Posted by: Sk | February 19, 2009

7 Secrets and secret holders

Of course you may say all this has nothing to do with economy, and to post all this under such a categorization, almost abusive. What may Apocalypsis and languages, deepest psychology and terroristic attacks possible have to do with such a boring subject as economy?

You have to know a lot of things if you want to enter the business world.

Well, she’s my pupil. Don’t forget never to forget your personal happyness while looking as if you were just running after cents and dolars.

There will be a day, where most precise ideas will jump out of such a bizarre course on economy, but this is still to come. “Go to China”, I said to Hannah, “to put some order into chinese economy, and stop bothering me all day with unbelievable stories.” (At least, like that, she’d have so much to do while trying to put some notions behind given realities and compare them to her own, that she’d really never have the time to trouble my peaceful existence anymore – ah! and don’t forget to learn chinese characters, the older they’re, the better. Now, that’s peace for at least 5 years.)

In the meantime, my most interesting spy novel was to be given some kind of guide line, and there is nothing better than economy in order to allow all sorts of random observations that may go as far as the last star of the universe. Why? The more you know, the less you are in danger of loosing you’re money in fail investments.

In fact, it’s an evidence that contemporary economy and thus business is horribly boring if not definitely stressing, so that, were it in order to keep yourself alive inside of some given economical body, you have to find the means to find something somewhere that may be interesting enough so as not to die of boredom.

It’s difficult to deduce oldest commercial structures out of dying out people and nations, but it may be worth the while trying.

I don’t like spywork. It’s not that I criticize people who spend days and nights developping engines that allow to have some kind of insight in other people’s life and knowledge, doings and makings, although it’s true that one of my greatest funs (I had a lot) consisted in the artificial construction of seeming to be proofs that arose from the distortion in perspective of information obtained by oblique means. But, Sask, I used to say, what you’re doing is illegal, and this puts you into a position that does not allow the proper evaluation of data. (She never listened to me, and that is sometimes of advantage: not that I hadn’t warned, I finally said.)

Why this? To my understanding, a human has a private space that is absolutely to be respected because it is just the furnace inside of which he’s making his bread: he’s working out impressions, reacting immediately to events and happenings, and needs a certain time in order to develop some socially accepted strategy that may lead his steps without his ending necessarily in prison. Consequently, the fact of saying ‘I’ll kill him’ at home, does not necessarily mean ‘I’ll kill anybody’, but just the awareness that ‘I’m in the disposition of killing someone’, which means, that my patience has been driven to limits, and that I have to channel this evidence in a proper way. Sometimes, you don’t even need to channel anything, the very fact of shouting around and putting all sorts of ugly epithetes behind someone’s name, is enough to get rid of anger and thus to avoid to jump on someone’s neck the day after. Never trust quiet waters, my mother used to say, and ‘barking dog does not bite’.

This becomes even worse if you’re dealing with someone like myself, whose greatest pleasure consists in seizing identities in psychic characters, whose exact coordinates are easily obtained by just sitting down and imagining yourself being the ‘a’ in question, so that you can almost be sure the ’speech’ resulting of such a confrontation, will necessarily contain the essential elements allowing to control a determined ‘line’ of psychopaths or other.

Consequently, I took always an extraordinary satisfaction out of the thought of misusing Sask’s extremely developed technology in order to drive her to a point of dispair that’d be conclusive enough so as to make her admit the following evidence: you’re the other side of legal borders, dear.

Logically, I’ve never made use of such sophisticated means in order to get information, being sure of the fact that only what is justifiable ethically may allow to obtain real data that may have real importance that may be understood from the right angle. The problem is in exactly knowing what is ethically justifiable and how far you can go in yours making fun on … Ines de la Fressange, for example.

Poor Ines de la Fressange, by the way, chosen as possible victim in order to prove to Sask that I, yes, I, all alone by myself, may get out of common researches in internet and some language analysis much more than she may have ever got through her technology.

What do you want information for, Sask? Because that’s the other point. To definitely prove someone’s a criminal or completely mad? You don’t have the means to sit down in front of the concerned and put three question whose answer may give a decisive hint on the disposition of the wanna be criminal or psychopath? Psst. What a lack of depth and honesty.

I just wanted to build up some kind of proof. May thus even Ines de la Fressange excuse for my fishing around of nudes, but they may be of much more importance than she may ever think of. Bet it’s not even a picture, but a schizzo on picture handmade about 25 years ago, by a want to be painter living in the regions of the south of France (Le Puy en Velay), whose exact location I may even find back, accompanying the lady to ski holidays in Alpes around those days. Bet, nothing happened at the end, against all expectations or almost nothing as the guy finished by confessing himself homosexual. Too curious, Madame Ines de la Fressange, far too curious …

Why of interest? That’s what you want information for. Ines de la Fressange is the idol of a psychopathetic type, the MC, and all information concerning her, may give definite light on the way of working of MC. The exact location of the identity of MC will block all lines of transmission and this, avoid further crimes made on these lines. This is what you need information for.

To say, that information should have a purpose, a finality in action, and this is certainly not the case if you, yes, you, gather information in order to finally say: The individual corresponds to the psychopathetic type ‘b’ – and now? What allows the association of the individual to the psychopathetic type in question is not information, but an analysis of structures in language and understanding, through which information gets some kind of interest, if the finality adequate.

well, here, there was a problem in internet so that the rest of the story got lost – that was about how I got the cheese secret all alone by myself and how it was to be sold to Sask for a handful diamonds. It’s an evidence that the story needed to be worked out and will need some time in order to get its definite turn. Where it was explained also how the diamond market had been affected by the MC virus and thus, how Ines de la Fressange became irreversible important in the restablishment of situations.

Mind, Madame Ines de la Fressange, but MC finished by becoming friends with your hooligan, if I’m not absolutely wrong.


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