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2 Panama Hat and international terrorism


It may be strange to become aware of how difficult it is for people to integrate new tools of communication and transmission of image into more classical pattern defining esthetics, image and slogans.At the beginning I did not even realize. Finally, my concepts were submitted to no school and thus obliged to take into consideration the matter itself, the environment, the effect as such. Although I have never felt any kind of inclination for the world of fashion, publicity or esthetical arrangement in general, as if, yes, my very abstract, austere understanding of reality thought it negligible to have to deal with flashy colorful vanishing impressions, I have always know how to appreciate beauty, were in the presentation of a commercial object, and felt a certain sadness when popularizing currents did lower extremely the level of esthetical criteria, in general and in particular.Very late, when I was about 37, I started thinking about the possibility of transmission of thought through image, as I started to become aware of the fact, that the intellectual level had become so low that it was impossible to pretend to any kind of serious exchange of ideas anymore. I developed a whole world of associations, where an impression, a feeling, was linked to a color, a line, a form, and slowly, whole blocks of thought appeared behind the slight lines of pictures and images, of letters and shadows. Almost unconsciously I found myself quarreling with main currents of thought as transmitted through image and publicity, meaning that my attention started to criticize general social, political and even psychological currents through the lines of image as transmitted by mass media. In fact, my general attitude could be resumed the following way: “mind leaving people try being happy their own way?”As said before, Hannah had given me deep lessons on economy and I had already defined a general pattern of economical organization which fitted extremely well specially third world countries, as I thought the existing patterns were not too fixed in definition and could absorb easier a certain number of fundamental changes. That I was right on that point is proofed by the fact that my very interesting project as defined in France in 2003/4 is not understood at all, although it contained in lines already a bridging structure allowing the integration of marginal populations inside of very rigid structures of economical interaction. In fact, resuming the financial situation in France at that time, it would be contained in the words: “hit wherever you can, you’ll sell image of strength”, which I wouldn’t think as the most appropriate financial environment allowing a personal development.I chose internet because of two reasons: the first was that it dealt with light. Light as concept has always fascinated my mind and I had studied it for other reasons (psychic illness): the impact of secondary languages (light, color, forms) on people who can’t deal with word anymore. My main object of study had though been the logical error inherent to computers (, whose impact on the common reason had fascinated and worried me for many years. To say in little words or two images what the distortion of reality can be while considering a heal logic or an ill computer logic, I may show these two images as they were made yesterday, and which imply the extent in knowledge of the effect of distortion and reveal my almost ill understanding of what I finished by calling the computer language.

