Posted by: Sk | February 21, 2009

1 Lies, fakes, frauds, pretension and … publicity

Or ethics …

Everything just fits, it would seem, into a given frame. You are working on something, and the topic in question is related to 37 other topics in a certain way, you work at in order to see whether you can frame them somehow, and thus you jump from one thing to the other, without apparent link, and the most unbelievable, in appearance, situations create themselves around your questionings, until you may conclude something, sometimes, and sometimes not.

Perhaps the definite question is a somewhat clear definition of reason. Working on that, I concentrated my attention for a long time on the strange superposition of the ‘hypothetical area’ and ‘fantasy’ or ‘illusion’ with the appearance of the resonable or even the true. See, for example, that the developed theory, based on children’s learning, of making mistakes in order to learn, which had extraordinary results, seem to cause problems with the possibility arising, a hypothesis been taken for true, even without verification. Thus, it is obvious that, jumps from one pretension to another hypothesis in virtual possibility, developing exactly that point.

Take the ‘pingback’. I don’t know what a pingback is, and research in Google does indicate that a pingback is a link another computer has made to yours (or this is at least what I understand, as not being absolutely in knowledge of the language in question). Attempts to understand the appearance of 2678 pingbacks on my page, does lead to a hilarious hypothesis involving Mossad and SVR. It doesn’t actually matter, it is just fun on stats analysis. Fun though does slowly lead to knowledge: recurrent appearance of other pingbacks do show that it is actually a link I’ve put to another page on my page. (What the interest of knowing, you may think after all, as you should know that you have done so.) Finally, the different numbers of IP do seem to correspond to a somewhat chaotical ecuatorian organization. Changing from one internet café to another (it’s really more secure, after all, I learned after two mortal attacks on my pc, which led to an angry controversia with people who take 6o USD for an ADSL service and do finally omit telling you which IP has attacked your computer), I introduce information from different IP’s into the blog, and IP numbers are apparently quite international in this country. Even suspecting it could have been that, I can’t imagine that the stats taken from sonjakasten1 and patched on skstats will pingback on sonjakasten1, with so many different IP numbers. Consequently I imagine a whole story (as usual), with spies and mafia bosses and international involvements, which leads to a new thought: fantasy seems to take it’s source from a whole lot of unexplained facts, not fitting in given patterns of understanding, and thus beeing arbitrarily, virtually or aleatorily ordered. If fantasy does, schizophrenia does, too. Approach started around 1993 working on the possibility of linking schizoid reality to common reality through pattern involving a possible deformation angle, had led to extraordinary results by passing through literature. Dostoyevskij gave an incredible understanding of history if considered from this point of view, and thus did slowly many others. The link between the one and the other I will finally call ‘aleatory’. But aleatory does not mean irrational or absurd or impossible. There is a logic linking the one to the other whose exact coordinates are difficult to establish rationally, but quite easily intuitively.

In knowledge of that, it is obvious that I do not personally mind saying ‘n’importe quoi’ (the greek o,ti na einai, or whatever). Somehow it will certainly be linked to some reality, somewhere, the question is to know which and how. It leads at least to the determination of what a pingback is, already something. Strange though is that my funny construction does involve another area, the ‘psychic types field’. This concept, defined about 1999, involves the possibility of determining a certain number of coordinates that do reproduce the principle of behaviour of a given psychic type, which will react more or less the same way to the same situation with variables of adaptation in different contexts. This concept, embedded in a theory of psychic transmission of information, does allow most effective transmission of information for years in Balkans and far beyond. Strangely, my psychic types do appear in tagged Google researches and seem to correspond to some of my main pt (psychic types): Sask, Natasha, the American, the Pakistani, the Turk, the Greek, the French. I know there are ‘transfers’ (heavy influences of pt on people who are not necessarily to be identified with those), but it is obvious that it is easier to write ‘is Sask’ than ‘pt probably under influence of Sask pt’. Together with the pingback hypothesis, it quickly builds up an atmosphere of international cooperation towards the determination of aleatory logic coordinates. Nothing that would bother me excessively. One of my favourite strategies is the ‘it’s done!’ (already) or theoretically called ‘reverted filioque’. As something new does always cause frictions of opposition with the ‘conserving’ part, to do as if it had already happened does lower immensily the pressure on arising matters of interest.

This touches a religious and social and legal field: the trend to say ‘most parts of the population does already do …’ thus … it is law or law has to change, based on stats and other virtual rational tools, is highly spread and to my understanding quite dangerous. Explorations on the possible field of application of such a psychological or religious feature (in fact: the particular case as instauring law without consideration to law as such, is a deformed theological positioning arising from arianism in the 3rd century and highly developed against orthodox in mostly catholic and protestant areas, but this is long to explain) does find an extremely adequate territory in fashion, literature, and even journalism (a determined type of journalism). The channeling of this ‘trend’ to these areas and free justice, politics, psychology and other supposed to be more serious areas of human understanding from this ‘virus’, does further the literary attempts into this direction (let it be clearly seen what it really is.)

