Posted by: Sk | February 17, 2009

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Certainly my strategy has failed again, my last desperate strategy which looks more or less the following way:after having stated,1. That two e-mails in my hotmail account had simply disappeared, leaving just the statement of sender (myself, for copy) without contents2. That an e-mail account opened under the name of ‘mayastrip’ or related in Walla server, gave back a fake mail when the word press codes were to be sendand not knowing who relate the facts to (and sure, even if I shouted nobody would listen of angel’s ranks — Rilke)A third event starts making me slightly nervous (and I must say that I really do as if I didn’t take into consideration half of the things that fall under my observation). Working one day on a web page, I discover a forgotten cd in an internet café, which, as usual, I do study with great attention for two reasons:first, it is of my commercial strategy to work with the forgotten, the lost and the left for nothing, as if it were possible to explain still that beauty is nothing but a common effort, a reassembling of pieces and elements considering an undetermined whole, and thus leaning itself in a quite contemporary way on classical Russian and orthodox concept of esthetics, far away from the Goethian exaltation of the particular genius that marks occidentals concept of beauty from the XVIIth century and onsecond,  of course this seems not to explain why someone may spend several hours, some headaches and real stomach turn over watching forgotten porno films and images if one didn’t consider the following: a.) there must be some kind of random ‘esthetics’ in that sort of stuff, something that finishes by attracting human’s attention (or of parts of it), b.) The principle of this may be translatable into more ‘morally correct’ parameters, thus having the same effect and … consequently selling, which is at the end, what we are aiming at.I just took the cd in question for study. Of course, quite cynical underground comments in my mind observed the lack of naturality in the whole, the obvious brutality of the behavior in general and what I would consider the evident lack of esthetics of the whole, if considered through my personal perspective. And thought, if this is what human are mainly interested in, and determining behavior, I’ll really have to make a great effort in order to translate this into more acceptable (for me) esthetics. I’ve always had great lots of confidence in my own capacity of adaptation and wasn’t drown by excessive despair.Something though attracts my attention in ways that do slightly shift away from esthetical criteria. About 500 small cut video pieces, with recurrent images and some main ‘characters’ that do appear in a variable of situations and frames.Worse, a small cut of Sharon Stone’s ‘Basic Instinct’ with herself and other actors. And a picture of what seems to be a fashion or publicity model. Not really excited I go to sleep, with some questions in the back of my mind. I decide to order the whole, to see whether there is some kind of logic behind.I thus spend a few hours, trying to categorize the whole, although I have to admit that it seems rather chaotic. After a while, two or three new elements strike my attention: one of the guys is dressed completely in black, with gloves, mask and the whole. He appears twice as underground star. Another shows obvious psychopathetic behavior (unluckily one of my subjects of study in Greece). And worse, the fish lens in a few of them tends to show it is a hidden camera. What? A prostitution net that has expanded its activities to blackmailing?Seen from this perspective, what is Sharon Stone doing in the same? Some videos are repeated two or three times. It looks as if one of them tended to want to prove that she has been involved in prostitution some time. A sosias? You’ll never know if Sharon Stone has a tattoo on her belly. Another looks horribly very much like a young Bill Gates, although it is obvious it is not him. But what would a larger public believe?A little bit … surprised I write to Maya an e-mail in order to know whether she knows who the devil is responsible for that kind of crimes. My own experience shows that rarely authorities give answer to a request coming from an unknown particular (Diamond affair, Guayaquil and other) and think may be she knows any channel. She says she’s got no idea. On the other hand I guess that if it is blackmail, even police or justice maybe blackmailed and the solution even worse than the problem. I make a comment somewhere else and the answer is again negative.I’m quite fed up. Sure, I think, if I put the Royal Warrant Colours on a site I’ll have 200 policemen running behind me, for something that concerns, you may say, just a financial point in its image aspect. While it becomes impossible to get a proper link in order to further information which involves the most criminal aspects of human activity. I try anyhow. Do you have to become thoroughly criminal yourself in order to get rid of a stupid cd that is bothering your consciousness without wanting to simply forget the fact because you know, yes, you’re absolutely sure, this is exactly what makes the world shift towards directions that make life unbearable? If you claim in justice and the opponent has some links to mafia, you’ll be sure you’ll loose, just because some video is making pressure towards constant breaking of law in the exercise of judgment. Which is to say, even if you behave in justice, you are never sure whether some idiot is not going to use illegal means through justice in order to get rid of you, and if someone does use illegal means to attack you, there is no response. What do we pay taxes for? I finished by asking myself. To protect blackmailing nets? To cover prostitution and enrich mafia?As things are, even the misuse of the Royal Warrant will stay without answer. Why shouldn’t it? It’s certainly not inside of the program of the International Police. As if crime had a program. As if it could still be of importance whether warrants finish by misleading everyone everywhere because ‘everything is anyhow the same’ the French’d say. On top of that, who am I, after all. And if you look at the contents of newspapers and the teaching of Universities, which seem to lead towards the principle as said before, that the world is like that, an organization to cover prostitution and crime, why not put it everywhere, after all. Its lies? It’s lies you say. Here, even more lies. A newspaper will never tell such a story because of the … possible implications. What do we have them for, then? To teach us how we have to present reality considering the states of fact as given, which say: “I don’t want to get involved, I may loose two pennies”.On the other hand, hoping a forgotten ear may hear anything somewhere: it’s Valvona and Crolla who has put the Warrant on their site, which should be forbidden, to my understanding. First warning.Second advice: perhaps the only way to escape to the devil’s circle would be to do at least as if we were more tolerant from time to time, for a while. If you consider the whole amount of drugs that run the street in order to push people to parties and orgies that are not really of their will, how much pressure may be made in order to involve some one some where, resulting in catastrophic financial operations if some one doesn’t give in to it, and many etc. you may think that it is possible to do as if … the one on the picture was some one looking like … yes, really, my husband. On the other hand, it may be an excellent excuse for a relieving divorce. Change the path?To say the truth, one fundamental statement arises back and back again, while considering the whole situation: we have given in to a ‘gossip’ social environment, where we have forgotten to separate the private and the public aspects of our lives. It’s an evidence that if the argument to disregard some one is ‘ he/she has done this or that’, we’re quite badly off when our turn comes to explain some or the other improper behavior. But I’m not going to arrange the world, after all, I’m just pointing at fundamental points that seem to be the roots of human unhappiness.It’s and evidence that the only reliable principle of judgment even for moral questions is law. Prostitution is not forbidden. It’s just a good reason for a divorce. Homosexuality is not forbidden by law. It’s just an excellent reason not to continue visiting some one, if you care about your reputation. Which is to say, that it is impossible law ordering our personal relationships, but it should be punished, that gossip be used in order to disregard some one’s sayings. (Which makes me think of Leya, by the way, a Japanese prostitute – legal activity – who denounces a false passport affair in Israel, because … it’s illegal! May the legal now fall into the hands of the prostitutes while judges give in to the pressure of … videos?)Ah! And if some one has liked the Royal Warrant and knows where a peculiar cd may be sent to, please let me know. 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