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18 The Rothschild stamp or seal


The story of the Rothschild stamp or seal is a long story, and even if Sask is horribly curious what the whole could be about, I’m not sure the following exposure will be exhaustive.Hannah arrived in 1999 to Greece but her mental faculties were relatively disturbed, so that even able to maintain very serious things sometimes, it was impossible to take seriously a certain number of statements, most of them concerning empirical facts. That she said she belonged to the Rothschild family through her grandmother was thus something like saying myself I belonged to the House of Alba. She had a stamp she said belonged to the family, which I didn’t know myself and which could have been any.Parts of the reason of my travel to Jerusalem in 2003 were to clear up her story, which was so confused I could hardly get a clue out of it. Knowing a branch Rothschild as bankers in Switzerland, I learn in Jerusalem from the existence of Edmond de Rothschild wine yards near to Carmel, that there are branches having wine, too.I don’t learn anything from my stay there, except that she’d probably lived there several years, knew someone related to the Hotel King David, and lived in the Palestinian quarters of the town. With greatest probability she had a child who stayed back in Israel, when for unknown reasons at an unknown time she leaves Israel without documents (?).While arriving in France the same year, I continue my researches on the Rothschilds. A web site, gives long explanations about the different branches, so that I keep the page in favorites for study along with the one of the Bank in Switzerland, as the president at that moment Eric de Rothschild seems to fit some descriptions (name and age) of a mentioned character. (Uncle? father? relative?) The web page in question attracts my attention because of the picture of another Rothschild, Benjamin, of more or less the same age than Hannah (who’d be now around 44 or 46), and who seems to have been very well known of hers. She says: “I discussed with Benji the chain of production and the production of wealth through value in knowledge, which is to say, quality.” And he answered: “That’s old fashioned.” And other points that seem to fit that person in particular.Strangely, while getting back to the same page one day in order to verify occupations, ages and pictures, I discover the double of the same original page in German, this time in English and with the slight difference that the second shows Hannah’s stamp saying: “The Rothschild family also has a personal stamp.” I keep the second, too, a little bit surprised.Things become quite tense in France as I discover the falsification of data in an official ‘concours’ run by the Technopole University of Angers, our company had been selected for. As pressure grows I use one of my favorite strategies which are to let consciousness fall to levels of instinct while I do exactly what arises from that particular consciousness. I’m working at a mistake of an official French document repeating with two different formula the same thing (misuse of ‘gerundive’ as ‘participle’ in le signant, le signataire, for example) which may invalidate whole tons of documents if ever revealed (’Pouvoir de signature’). I thus figure out a ‘diplomatic’ way of alerting authorities by inventing an imaginary story in which the correction should be included as by the way, let’s say allusively. As my mind works on three or four things at the same time, at the same time worried by the lack of notion of State or nation of recently born States as Greece, Israel, and other, Hannah’s story, etc. I construct a confused mixture in a story that is of my whole invention. Perhaps I was testing the security of the stamp in internet, too, perhaps I needed some kind of hint of a proof of where Hannah came from. In any case I copy it from internet on a Word document, which has as effect that it disappears completely, although it appears on a printed document, I keep.Pressure from the Technopole becomes higher and higher, and in a last reflex I think the stamp may have any official value, and if I could get it on a piece of paper, others may, too. I profit of seconds of relief in order to post a ‘recommandée’ to the Rothschild Bank, without any comment, as time missing. 24 hours later I’m closed in a psychiatric hospital.As I manage to get out of there after 3 months, my whole work stolen and destroyed by Gregory Leurent, the one in whose house I was living, all documents of the company, literary works and pictures, among other, I have still among my belongings the original papers of the company and the Rothschild stamp.Arrived in Spain, I recover from the intensive attempt of washing my brains through chemistry in about 3 months, when I start my investigations again. It seems as if the copying of the stamp on the Word document had had as effect that the Rothschild font lands into the computer along with several encoded documents. People working with computers consider the fact impossible and just say accidentally another font had substituted the original I was using, while I remembered very well the window appeared after having written a whole epical poem for Mini Minulis in Spanish saying “La police Rothschild ne peut plus corriger votre texte” (The Rothschild font can’t correct your text any longer).An e-mail exchange with Bornefeld, the owner of the webpage in question, teaches me of the fact that: “he has never had a page in English, nor has he ever had that stamp in his hands.” I learn further that some one of the environment of Benjamin Rothschild had sent an e-mail saying: “His page was quite informative.” I suspect Benjamin Rothschild of having built the English version of the original page, without proofs, though.Arriving in Ecuador in 2005 after failed attempt to obtain through justice the reparation of the damage made by the French in 2004, as well as economical, moral and regarding the destruction of intellectual property, obtaining in Spain as answer to a possible mistake in diagnosis just that “the French have very good psychiatry and don’t make mistakes”, I continue my investigations concerning Hannah’s origins and possible relationship to the Rothschild’s. In Guayaquil I discover the ‘Philippe de Rothschild’ wines and an investigation on this branch reveals most probable links, of what ever kinds. She talks about some one called Camille, I make fun of calling her ‘Camomille’, and a Philippine, I refer to, as the last of Philippines. The link to the English (She said she didn’t speak French, although she read … French reviews), the fact that it is a second Rothschild branch (through mother), related to wines, not very far from Edmond de Rothschild’s son Benjamin, seem to locate some how her origins.In the meantime I have been accused by a Spanish lawyer working with former Siemens President Francés, I know for a translation, of belonging to the Falange (Spanish extreme right movement under Franco) while I try to get some orientation about the legal steps to take in order to solve the French question and having shown him the stamp. Very surprised I answer that it is the Rothschild stamp, without him showing any kind of signs of recognition (not even for the name.)In Guayaquil I discover that in fact, exactly the same stamp was the one of the Falanges and digging deeper, that it was the actual coat of the Catholic Kings (Official Site of the Spanish army). Consequently, I said, Hannah, your stamp was stolen by the Rothschilds, which may simply indicate that Rothschilds maintained commercial transactions with Spain through the Habsburg branch in Vienna.The stamp is not even yours, Benji, I thought, and quite furious because of the lack of answer of theirs in France, as my ‘madness’ was mainly justified by the ‘invention of electronic facts’ and them the only ones who may state the accuracy of my sayings, I appropriate myself the stamp in the name … of the Crown of Spain, which not claiming, loose right of claim, thus falls on the Spanish people, who don’t claim either, because it is a fascist shame, and thus in my own because … I know where it comes from…The rest of the story I will perhaps tell later as my internet café is closing in a few minutes…

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