Posted by: Sk | February 19, 2009

9 Natasha’s problem

What Yurevna never learned about Natasha’s quite peculiar idiosincrasy, – and although always quite puzzled about her complete indifference concerning opposite and even (she arrived to ask herself the question) similar genders, she would have never dared asking a question on the subject, as if, it was almost an evidence, it may have ment Natasha would have never ever come back to visit her, – was that her father, in his attempt of transmitting some wisdom to the child trying to assume roles that were not his, as the mother had died a long long time before, had put warning shields all over by saying : “You better be careful while falling in love. It may be a brother of yours of the many I’ve left carelessly around.” Which was of course not true, but Natasha did always believe whatever her father said, so that, horribly interested by the problem of knowing how she may recognize a brother of hers without asking too many questions, she had managed to stay all alone by herself for the hundreds and hundred of years to come.

In fact, this was the slight bridging characteristic to a priori radically different Sask, who was told by both her parents, as she tended to horribly misbehave while she was a child, that ’she must certainly have a sister somewhere’, meaning that it was of evidence that such a child could not be their’s and the real one somewhere else, which though was understood by Sask as a pragmatical reality, so that she asked one day: “And where is she?” Strangely, the fact that they bursted out laughing did not put any shadows of doubt on such a truth, so that she used to ask herself even many years later where thus her sister may be inside of the vast universe.

These observations define a type called fourth to fifth refracted.


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