These two images are made with Paint, while I’m trying to define a commercial image line for aurum jewelry.) As reference I have a ring, which had pleased my eye and which I exchanged as usual for one or another creation, thinking that a ring is at least nobler than Modigliani’s bottles of absinth.It is visible, that the images take already into consideration a possible distortion effect as I had studied it before. I thus take the first and transfer it to Illustrator. One of the functions should recreate my ring without many interventions and with a touch of magic. It is enough to try out two. The transformation in 3 d and … the shadowing.The first picture appears deformed inside of the structure resulting of an electronic function. It is enough to use the eraser of Photoshop in order to have the exact image of the ring in purest lines of design.There, the result of so many studies. In fact, after having spent many years quite furious about the logical mistake in question, I finished by becoming friends with it and speak its language so well, so as to make prop out rational lines of sheer madness.In fact, nobody has spent time nor money in order to analyze the side effects of this deformation effect on image, social organization etc which finishes by imposing changes as a result of general unawareness. My studies of pages aim exactly at that: I know Guerlain from Paris, from their shops and products, and thus know the ‘effect’ of their esthetics on a customer, which does attract a certain type of clients. Is this effect maintained through internet? Not at all. Desperating hours spent in Google researches show that most of the supposedly high class brands of whatever kind, get lost in internet. The same happens for most official organisms (see the SVR site in Russia, the Ministry of Defense in Israel, etc.), being a slight exception most Ministries in Spain. Strangely, other sites of nothing to do with anything (Chinese music sites) show an extreme attachment to a presentation that is not only adequate to the product, but also attractive to a customer.In fact, internet destroys apparently most of the highly sophisticated commercial strategies that rule high class image management. To forbid the reproduction of name, of picture, of logo, in order to recreate an ambiance of exclusivity and rarity, of the different and the special, hiding each behind his strategy extremely sophisticated techniques in processes of creation (perfumes, dresses, etc) which the common mortal can’t understand but are caught by the eye and the intelligence through an adequate presentation of image.Yves St Laurent strategy in internet (he must be the most maniac of all and controls the slightest appearance of his name even … in internet) does though show extreme weaknesses. His black absolutely secured site is neither different nor exclusive: it is enigmatic and hermetic and doesn’t fit his image at all. Strangely, his site resembles more a Microsoft or Sony site (image of strict and almost ill strategy of patents) than an exclusive, soft, fashion site.Pushed by outer circumstances (I always call it incompatibility of character) to find a living by getting back to my initial project in France, although I had sworn I’d never do it again, I integrate all these observations into my pages, whose character will be marked for ever by the following interaction:”Neima, I don’t have money enough to pay the restaurant, mind if I make a page for you?” As she agrees, a whole series of pages is born like that, keeping a slight reminder of the somewhat chaotic circumstances they are born in.Strangely, the web world fascinates Ecuador. Developing a commercial strategy while things are happening, I discover that from 3 people asked, 1 is a client. Working on pages does though confront you to thousands of little questions that finish by becoming an enormous lot when the day is over. I discover extreme weaknesses in legal organization, unadapted law to international rules, lacking structures of control and am appalled by the fact that even if they were there, nobody would understand them. To my surprise I have to state that people do just try to win an earning without having a glimpse of what means commercial strategy, marketing, reinvestment, fidelization of clients, etc. Pages become slowly some kind of excuse in order to try defining a concept by integrating questions of the kind: what is the legal status? etcI know that a concept that is too radical, has no meaning. Most of the people do not know what ‘rights reserved’ mean. If Mr. Torres takes designs from internet for his shirts, he is not doing anything wrong, to his understanding. The problem is that he can’t define a proper line, something that marks an individuality, a character, and helps thus to create a more general national image which can be representative for international commerce. Consequently, I observe sharp, almost aggressive nationalistic behaviors resulting from the lack of definition of common identity in the purpose of general well being through the backing of representative brands.As I just care about my business, I continue my questioning through my pages without giving too much importance to what the world is doing. Crashes with clients do though oblige me to define my position clearer. First, I refuse to put logos in internet. I develop thus a strategy where the logo becomes a ‘work of art’, representing but not showing. Second, I take distances from clear, pure lines (saying they are proper for paper, but not for light) and introduce movement, shadowy, dizzy lines that seem to me more attractive (hitting lower parts of the unconscious that is obliged to reconstruct the lines and thus is marked heavier by the implicit message).In a certain way, crashes with environing know-how finish by obliging me to situate me even politically and socially. It is as if I heard rumors saying: “what, now the little merchant of the corner has a web page and we don’t and if we have, we’re the same, because we both have a web page”, and as if my somewhat unconscious struggle for survival was causing more turmoil than was actually intended.The whole asks for further positioning when I run into two high leveled businesses: aurum and El Barranco. The first is a jewelry and the second exports Panama hats. The crash is more poisoned than real: ways of seeing run into one another causing a strange fusion. If I want it or not, I’m quite snob. For me, a Panama hat exporter must have an image or publicity department, or works with well dressed even snobber people than myself. Thus for a jewel exporter. The fact that my gipsy proposition is accepted has thus implications for me: I can’t situate the business correctly in my own patterns of social organization. It allows a presentation that is less responsible, less hold in universal considerations, a game, a possibility, a future in development.With greatest happiness I plunge thus into the fascinating world of Mr. Paredes, whose open, voluble nature I take enormous pleasure in retranscribing in image, thinking deep inside of myself how much matter may condition people’s behavior seeing the difference between his expansive character and Mr. Galarza’s almost fluid metallic being.I start worrying a little bit about the whole when Mr. Paredes starts saying the business has been awarded by the Queen of England, but am still unable to situate the whole into an organized social structure. As he tells me he has been very jealous about a logo of someone else, I tell him not to worry, I’ll make a better one for him. When he tells me he had accepted a proposition of musicians to play futuristic music in his cultural space, I think of a publicity integrating futuristic elements into it. The whole took a sharp end on Saturday.


El expositor Siriano Abdulhamid Abdalla inaugura galería en las instalaciones de
la Fábrica de Sombreros Rafael Paredes e Hijos Cia. Ltda. – 79k –
En caché – Páginas similares

