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17 The plot of the invisible man story

It’s true that psychic currents are difficult to explain and in any case do give quite boring stories. This is why I decided to build up a more interesting story, where the logical systems of the different people involved become either computer systems or financial systems, so that the consequences of some ways of thinking becomes more visible and interesting.Not that it could not have happened. Nor possibly true. The problem is that, if it were the case, we have simply no evidence, so that the whole can not be considered but as a plot, a construction on given data. Although I’m quite sure that not only one but a series of murders were committed in Jerusalem around 2002/3, I have simply no evidence for the ‘end of the world plot’ which I made up in order to see things better myself, by translating the psychic data into electronical and financial ones.Thus, as said in the series of pictures before, Golden Virginia builds up a new ‘operating system’ which results of the fusion of two different OPs. This system results in ‘implosion’ (suicide) except if some intelligently attached device (spy program in a corean telephone) does not send pieces of information aleatorily through electronic waves to some points of the world. Through forums, Golden Virginia gets in touch with a certain number of people, he invites to copy his system and thus ‘put an end to the global unjustice of the world’. In 2003, 5 bombs are already built up: one in France, a second in Germany, one in Jerusalem, and 2 I can’t locate (possibly one in China and the other in Damas).

Localization do have nothing to do with empirical data: the psychic systems as studied, giving birth to national types (as said before) allow thinking that probabilities connections to be established in some countries and not in others are higher, or even absolute, sometimes only possible.


