none of my concern, I concentrated the whole in a character I finished by calling Sask, and whose original name may have been something like Goldstein (many Jews changed names after 1949 entering Israel). The diformation resulting of this repression will finish by giving birth to an extraordinary amount of more or less hilarious stories, where my anger because of the ‘fleeing’ information was to become some kind of sarcastic consideration on some ways of doing (Manual of a soldier).Sask was thus about 34 years old at that time, married at 17 with someone she didn’t love because she was in love with the army, I always said, and in any case she didn’t know what that word could mean. She had two children, a boy and a girl. She lived somewhere behind Ein Karem in a nice house with a garden and a Rottweiler, she adored even more than the army. She loved martial arts (kung fu and the kind) and helicopters. Consequently she was very strong. On top of that she made a little bit of everything: a computer genius specialized in everything, she had some spezialization in psychology, too, which in her mind, was some kind of inherent to the human computer function. After a long while she separated from her husband, which wasn’t that much surprising after all.This Sask appeared at King David, too. In a nice green uniform, she was accompanied by a soldier or officer, and seemed to visit someone there. That day I disappeared in the sofa I used to sit on while having coffee endlessly, and hoped it wasn’t true. But it was. Which would give birth to a whole amount of further considerations on the why and how of what was happening.Much later, I drew the following hypothesis: I had had the visit in Greece (December 2001) of a French of Jewish origin, who had been closed into a psychiatric hospital because he shew obvious schizoid behaviour (which was an evidence). At that moment he had a somewhat normalized behaviour (medication) and although his sayings were not excessively coherent, he told among other that they were trying to read thoughts in psychiatric hospitals in France through the attachment of some electrodes to the head and to some computer. He said: “I was said that I was thinking of my mother. And I answered, ’so what’.” The hospital was located in the South of France (Nice or Cannes).Not that I gave excessive importance to the fact, as it seemed to me ridiculous to try reading thoughts that way. But, it came to my mind much later that perhaps other more dangerous means were used in order to obtain some purpose, following this thought chain: if you wanted to have ‘tough’ men, for army, police, fire men, and other, there were tendencies that affirmed that those who were ‘feelingless’ became tougher. The only way to make the synthesis of feeling impossible is some kind of brain washing that alters the structures of ordering reality. Which is to say, that it is known that some syntaxical structures correspond to this incapability, and the fact of staying in an environment with those structures, induces synthesis of the same and cuts the mind off the psychic movements. But. These syntaxical structures do usually correspond to psychopathetic lines. First. Second, the fact that synthesis of feeling is not made, does never imply that the psychic movements do not go on generating themeselves, so that the danger of implosion (suicide) or explosion (psychotic crisis) is heavily increased by this practice, and usually ends up with many people taking all sorts of antidepressors ( desolating state of the Canadian army soldiers at the Cyprus border, sent by the UNO, they were not in battle and though needed hundreds and hundreds of pills, as we were informed by a priest working with the monad in question.)That this could be the case in Israel, too, was not excessively surprising, as quite common in contemporary armies. But what if the conditioning of the ordering structures of reality had been slightly changed and provoking in some individuals with specific characteristics a further slide down to psychopathetic lines? In this case, the information currents are accompanied by ‘upper line’ codes, as the lines in question coming from an ordered body that was necessarily leaving some perfectly readable mark through the currents in question. A normal mind does block information of lower channels as non identifiable or associable to ‘unproper’ fields (gossip, sexual information, etc.) But usually, a normal mind does ’submit’ to fields of ‘order’, army, police, administration. Consequently the barriers that block the conscious registration of information are broken. And some kind of diffuse mixture of information coming from everywhere invades the field of consciousness.If this is true, the psychopath without codes enters very low channels in 2001. He seems to be covered by a ‘mask’ of reliability having the logic of the army and is thus almost impossible to catch. I know him through a deviated code, which is ‘Golden Virginia’ (green/yellow), which is not a proper code, but some mark left on an ‘unexistence in identity’. This code is of catalan origin, which is to say, that the original psychpathetic logic was the so called catalan virus. Although I have treated the catalan virus from a legal point of view (somewhere in there is an aspect of the same, which I haven’t delt with, yet. The catalan virus in its affective dimension is some kind of identity usurpation in female/female lines, which interferes in the usually quite strong psychic currents that link ff lines without sexual expression.It is possible to think that the slide is provoked by a confusion of proper male lines with female lines. The female lines as syntaxical structure imposed on some kind of very weak psychic type (benjaminites, for example) does have as consequence that the identity structure of the individual gets lost because male can usually not reproduce these structures and it creates some kind of impossible to be ideal, whose derivating frustration may make the individual take ressources in the lowest psychic realms. (Also very often the cause for some people to take heroin – which very properly takes the name from a female hero).Reason why sometimes it is of utter need to make the difference between male and female syntaxical structures. Strangely the viceversa does not bother women, because they usually live in the cages made by the very limited male logic, so that even the imposition of ‘dead’ syntaxical structures does not excessively change their lifes.Coincidentally, at the same time that this occurs, two films deal with a man made ghost: one is American, I think, ‘the invisible man’ and another is Catalan, where a psychopath does ravage invisibly a whole town.Although it is just a first approach it is very possible that this was the cause of the escape of information and consequently of the somewhat overdrawn stories of ‘Manual of a soldier’, which I finally wrote down in order to try to evaluate the distorsion angle, because even if information is distorted, usually the pieces that are ‘real’ do gather themselves around rational poles, until someone makes a synthesis that may put the life of many in danger. As the information had already left on psychopathetic lines, it was of need to measure the angle of distorsion in order to evaluate the possible damage and consequently to take the necessary measures.As far as I can see now, at least three fundamental logical axes of the army or derived bodies (probably elite information) have been cracked. When a logical axe is broken, everything that is derived of it (security of codes, strategy, hierarchy, etc.) can be broken, too, as it seems that the electronical security is mainly built up on highly sophisticated logical contructions, and all the rest derived from the same logic. Thus, for example, when these logics are broken, it is possible to make talk someone who’d usually not say anything, and to find the most stupid occasion to get important information or documents, as proof the fact that Mr Rafael, who was sitting beside me, stands up at a certain moment and runs away leaving a suitcase just beside me, because there had been an alarm of bomb which was finally nothing but a car crash. I don’t think he had a newspaper in the suitcase, and what if I take it away? Among many other examples that seemed quite terrifying to the memory of my uncle.Why? Female structures in notion (low ff) have the extreme ability of doing something indifferent or distractive while keeping a 100% control. This is why female spies are so famous, Mata Hari, Zarah Leander, Russian spies in James Bond, and many etc. The structures of this ability can be found in for example Herodotus. A man has structures of understanding that are subjected to punctual order: he has to do things in rules. If you try to condition his mind in let us say herodotical structures, he will immediately try looking easy and … forget his duty. In the best case. In the worse, he will compensate his frustration for his incapability by wickedness, which in some cases ends up in very low psychopathetic lines and distruction of identity


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