Controlling as usual appearance in Google, I fall on the precedent and see the earth open in front of my feet. Who has done this? I ask. The confrontation with a dark reality that I had to try to keep away from my Panama hat concepts recreating a realm where sorrows don’t exist for a while, wake up all the reminders of social organization I had kept somewhere in the back of my head, and say: “This destroys a business.”Perhaps we evaluate reality taking into consideration thousands and thousands of little elements that fall under our attention and we reorder almost unwillingly. For me, the very fact that a Syrian is exposed in a space that limits a commerce, wakes up the clouds of the Twin Towers, America’s fright and panicked refusal of dialogue, which is to say, the possibility that the name Paredes be associated to a pro Arabic movement, which is in America ‘a possible terrorist’ and consequently produce a definite damage on the international image.On top of that, there is a mistake: Spanish ‘Syrian’ is ’sirio’ and not ’siriano’, and the possibility that a product which reaches as high as the Queen of England, people who on the other hand do give extreme importance to such negligible things as orthographic mistakes, be in an environment where even the most elemental rules of grammar and tongue are not respected anymore, finishes by shocking me deeply.I discover that Mr. Paredes has nothing to do with the whole, but a second hand commercial strategy wanted to please him by announcing something graciously without his explicit permission. “Slash them,” I say, in my fury, hoping that his Ecuadorian politeness would transform my anger into a more proper social expression.After, I had to reconsider everything. Behaving like a hooligan, I think, I have the mentality of an extreme conservativism. While I leave Mr. Paredes solve his problem by himself as it is none of my business in the depth (although I may claim that the strategy inherent to my page causing a possible friction with other’s strategy may have negative effects on my work, as someone reading my page may want to know more about Paredes, fall on the above mentioned, and associate my work to all sorts of absurd, stupid, irresponsibly attitudes which I do prefer avoiding).And go to define myself either as a hooligan either as a conservative, or somewhere both, but how?In fact, the definition of myself is underlying the image I’m selling and consequently may affect a business as such. It’s not that I have to situate myself socially or politically, I need an immediate marketing analysis that defines the share of people who may be positively (to their benefit) associated to my apparently extravagant esthetics.I build thus the Inés de la Fressange hypothesis in a desperate and ultimate attempt of definition of myself.What does this mean? It is the product of a coincidence. It was Sunday and deep questions and interrogatives were roaming in my unconscious. I go to my labeled internet café with 7 or 8 tasks in my mind, among which, how to repair the possible damage caused by the other hooligan. I open all my pages to revise visits and contents and discover that one of them has been linked through the msn image searcher, exactly to Inés de la Fressange. Lately it has already happened two or three times, and I always take the time to see what I’m surrounded of (the last time someone fell on a rabbit of mine through a research of ‘lapin gif’, so that I appeared surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of little rabbits). I remember that I had picked a Fressange picture from a Spanish site (search in under Inés de la Fressange), stolen, I thought at that moment, that woman is very grip what social image is concerned. Quite surprised, I discover a whole lot of them, along with the logo. Psst, I think, Fressange is loosing control. (It is, by the way, a good memory. She was friends with Betty Catroux, who was the mother of a university mate, and whose presence I adored at that time. Not that I knew Fressange personally, but the ‘allure’ that was transmitted by those who knew her had something fascinating and almost irreal, to the point that I’d prefer not to know her in order not to bother the magnificent conceptual construction that emanated from the pronunciation of her name, so that, having being tempted to visit the shop she had somewhere in Paris, I finally decided to leave my concept in its absolutely immaterial reality and not to confront it to any reality whatsoever.)I carried the Fressange pronunciation all along my difficult paths through existence, attaching to it always the possibility of beauty even in concept, so that the very presence of the name or reference made me very happy, to the point of building up the ‘Inés de la Fressange character’, a ‘burle’ (French for ‘burla’ or fun made on something) on French fashion, see the type: only French seeing very snob out of the world who accepts my proposition of making of fashion a t-shirt with a badly translated slogan as if not aware of the gravest socio political implications resulting from it, who constantly appears in the before mentioned site.She, my character or my concept, appeared thus that difficult day through a link in one of my pages and my distracted mind started of course picking images as if trying to find a solution for an extremely complicated problem. As I usually work like that, leaving a certain non chalance make movements that keep the non chalance independently of other considerations, I make fun in my mind with the malish representation of hers appearing on one of the pictures. Buuf, I say, that’s Betty Catroux in our contemporary world. Mind, I think, that’s no man.In fact, I always get very nervous with the confusion of genders and precisely with characterizations that are not adequate. If an Ecuadorian sees that picture, I go on thinking, he’ll think ‘he’s homosexual’. Obvious. Well, let’s make a real man out of that, I say.  My real man would look homosexual for a French though, and I start laughing. Well, that makes good publicity, in any case. Say: I don’t care about your private life.Very happy I see the glimpse of a solution for the Panama Hats. “Look, some bastards are wanting to destroy my international image through the absurd divulgation of news tending to link me to suspicious groupments.”At the same time, it finishes by defining my strategy. Look, Madame de la Fressange, you’re really really very beautiful, but … I’d never take a picture of yours for publicity. On the other hand I have to admit that the defined lines of esthetics do fit the high class standards of my own evaluation table and I do absolutely need NOW to associate Mr. Paredes to something of reputation, name, wealth, vanishing glory, etc. and I don’t have the time to ask the Queen of England whether she’d agree with my strategy, thus, please consider the extraordinary publicity I will make of your ambiguous lines among wealthy third world countries populations, submit to the law allowing the free transformation of an object in order to produce a work of art and … make a scandal to deviate attention.Thank you. Do you want a Panama hat? You may buy a series, they’re very beautiful.To consider. That internet is to be taken into consideration as a different tool obliging to revision even of commercial strategies. Wanna page, Fressange?


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