Appears thus, that a ‘game’, while having fun, does allow easy learning without great effort. On the other hand, it develops through literary exploitation fields of intellectual questioning that do affect both science and all human sciences. Consequently, my marvelous strategy does seem to show the natural process of integration of aleatory matters into a more structured body of organization (which is to say, it seems to distroy ‘filioque’ through the rationalization of the logic of integration.)

All this, does touch by the way and without really wanting it, two fundamental points: the pretension of some to ‘truth’ through rational tools and proofs (not the least, statistics), without premisses and definitions having been clearly established. Strangely, the second one, introduces a rare effect of surprise: my clearly made up interpretations whose rational foundations may perhaps be found in deeper analysis of national psychic types inserted in very objective figures and statistics, do lead to a … real ‘miracle’. (Now, the word ‘miracle’ is a slightly exagerated, perhaps, but my little internet hooligans would certainly have had more problems to understand what a prophecy is: as much as I had to understand what a … pingback is.) How does this  happen? Have I accidentally recreated a ‘prophet’s mood’ without intentionality? The kind of disposition that led people in ancient times to forsee the future through the strict balancing of the knowledge of law and the wise integration of ‘hypothesis based on psychic logic’ into empirical observation? It could, but it does certainly oblige to the differentiation of what derives of fact and what derives of construction and reproduction of facts. To say, this is true and thus the rest is, is perhaps the logical mistake annihilating prophets for the last 130 years. Thus, it looks as if the ‘truth’ would move in different cell waters, with their corresponding membranes. Other is the factual truth considering organizing categories (stats), other a psychic truth (image deriving of the knowledge of common behaviour) and other is a ‘miraculous’ truth, seeming to be the result of the clear differentiation of the first two. The last truth appears as floating on a great number of strange configurations whose depth do drive attention to many complicated matters: the unconscious, lies, pretension and even illness if you don’t want to say ’sin’ (looks old fashioned.)

Exactly this point does bring as back to the original matter: reason. How much do I owe to the world in facts, evidences and empirical information? How much may I let myself be driven away by pretension and logical fakes, without getting lost in lie and madness and the dark mist of irreversible fantasy? To pretend to something may have very quick results, though fading ones. Not to pretend to anything, may leave perhaps your brilliant intelligence in the dark corners of forgottenness. How do we manage a wise balance among all these contradictory factors?

The result of all these researches leads slowly to a somewhat obscure desire of realization. May all these deep thoughts and contemplations not get an image in a social organization, a business, an object whose esthetics do reflect the inner logic of the whole thus tempting others into the same happyness than yours? The exact tone, the ‘already done’ in the knowledge that there is nothing, the game with illusion as means to help through the opposition and outer pressure, does create a ‘mood’, a ’state’, you have to transmit to others in order to allow realization of the project. In greatest silence and with lots of suspicions, spies and mafia bosses, is thus built You keep yourself there: your blunt assurance says already that it is all done, your eyes do though keep their attention on possible realizations, doors, windows, oppositions and battles to come. Your state of mind is moving in ‘real irreality’. And strangely, exactly at this moment mafia appears … or is it not? It will always be.

You receive thus an e-mail saying that you have won 1.000.000 euro. That day, you fish that e-mail from your waste paper bin and don’t laugh (although you don’t take it too seriously.)

