Posted by: Sk | February 17, 2009

14 Translation of the 2003 solution into electronical coordinates



Although not exactly referred to our subject, it may though be of interest to note the following. Two quite peculiar psychopathetic types seem to cross the psychic space of King David at the same time than all the other events are taking place.

  1. The first will appear as ‘the man of the piano’ in August 2005 (post before). This man, of German origins, he says, declaring himself homosexual, is brought to an English psychiatric hospital around June 2005. Seeming to suffer of some kind of amnesia, he’s hold for a possible music genius as the only thing he does is to play some notes on a piano. After a while he recovers some memory and is left free and it becomes obvious that he doesn’t play the piano at all.
  2. The other is the so called ‘invisible man’

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