Posted by: Sk | February 19, 2009

5 My gipsy business

Drawing conclusions out of yesterday’s expansive mood, which I couldn’t do at that moment as I was horribly tired and I had an appointment, it is possible to state:that I was very proud of my Sunday’s creations (first of all), which has perhaps nothing to do, and though … is it not true that the satisfaction of your work reflects itself in the image as sold, and consequently has extraordinary positive effects on the business related?This is one of my secrets, and don’t think it is that easy to be proud of oneself so often … Conveyed: I don’t need of the public’s appreciation, I know what I’m worth by myself, sells much more than an aggressive ‘I’m the best tactics’ in a world where referential parameters of value are getting lost.But, what is value, Mme de La Fressange? (Luckily, my immaterial concept does never answer to direct questions.) When I was in Madrid in 2004/5, trying to understand how the world did function and completely lost after so many years in Asterix and Obelix village in Greece, I was looking for a job, without knowing how to orientate myself in the world. I wanted to do something I liked, and first, I had to study the environment. What I liked. I passed from one thing to the other, asked Anne Hélène for a CV in order to get a proper referential model (she has always been quite helpful, or I know her weak points: la vanité nous perd! She had just finished a two years Insead course and wouldn’t be able to avoid boasting … psst.) I get attracted by the way people are hired at different levels and not knowing what to do I fill in all sorts of forms and answer to thousands of questions. One seems quite interesting: a luxury product company asks as main question ‘what is luxury? And how is the market national and international?’ Very interested, I answer: “I’ll get the answer.”My father is friends with former director of the British Institute of Madrid, now retired and though knight to the queen (and very proud of himself, too, but in an English way: can’t boast.) He invites us to a meeting to some occasion, and I meet his friend Cesar, a Brazilian who is working for jewelry design. The same day I have an interesting conversation with someone who has published an article on the history of the jewels of the Spanish royal family.As Cesar seems quite sympathetic, we decide to meet one other day and fix a date for lunch with the corresponding accompanying escort. During the trip to the restaurant, Cesar tells me everything about the jewelry world and design quarrels, luxury, wealth and value. Very happy with myself, I state that I’m able to keep my word, and even I don’t answer adequately to the luxury company in question I rather feel that I’m on the good way, while I decide that an Anne Hélène type, who is searching for a job abroad but speaks unluckily no Spanish, would rather fit the post better than myself.This logic is perhaps the principle of all my commercial strategy. Expert in what I called the gipsy communication in Greece, able to make information travel the most incongruous ways to the most forgotten points of the earth, I think it an extraordinary challenge to integrate this system into the extremely boring communication strategies of our fixed contemporary world. I spend many days of deep studies until my magnificent result is obtained. As it has worked once, it means that it is possible, and very happy with my quick and obvious results, I just have to laugh with the fact that it happened in a surrounding of high luxury: mind the gypsies, Loewe? (By the way one of my most admired luxury businesses in Spain, which is unluckily almost not known abroad, even, yes, even if they offered first class shoes to all the invited to the Prince’s marriage staying at the Palace Hotel. They make presents also, ma chère, without second thought …)It was a side effect of our trip walking to Jerusalem. “I adore that,” I said to Oriol one day, “not to know who you are going to see tomorrow, how you’re going to solve the day, whether you’ll have something to eat or not. I’d rather go on living like that for the rest of my life.” I integrated all the elements of such a way of life into a more ordered structure and though, I couldn’t translate it into functionalism.Luckily I had picked from Xristos Kakarantzas all functioning, wicked or not, of actual economy, even if rather limited to a determined field.Thus, having to give away a certain number of things in order to start my magnificent idea of the ‘gipsy webmaster’, as I finished by calling it, the walking into anywhere accidental encounter: “you wanna web page?”, constructing the whole image by relating it to a come and go to different internet cafés, where the people synthesize feeling and images, and where presences do never allow you to go far too far in abstract construction. On top of that it allows exactly that: the thing I can’t do without is adventure and fairy tale. If Asterix, Robin Hood, Jeanne d’Arc and Michail Strogoff start missing my field of fantasy, I become horribly sad. A web page is thus the reconstruction of a possible magnificent story linked to the place, a story I take greatest pleasure in contaminating my neighbors with, who, not being in touch with words, but only with my concentration absorbed deeply in illusions and possibilities, make the exact translation into Ecuadorian, without me saying absolutely anything. Electronic shocks producing magnificent side effects, stars lost in tears landing somewhere for a rest, commercial spy work and international terrorists, get thus their particular aura in the spatial representation of somewhere in some kind of construction.Of course, deepest metaphysical questions underlie the whole, but they are irrelevant for the image. I’ve always hated the pretentious heaviness of those who … want to say without saying anything and have thus to insist on heavy remarks in order to impose their message. My esthetical lines do simply consider widest ranges of understanding including many types of psychic illness, so that the only a little bit sophisticated arrangement of the image is the double esthetics (consciousness perceives brightness, proximity, forms in different ways, so that you should be obliged to respect the widest range of awareness possible, in order not to make aggressive for some what is relaxing for others).The principles of social, political and economical organization are the following:1. Identity is the vector of organization, were it in image or in economy2. What is in common prevails on the difference, although the difference should be made clear3. Quality is the result of experience, sometime of centuries and has to be protected from aggressive little boasters arriving from nowhere strategies4. There are thousands of different tastes, beauties, orders5. Everyone has a particular identity that is worth the while being said, explained and understood, except for the one of those who just tries copying me6. In general, I submit to the other’s concept, because the adequation of image to his own identity is the root of his success, and his benefit can only have as a result my own7. Sometimes I push things a little further8. The mystery of the whole should only be understood as ‘absolute erotic tension without realization’ in image (don’t think it is that difficult to fall in love with a Panama Hat, if you ever understand that it is nothing but the result of a logic, and a logic the thing you should fall in love to in a  human, to my understanding, and as no one understands it that way, it’s always better to fall in love with a Panama Hat.)Now, more or less it is perhaps that, of course I can’t say everything. Don’t copy, Madame de la Fressange, it is forbidden by law to let yourself be mislead bluntly by an intentional and wicked letting out of parts of laws and it is NO excuse to do the same…)I’ll have to make some comments on my publicity campaign. No. Well, yes. You take your picture Frau Inès, and keep a souvenir. But damn if you build yourself a new brand image without the corresponding legal backing. There are things you simply can’t do without!


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