Sask: a virtual construction

There were reasons why I went on my search for Sask, as a person possibly attached to a complete virtual construction I had made up in my mercyless battle against Golden Virginia. In fact, I knew already that virtual constructions do affect people having logical coordinates corresponding and unluckily I had to confront myself to the evidence that at least two of my constructions had real counterparts: Natasha and Sask.How did this happen? Following my own path of thought, the explanation looks the following way: I have known very few Israeli all through my existence, but one of them was Shiri, who I studied with for full 4 years. She was not exactly a friend, just some closer acquaintance, as I visited her a few times in her appartment or met for a coffee two or three times. I didn’t have long conversations with her and even less on Israel, so that probably the only information I got on the whole functioning of the country was that some people did their military service in a radio station (as herself). Her father was a doctor attached to the army and she had a Bible he had received from the then Prime Minister for services during one of the endless wars. She had a sister who had written some comments on the dedicated book, thing Shiri didn’t seem to appreciate excessively.One year before the ending of University a friend of hers called Eymel Wardi arrived from Israel to follow some courses in the I don’t know what of ‘Etudes Supérieures’. I saw her once, but will meet her again while arriving to Israel in February 2004 in the Hotel just in front of King David, for coffee. We got lost in some deep psychological contemplations and invited to stay in Jerusalem I said I wanted to get to know the country better and left for the Dead Sea.Strangely, it became slowly possible to establish some common something among people as having been met before and some met during the eternal wanderings around Israel. This ‘common’ was a way of dealing with reality (questionings and answers, values and importances and many etc.) which seemed to attach itself to a quite peculiar language already described in (from a personal point of view/Army, psychological experiments and invisible men) which made me laugh very much and which I said ‘propagandistic’.The clearest example of this language I got while walking down to the Dead Sea. It was a horrible way down, that day. We arrived too late at a kibbutz and saw it closed. Trying to find some place to sleep, we find shelter next to some rocks and are constantly woken up by some military helicopters making exercises around, some cars coming surprisingly out of the desert at strange hours and a rain that was stopping when arriving to earth. Finally we decide to approach the kibbutz and are obliged to give explanations to the guards who don’t speak a word of English. At the end of an almost subliminal conversation, we are invited to spend the night at the guard’s post. It’s a kibbutz where orthodox jews are living, who invite us to breakfast the following morning. After another telepathetic conversation we leave for the Dead Sea around 7 in the morning. A few hours later we arrive to a military camp in the middle of the desert, where an old bus functions as cafeteria. We buy something to eat and mean to rest for a few hours when a car arrives full speed and stops just in front of us. A man we had met at the precedent kibbutz accompanied by another one jump out of the car and start asking questions. Their main message is that our map is not big enough and we’re going to get lost in the desert. They counsel to go back to Jerusalem to buy a better one (scaled 1:200.000, for example). I answer that the desert is not more than 30 km broad and 60 large if wanting to arrive to a more northern point. “The sun goes always up the same place, don’t worry.” I say. Seeing that this doesn’t work, one of both starts telling us a horrible story of people who have fallen down the cliff and ‘we only found the bodies eaten up by the birds’. ‘How exagerated,’ I think to myself in Spanish, and say we’ll make no attempt to walk down the cliffs. In any case I understand the whole as an attempt to stop us from our excursion, I give not in to.Finally we really got lost. And finally my brother almost fell down the cliff. Luckily though the sun goes always up the same place, and after making a turn around a wadi, we found the way down to the Dead Sea.I was struck though by the language, which will appear at least 4 or 5 times after in exactly the same structure. See above: the happening at the border. And once again, we are told while staying at the Dead Sea that we have to leave because ‘wild animals are going to arrive soon’. The peculiarity about this language is not only that it awakes in me some kind of almost ironical answer to whatever it produces, the kind “panthers or lions?”, it is that I’m incapable to evaluate its relationship to reality. Tending to evaluate it as ‘propaganda’ I have though to state that is seems to convey some almost abstract relationship to reality.It seems that I find the structure ‘funny’, ‘worth the while’, ‘interesting’. In a structure of understanding where it is possible to think that most people do simply imitate or copy or reproduce ways of handling with reality and thus language, the language in question appears as centred in Army, at officer’s rank, and although appearing in some variations and even confronted to others, it finishes by being associable in essence only to one, who seems to be a woman. Which explains why it is so expanded: military service for three years for both men and women is a broad field of influence.In any case, I forget. Leaving Israel in April 2004, I will have some unconscious encounters again with the same while coming back to Israel, coming up from Egypt in June 2006.Although I spend my time analizing the inherent meaning of tones and voices, grammatical structures and deriving metaphysical frames in their relationship to reality, I have nothing that specifically attaches importance to that ‘bizarre’ language as encountered first in 2004. Golden Virginia appears in 2001. In my personal note book it happens after the breaking of schizoid lines (1999) in a successfull attempt of breaking the psychopathetic lines (2001).Golden Virginia is more a very worrying intuition than a reality. In a desperate attempt of blocking the flow of information as becoming obvious after 2002, I build up a character, which seems to have elements from some observations of the past, but is not actually associated to a real person. This character wakes up the same reactions than before: some always very ironical comments and overdrawn hypothesis are born from the integration of a quite peculiar logical structure into my usual defenses.Although this structuring provokes some kind of practical annihilation of the possibility of making synthesis of reality, at least the flow of information is stopped. My reality synthesizes only principles of psychic types and does not order information in social evaluation tables. Another character, called Natasha, compensates effectively the extreme inner tension resulting from the precedent structure but has a completely unwanted side effect: words and numbers, people and situations appear to my consciousness in surprising clarity. If Natasha works as compensator, it is because it allows to deviate the flow of information to civil or personal fields of action: surprising perhaps, but not excessively dangerous.While working at the location and isolation of Golden Virginia, the so called Sask character will be of greatest help. Structured in logical coordinates, I build up a virtual ‘Sask’. Not someone whose logic is embedded into a given reality, but the same logic as resulting from its interaction inside of a different metaphysical field. The very fact of its virtuality will allow trapping Golden Virginia. In November 2002, I break the lines GV.In February 2003 I decide to go to Israel to ‘verify’. From virtuality to vituality I don’t know anymore whether I’m making up a novel, or whether it is possibly true. The evidence is appalling: alhough distorted, up to 98% of information as perceived in Greece is corresponding to some kind of reality.Worse. Sask appears around Mai/June 2003. Seen for seconds while crossing the King David Hall, I can’t but consider the possible side effects deriving of my virtual constructions. Natasha appears, too, perhaps a little earlier. Accompanied by a man and a nun, she stays at King David one afternoon until the following morning.In fact, I’m sure much later that whatever happened in 2003 will necessarily affect at least both of them. Why? In my construction Sask is a x in field A. Spectre of influence evaluated at 70%, for example. What happens if x stays x in A but shows slight changes due to the virtual construction? People ordered in this field will necessarily change behaviour as ‘result of the evolution of x in time’ and build up a ‘cloud’ (a virtuality) that opposes itself to the real Sask with its proper field of influence. (What I called: electromagnetical field). As Sask’s logic consists in absorbing the psychic and logical data of ‘an ennemy’ in order to find out the weak point, Sask will do the same with an ‘I’, who is nothing but a refraction of herself in virtual construction. (Changing poles in the electromagnetical field)This was a construction in one self (mine). The problem is that the real person existing, the possibility that the closed into a monad unit, influences the outer reality giving birth to probably some very unbelievable stories is very high. (I guess.)Not only. The ‘distruction’ of GV is in fact, virtual. It looks like an american movie where the present finishes by influencing the past, so that someone who had died in the past in a fire accident, does not die anymore. To say: the logical structures binding reality in people of my age (more or less 40) does not allow the isolation of GV, except by killing him, which I will never do. I structure thus a logic inside of a one  generation jump logic, twenty years later (Frank Leurent, Shanee, Douna, Mini Minoulis). As those people are more used to deal with the virtual reality resulting of the dealing with computers and internet, it is possible to figure out a solution where the psychic masses are ordered in some kind of virtual battle of oneself against oneself which in the logic GV produces an implosion (while trying to imitate the new very powerful structure GV passes from Sask to virtual Sask and as he has no formal patterns, it finishes by building up an implosive system, which ressembles very much to his original structure). The explicite coordinates GV in a logic of my generation do not exist.

The possibility that it ‘escapes’, if it had not already escaped, is very high. Leaving Jerusalem, I take with me the ps coordinates of GV. Who will I meet? Where will I go? Reality is from then on structured through the ’sympathy’ of fields to the GV logic, and this attaches GV to the deepest social undergrounds: organ traffic mafia, terrorristic groupements, paedophilia. These fields show structures that allow the spreading of the GV virus without control, even more so that some entities depending on the state (mainly in France and Germany) make use of some ‘psychopathetic lines’ in order to assure themselves control on those undergrounds. In order to allow the visualization of these horribly complex structures, I figure out the plot with the bombs: the one in France is attached to the GL virus, the one in Germany to the ‘man of the piano’. Another seems to be in China.


Sask: virtual and real in frame 6 wings logic

general structure of diformation angle towards absolute apprehension of reality



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