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13 Doris Wilheim and the Challenger hypothesis: angle of distorsion

Taking into consideration all the precedent observations, which stay on a hypothetical level, as there is no evidence supporting the whole except a subjective conviction deriving of the fact that I saw myself the ‘invisible man’ and quite an expert, I may say, in recognizing those type I may say to myself that the possibilities of error are relatively low, it is possible to ‘translate’ the elements of the so called Challenger hypothesis into a more rational frame, which at the same time allows drawing the general lines of what is a distortion effect deriving from a type a of language (in this case schizoid in psychopathetic lines, as is the one of Manual of a soldier) to another. Challenger hypothesis looks more or less as follows: Doris Wilheim is charged of getting information of a man who lands in mysterious ways in Israel and is kept in a barrack showing injuries of fire and smelling, the soldiers say, like sulphur. She doesn’t get information and the man escapes, dressed in gum without socks, he is seen at Jaffa Gate looking at the changing colour pyramids just in front. He finds some rest at Wilheim’s house, through her son, and then disappears forever.Let us suppose that the man in sulphur is a psychopath. What appears is: the barrack is a 5 star hotel, King David. That he is closed in, means probably that some crime has been committed (location) and someone has alerted (two soldiers: probably 2 women), so that some force is sent in order to investigate the crime (probably the so called second German, under cover of something else). That Wilheim does say, he shouldn’t die, means that the psychic disposition of the ‘investigator’ is of the kind “I’d kill the guy myself”. The fact that Wilheim appears means that Wilheim’s psychic type is in danger of death. Etc. Etc. Etc.Which is to say, that everything is to be read the contrary than what is said.This is a distorsion angle. The distorsion angle is obtained by the linking of facts appearing in two different formal structures through the logic that links at least one of them to the other. (Some kind of Rosette technique.) Consequently it is possible to reconstruct the logical structure of the understanding of a determined psychopath this way.Which is to say, that a psychopath orders reality through these distorsion logics, which vary though from one to the other.What is of interest if dealing with a psychopath, independently of the general structure? The way he masks himself in order to be found. Usually a crime has the mark of the logical structure of the criminal, reason why they’re a priori not dificult to detect. In this case it seems that the criminal has a deviating logic: the crime is committed in a refracted towards ff lines logic.To say: the most probable thing is that the types of refraction correspond to something like a Douna/Shanee diversion. Douna has a logic. Shanee has another one. These logics have a structure of inner relationship. The crime is committed in this structure of interrelationship. Soldier one: I went to buy cheese (Shanee), I went to the toilet (Douna). The door staid opened and the man escaped.In a general frame where the psychic mass does not exist, the logic of interrelationship is not conscious, or even refused as possibility, which is socially accepted (monads in the concept of individuals). The crime committed in this logic becomes invisible because the structure does not correspond to the psychic type of the murder but to a logic which is erased by society. Thus, most probably the marks of the crime have some slight female characteristics.If it were with this relative elements (none empirical) to reconstruct the murder, it would look like: the killing of someone through a fine red silk strap in an elevator. Who was killed? A woman linked probably to prostitution activity.What is the specifity of this crime: it is moving in absolute refracted lines. Usually a psychopath does go somewhere, following some impulses where the environment corresponds to the disposition of crime (parking places, parks, lonely roads, etc.). It’s not the case here. The psychic type does show that x, the invisible man, does take the elevator down, because he has some job somewhere. Arriving at the first floor, someone enters. “You go up?”, she asks. “Yes,” he answers. And kills her by probable means deriving of the very presence of the woman. Why does he kill her? Because she presumes that he is going up, when he has actually arrived to destination. In the pretension he has to submit to her statement, his logic breaks and he kills her.This is sulphur. In Spain, it is said: “está sulfurado.” when someone shows some grave irritation which seems to have no specific origin, taking image from the reaction of the chemical element in water ( I think). It is something like that: the statement of the woman does act as chemical compounder. Also associated in popular mind to the ‘devil’, precisely because of these kind of psychic reactions. In Peru in 1984, walking down a road with a man from Chile, he said: “It smells sulphur. The devil has passed by here.” I turned my head and smiled when at that very moment a little van coming from a lateral road crashed against a motorcycle at the main road.I have some image of what I call the ‘parachuté’ from 2002. A young man from Barcelona arrives at my home (during the soccer world championship in Korea) saying the following: “I got your address because accidentally I run into the MSN of your aunt (in Pakistan, Meyi) who was in communication with a friend in Spain. I asked where I could go in Greece, and she said that I could stay at your place.”  ”Where did you come from?” I ask. “From Thessaloniki?” “No”, he says, “I arrived directly through Sofia”. He says to have the intention to stay for some days, but seeing the type I decide to terrorize him with unbelievable stories and he leaves the day after. In order to detect whether I have been able to submit his psychic type, I give him some picture in order for him to send it to my aunt in Pakistan. A little surprised, my aunt reprts some weeks after that the man in question has sent a picture.It’s the same type in a variable with a jump in ages. Usually this type keeps himself inside of frames of age that are similar to his. Here, he introduces himself into a ff communication line that has 40 years difference. This is how he breaks my lines, because usually it was impossible to arrive to my village as there are three with the same name in northern Greece so that unwanted visitors were deviated to the other two. Arriving very surprisingly through Sofia, he lands immediately in my village. Although it seems that the man in question was not an active psychopath, it becomes obvious that some very low lines are provoking extreme stress in some weaker psychic types, who are like ‘projected’ into nothingness, and this one has the brilliant idea of constructing his weakness in some kind of electronical image, which ’sends’ him to me  as I’m doing that kind of job (reconstruction in image of psychopathetic logics) and gives an extremely clear image of the inherent meaning of accidental, coincidental and almost irrational happenings. (Son of notar and want to be poet.)A ‘parachuté’ is precisely this one: the one who jumps into a completely irrational logic either in order to construct an image that may reveal the functioning of his unconscious (this case, very intelligent) or to commit  a crime.To my understanding it appears clearly as if in 2001 a change in the functioning of the lower logics was pushing some others to irrational acts, psychotic crises, etc. who were not a priori to b said ill (Frank Leurent is hold for schizoid in 2002 after a seeming psychotic crises which seems to be nothing but the effect of one of those altered currents in an attempt of reconstruction in logical terms.) He too, arrives in my village in July 2002. Similar to the Catalan, he builds up an image: after a visit to a mosquee in Lille he runs away and ends up in the ‘Jeanne D’Arc’ street and says to some muslim:” That sins of the past have to be paid.” Here, as very usual in France, you don’t find a proper catalan virus, it is what I called the ‘Saint Louis virus’, where the ‘guilty’ homosexual tendencies are diverted into a chaste ressembling adoration of the mother, probable cause of the death of Jeanne D’Arc, caught up in this logic which produces confused blood mixture structures and some kind of strange hysterical wickedness, of the kind: “You’re guilty of wearing trousers.” As if it were a mortal sin (also the kind: your shirt is dirt, and similar).The obvious trouble observable in lower lines has some origin.Hypothetical frame: Japanese have some kind of technique that allows ordering psychopaths into national heroes: kamikaze. This very peculiar structure is unknown in China, because Japanese logic is a monad logic, while Chinese logic is interrelative, which makes the isolation of psychopaths, this way, impossible. Chinese thus tend to push heavy psychopaths outside of the walls.It is detectable that some Chinese (The one referred to above) belonging to the army, is somehow adapting the Japanese method to Chinese. Chinese psychic currents are very strong (inner balanced – tao). It seems as if these attempts finish by affecting muslim psychopathetic currents. In Lille there was a fundamentalist’s group that was caught a little after. Frank Leurent shows obvious imposition of psychopathetic lines, which seem to refer to strongest Chinese currents (training of eventual kamikaze).These same lines without though the ‘muslim’ characteristic, appear in the ‘invisible’ man. Shanghai mafia is built up on ‘Saint Louis lines’ (Sipsei).What did I do, the day I decided to install myself at King David, having detected the presence of the ‘invisible man’? I was in a hostal. It was Jewish Easter. I had found a paste made of Eucalyptus in a small round red metallic box , which came from Thailand, with which I draw some picture on the wall (black magic technique): love is stronger than death. In my mind, the paste was made with the rests of a dead body.What does the ‘invisible man’ have to do with China? Probable mafia link (heroin through sugar). What has the ‘invisible man’ to do with the army? An infiltered agent?How was he caught? The logic is the following: in a reverted Elma to Salif logic (in Jordanian lines), I’m you and you are me. I take a male psychic and he the female (pass to psychic level: first lines ff). In this pattern, I’m you (female) and you’re me (male) (reversion in ‘Saint Louis logic’). In a reverted Elma to Salif logic, the female wins, consequently the male commits suicide. (Love is stronger than death. You can.)What has all this to do with Hannah?f


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