Posted by: Sk | February 19, 2009

1 Mistery and Mystery

The day before yesterday, some kind of mysterious happening occurred again, I usually report, just in case it may mean anything for some one. Having found an interesting page through Google (a French one, yes, exactly the one where I found after my Obelix, among other), I decided to look back at it after and noted the http address. A few hours later, I went back to the computer, opened the address in question and … found another site, full of obviously stolen Chinese moving icons; I had had the pleasure of collecting before through the exploitation of pop up sites of obvious Chinese origin. Quite surprised I tried Google again, and find the same address as before, which though, while opening it at the same time than the one that was already opened, produced a complete failure in the computer.  I switch the computer, try it again, and do exactly the same thing once again. This time, the page opened through Google, shows obvious problems to get opened and ‘disappears’ two or three times. In the meantime I collect some of the Chinese icons and try to burn them on a cd, which is linked to a complete failure of the burner. I have to open again the computer and this time, miracle of miracles, the same page with the same http address, gets opened with a different site at the same time than the first!Very happy I amuse myself getting most wonderful and free Disney and Asterix and other little icons, (mais, c’est gratuit!) and have further no problem to burn them on a cd. A wonderful collection, to say the truth.It’s only late at night, after having enjoyed the pleasure of such a gracious acquisition that I thought of the fact that two sites with the same address was no exactly what I would call normal. As I don’t know how it happened, I just state the fact. Must be side effects of the gracious …  


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