Posted by: Sk | February 19, 2009

6 Perfumes and universal disasters

May Inés de la Fressange not agree with my extraordinary strategy, although she should, after all, there are really very little people who may profit of such huge and large gracious publicity (at the end she will think there’s certainly some kind of intentionality behind the whole, and as she is French, obviously a bad one, she will suspect.)In fact, it is true that I wouldn’t mind inquiring a little deeper into the personal world of such exquisite lines, but as I think it rather difficult, I will have to restrain my interest to my personal observations which are rather more defining an identity inside of a general marketing, image and publicity strategy.Internet changes many things, as observed formerly. And opens almost the possibility to open tests and inquiries in order to determine tastes as well as the fine possibility of exploitation of young designers and slogan makers who may develop their talents through the attempts (almost always failed) to reproduce high esthetical lines, corresponding to high line products. Of course the company in question, pretending the misuse of their brand name or one and the other picture would appropriate themselves the whole work as compensation with further rights of use, and thus avoiding paying thousands and thousands to boring publicity departments and companies. And these, horrified by the perspective of loosing jobs and social situation would of course jump first into the battle fields and fish the hooligans for themselves.Further it would allow to develop two strategies: one, consisting in pretending some usurpator is developing an anarchic and chaotic publicity strategy through esthetical lines more appropriate to other countries if this not possible from the country of origin and on the other hand, it would allow the distant following of one or the other subject of interest in order to determine exactly the ways he/she can be consequently exploited and integrated into foreign spheres of understanding in order to avoid many Gallianos do finally destroy national brand images condemning countries whole to poverty and shame.In fact all these are nothing but humorous consideration which do hide away the fact that suddenly appeared to my mind yesterday night while studying with detail the whole implications of the happenings and working at the visit card of the President of the Panama Hat Lovers Club, Juan Fernando Paredes Roldán, which happily appears now in Google in spite of the international pressures tending to avoid him enjoying his new glamorous title.Two worlds have crashed one with another, I thought, appalled by such a terrible evidence and without seeing any way out of the obvious confusion probably caused … by myself.The legal point which reached to an almost hysterical tension through the happenings was the misuse for publicity purposes of extremely expensive and protected pictures. It is true that it is nor forbidden me sitting down in the Prado and copying a Goya, even if I’m really copying and not even try to innovate or use it as source of inspiration. I’m allowed doing that even if I’m a very bad painter and even if my marvelous creation ends up in the Rastro. I can even sell it. And for a very high price if I convince anyone that my replica is much better than the original. What is forbidden by law is to pretend it is an original Goya, with falsification of signature or matter tending to reproduce original materials.The problem is that fashion is not art and rules quite different. As far as I’m informed, but luckily I’m not informed about everything and my source not exact, it is even forbidden to have in one’s possession a copy of one of those horrible pictures I wouldn’t buy in the Rastro, but which define values in upper classes circles. Reproduction of course is forbidden and the misuse for oneself may deserve almost three years prison. Logical. A model like Inés de la Fressange, as she was still young and innocent, may take thousands of dollars for a session, and consequently, putting the whole barabara of photographers, studio and the next payments into a bill, may make of a single publicity campaign an investments of many many thousands. On top of that, most of the most exclusive brands do have exclusive models, who are forbidden in exchange of many other thousands to make publicity for anyone else but them in order to warrant the definition of lines of image. Logically, they don’t like it very much if someone destroys the whole environment by the proliferation of pictures and images in second class businesses as not only it may imply that x has the acquisitive power to pay 10.000 usd for a publicity, but may have a very negative impact on their own original product.By the way, you don’t need pictures in order to destroy someone’s image. Yesterday, by trying to put an order into my ideas as the whole was worsened by the observation that some of the designs given to me by one Cesar for a web site called (fashion) seemed to correspond to haute couture which I identify as Chanel I try to get an idea of her designs through a research in internet as my memories may be slightly confused (yes, Madame de la Fressange, my grand mother was designer for Madrid’s upper classes and … adored Chanel, although I don’t think she ever copied a design), and not finding anything I read a whole article