Posted by: Sk | February 21, 2009

1 I can’t help it

I had sworn this site would be very serious but I keep breaking my promisses constantly … What to do with all my bad jokes propping out of my mind once in a while and with Ms Wingsurf, Mr Dashtag, Ms Skeery, Sask and Baruwth who have now obtained even a charicature (I’m waiting for the scanner in order to post them)? Thus I will keep this small department where I will chaotically gather all my inspirations related, starting by this one:

“You are only allowed to be reticent once in English speaking countries. The plural of ‘reticence’ does not exist …”

On orthography

 “You should never talk about orthography but about heterography” (There is homography, too, you may say.)

On walla 

Someone made the following research in Google:“what happened to walla e-mail?”And did certainly not get the following answer:it learned hebrew and … updated itself in flash!

Bad joke on Frisoni’s inner decoration 

In Frisoni’s shop, he’d be said ‘Frisson’ (shiver) and Inès de la Fressange “La fraise aux anges” (Angel’s strawberry).Comment: you should always be careful with orthographical mistakes!

Athina’s horse

Once upon a time, while working on the evolution of logics in time, and quite interested in the Onassis logic, I made up the following quizz: “How did Athina Onassis win in one horse race both the gold and the silver medal with the same horse?” Answer: “Because she was riding at the same time her horse and the concept of it.” I never got the response to the question which it was finally that had won the gold medal, the concept or the material horse, but that was parts of the quizz.

The Lou Lou de La Falaise strategy 

While thinking on the whole amount of happenings of the last weeks, the following construction came to my mind:I had been making researches on Gene Carrier’s plausibility and not knowing how to get any reliable information, seen that most model agencies lack miserably of e-mail addresses, I finally write three mails: one to some bloggers in the US, seeming to show some interest for the subject, one to a model Agency in Canada, having a somewhat related name, and one to Lou Lou de la Falaise, the only fashion designer showing an e-mail address on her web visit card.It’s true that that day I laughed very much and trying to look like a Miss Marple with French accent, I made many efforts in order not to make many mistakes while writing the e-mail.

It’s not that I expected any answer whatsoever, as in fact I use to count more on skills obtained in Greece which I regrouped under the pompous title of ‘flow of information’, which consists in asking a question in z, hoping that the person will get horribly suspicious by the question, repress the whole and finish by sending some telepathetic signals towards the place where the information can be found.Which actually happened.

About 4 days after, my intuition leads me towards a blog lost in the wild forests of internet where my nice pictures to be found in the section A Onassis had found some nest for a while. Thus, thanking indefinitely my imaginary Lou Lou de la Falaise in a refracted Inès de la Fressange logic, I forget the whole, as quite satisfied with the actual results.

Yesterday though I couldn’t help imagining the following: See, Lou Lou de la Falaise receives my e-mail exactly that day where as usual the secretary has gone on holidays for undetermined illness and is going through the whole amount of messages without knowing exactly how to make the difference between spam and anything of interest. After three hours of diligently going through all sorts of information concerning viagra, investments through internet, holidays in Bahamas and many etc. she finally arrives to my message whose exact contents she doesn’t know how to situate. She thus makes a click on the link to the page towards whole tons of information concerning Athina Onassis, and of course the only thing she actually sees,  (point I had forgotten while plunged in my contemplations and which awareness will give birth to this story a few weeks later), is the name of Inès de la Fressange on the header of the page.

That’s something, she thinks immediately, and following the flashes of known and unknown names she just stops on another, linking to an Inès de la Fressange page. Ça alors, she exclaims, that’s her new marketing strategy!

Full of green jealousy towards such a fine and deliberate way to make others know about your presence in internet she spends about three days analyzing the strategy in question, time enough for the secretary to come back.“Ma chère,” she says, getting out for seconds of her deepest thoughts, “we simply can’t stay back. It’s true that the strategy is somehow inspired from somewhere but never mind. Thus. Follow the following steps. First: you open a blog on chocolates, marron, french mustard, jewelry and designers with whole tons of indifferent information. Second, you link the blog to MY page, among of course other completely unknown people. And third: you start writing whole lots of e-mails making researches on mustard and marrons and accessories, while discreetly pointing at the blog in question. And voîlà, as the only brilliant and shining name is my own on the blog, thousands of people will jump to my page and finally make such a fail investment be worth something.”

Thus, thousands and thousands of researches were made in the name of a new undetermined marketing strategy, she had simply … made up all alone by herself!

Coincidence in stats

spieglein spieglein an der wall


Wer ist die Schoenste im ganzen Land?


follow … logically!

Reverted logic in time (construction) 

Her small daughter to Inés de la Fressange: “Non, non, maman, moi, je ne veux pas m’habiller bien, je veux m’habiller en Chanel, en Dior …” (No, mum, I don’t want to dress myself well, I just want to get dressed in Chanel, Dior …)


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