Posted by: Sk | February 17, 2009

15 Who killed Hannah? Approach 1

The analysis of the psychic type having been probably at the origin of a double mortal agression on Hannah, shows that the financial structure in which this one would be translated were the one one of someone who maintains the following theory: that the people have to be given high salaries in their jobs in order to invest in electronical games in leisure time (GL virus in refraction).Seeming to be a psychopathetic structure in absolute superposition with a schizoid logic, there is probably no direct link to be established between the killer and the victim, except of this one: it is the only living logic that may have broken Hannah’s extremely strong defenses in 1983/4.In fact, the texts of “La Cumbre de Quito” seem to be a a posteriori built up possible defense of a Hannah logic against the one of the psychopath in question. Who were it?


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