on her in Spanish in wikipedia which I kindly request from anyone who may want to laugh for a while to read to see how easy it is to just use words in order to destroy … Karl Lagerfeld, for lack of attention.It is true that I had asked the guy whether the design were his and he had said yes, and that the whole was so well embedded in a ‘La Redoute’ publicity configuration that I simply thought they were very beautiful and waited for a while in order to get the second payment and continue my work. The guy though disappeared, leaving a series of very beautiful Panama Hats in Paseo el Barranco without payment either.How strange. I always get involved into the most bizarre stories by simply trying to make my way through material existence.Let’s think back: the man said he had studied business management in Paris and that he had a shop in the XVIII. XVIII? If I remember well, that’s Barbés Rochechouart and other very black surroundings. What the hell is Chanel reminding fashion as a design from an Ecuadorian business manager doing in Barbés? Worse, he’s selling Ecuadorian Merino. Now, shout, I say, if you say anywhere you’ve merino in your shop coming from Ecuador you’ll be hanged for telling lies, as everybody but really everybody knows that merino comes from Australia. I know that there are merino sheep in Ecuador as I have seen them myself. And it is the sheep that are called merino (I’m an expert in sheep, won’t mind, Madame de la Fressange) and strangely as usual, one morning I was smoking my cigarette with my coffee in the balcony when a car stopped just in front with a … merino sheep! Very surprised I asked the director of the school I was working at before whether there were merino sheep in Ecuador, and she says, yes. Tiens donc, I say, they are full of surprises, these Ecuadorians. But how did merino sheep arrive to Ecuador, I ask myself, very surprised, and remember a book I had read in Pakistan (my cousin’s) telling a very sad story on sheep whose wool is taken in November in order to get the best quality and freeze themselves all along the winter. And if the merino sheep are originally from Ecuador and arrive through a mysterious accident to Australia as it is not impossible to think that best quality which doesn’t freeze sheep to death may be obtained in November in the altiplanos just before the rain season starts? Hmm.Well, Frau de la Fressange, you can get here a merino jacket for 12 usd although the wool is thick. You can also buy high design in jewelry at the price of the weight of silver 9.75 and further ask for your personally designed Panama hat. The world is upside down in this country and this explains many things. Have you ever heard of marmored cups and jugs you may buy for 6 usd? Well, just have a look at and you’ll get the surprise of your life. An eldorado story is strangely linked to pottery and although you can’t see the very beautifully hand painted designs it gives it the same colorful environment.It’s very difficult to evaluate things and of course I don’t want to think I’ve run again into a commercial spy story. No, I say, that’s more than enough, were the world so bad, I simply don’t want to think it being like that. If you have any kind of problem with your designs, Cesar, I don’t care a shit, you’re the only legal responsible as I informed you while reading your rights and obligations opening the page.As the guy disappears for weeks, I started though to get worried and think perhaps some deriving Garfield mafia man has cut his throat some where in the peaceful Ecuadorian landscapes. Working always with the worse hypothesis or possibility I try out a provocation: I put many Obelixes and Asterixes into my page along with Tintins and Snoopies, hoping it will catch someone’s attention and know what there’s behind if he/she recognizes the lines of design. No one answered to my configuration, not even Cesar, so that I have now about a dozen of very fine designs in my cds, while Mr Paredes has still his 6 or 7 hats in his shop. Which are for sale and which I recommend to some one who may have a shop in the cinquiéme or the septiéme at a reasonable price.Bathing in such waters is very tiring and at the end, not knowing anymore whether Mr Paredes is president, general manager and of which of the multiple sections he has built up in his compilation of financial structures inside of one sole building, I think: but what do I care about the rest of the world, at the end, may I care about myself for a while, or may I really say anyone has cared ever about me anywhere? Again, Madame Monique Lassegue’s last words when I last saw her in 2004, saying: “Vous devez pensez á vous.” (You have to think about yourself) come back to my mind, along with my silent answer meaning, were it that easy.Very egoistically I decide to profit of the whole situation. I’m not very sure whether my strategy will work, as I’m not used to them. Thus, I name myself international manager of a Club’s Customer’s service and obtain the agreement for it through many black magic and Macedonian wisdoms. I make myself a card which looks impressive enough to be allowed to do as if and make the president so jealous that he obliges me to make one for himself, to which I kindly agree. Thus, here my egoistical card, which I was very proud of, of course, may it last as long as it wants.


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