Your E-mail addresses have won!!! 
Lucky Day Lottery NL
Address: Bezoekadres:
Laan Van Hoornwijck 55 2289 DG
Rijswijk The
Your Ref: Number: GLNL132/756/4007
Your Batch Number: SGN8901527-BB67
                                          FINAL WINNING NOTIFICATION!!!Attn: Sir/ Madam.
We are pleased to inform you of the result of The Lottery Winners International programs held on the 27th of October 2006. Your e-mail address was attached to ticket number 27511465896-6410 with serial number 3772-510 drew lucky numbers 7-14-88-23-31-45 which consequently won in the 1st category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay of Euro 1,000,000.00 (One Million Euro).
Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep your winning information confidential until your claims has been processed and your money Remitted to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants and non-participants. All participants where selected through a computer ballot system drawn from over 20,000 company and 30,000,000 individual email addresses and names from all over the world drawn from Europe. America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle-East parts of Africa and North and
South America. We hope with part of your winning you will take part in our next year 50 million international lottery. To file for your claim, please contact your agent with the contact information below:
Director of Operation
Mr. Gilbert Anderson
Imperial Trust Agency BV.The
Tel: 0031-626-465-199
Fax: 0031-847-512-664
Please Remember, all winning must be claimed not later than 15th of December 2006. After this date, all unclaimed funds will be included in the next stake. Please note in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications please remember to quote your reference number and batch numbers in all correspondence. Furthermore, should there be any change of address do inform your agent as soon as possible.
Congratulations once more from our members of staff and thank you for being part of our promotional program. Note: Anybody under the age of 18 is automatically disqualified.
Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Claudia Hanks.
Lottery Co-ordinator.Of course, you don’t make immediately a research on whether it is a fraud. You just say to the secretary, that you may have won 1.000.000 euro, and that you will follow all instructions in order to see whether it is true. Of course you promise immediately 50.000 USD to her if it is true, although you will have to consider after that if you give 50.000 to her you will have to give 500.000 USD to the boss, and that will make too much of it, so that you reconsider your offer, and she grumbles. The secretary does know little of internet frauds and scams, so that she tell to everyone that WE have already won 1.000.000 euro. Strangely, the side effect is that no one dares saying anymore our great business will fall into the water and attracts even hundreds and hundreds of people to the school who are fascinated by the simple fact that a millionaire is giving lessons in order to have something to do and not to get bored.It is more this unexpected side effect than the e-mail that becomes stressing. You become aware of the fact that something in your status has changed, without understanding exactly why as yourself have done nothing in order to provoke that. In the meantime your unconscious starts working on the configuration of the text. (Always tempting.) You have already answered to the first e-mail almost ironically (it was a nice midday illusion if it is not true…) And you get a second one. Of course, much more suspicious computer ingeneer Diego Salazar, says you’ll have to pay hundreds to get the money. As the second e-mail does though not say anything about payment, I think it worth the while to send the scanned claim form, it doesn’t cost me anything but a little effort and a surprising remark: it’s difficult to copy the form, and it is impossible to close the window after. (Spam attack? Virus?) In any case, strange.

Here the second mail:

Attn: S. Kasten. We acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail to us at Imperial Trust Agency BV, with request to file for your Lucky Day Lottery-winning claim, we write to clarify and explain to you the claim winning procedure of your prize. Firstly we are fiduciary agent who will assist you during the process of your claim; your ultimate concern is to fill out your claim winning application form attached to this email with your appropriate winning information and send back to this office via email scan attachment or via fax.  Upon our receipt of your fill out application form we will then make a formal application with the Netherlands Gaming Control Board for the approval of your payment, all this processes will be completed with the next 24hrs or normal business day. Upon our receipt of their approval you will be get inform for the transfer of your funds. Note that our aim is to serve you better and ascertain the authenticity of your winning prize and avoid temporary stop order from the authority.  N.B. You are advise to keep your winning information secret from public notice, to avoid double claimant of some participant and NON participant of this program, till you receive your winning prize.  Hope to have given you the needed explanation for the processing of your claim. Congratulation once more!!!  Best RegardsMrs. Susan Van EckFor:

Mr. Gilbert Anderson 
Imperial Trust Agency BV

Netherlands.Tel: 0031-626-465-199 
Fax: 0031-847-512-664 

I have now become really curious. What is this story about, again? My unconscious goes quicker than myself. My irreality is starting to become really irreal and I write an e-mail to an unknown: Chris Perry, a blogger, whose concentrated interest in computer functions and medieval French poetry, probable origin England, does seem the best recipient to my uneasiness. May I derive from the psychological impact of my ‘irreal’ state with a more ‘rational’ one of same source than the first e-mail (UK), what it is all about?

Of course, ten minutes after, I start my Sherlock Holmes researches. And then it starts to become really interesting. The first e-mail seems to be a copy of a lot of internet scams (Google says). But how strange, I think, the information is so exact. Numbers references, adress. Searching on the name of the author of the mail, I land in the pornographic mafia.


Eromaxx: orgy, WAM, fully clothed, pissing, and silk, satin, and

Clarisa. Claudia Adams. Claudia Adams. Claudia Hanks. Claudia Hanks. Claudia Rossi. Claudia Rossi. Crissy. Crissy. Daria Glower. Daria Glower – 42k – CachedSimilar pages

Interesting… Poor Claudia if it is not her, her e-mail says there are at least 45 of them. Sender: Or, she has 41 adresses, who knows? The rest, looks half and half. Imperial Trust is pursued in the US for fraud. The Netherlands Gaming Control Board exists, though. Who is who? What is what? I play with two possibilities: either it is a real fraud, either it is not. In the first case, bad to have left the adress on top of the mail, it may have … not fiduciary but legal consequences. The second though attracts much more my attention: if it is true that it is some kind of prostitution mafia in England washing money in Holland with different legal dispositions on games through a lottery? What if they are obliged to justify income to keep at least appearance through the submittance to a certain number of regulations, as the text looks really very serious, and then… what then? Are they accused of fraud because nobody claims? Thinking like Diego Salazar it is a bad joke? Do those who claim give adress and telephone number and … disappear misteriously after having left the whole lot to a misteriously appearing person promising fudicial deal with the fortune? Or they do not disappear but the fortune is misteriously lost in bad investment? Investment strangely related to the prostitution mafia in question?

The strange thing is that they do no ask for money, yet. The fact that there are disturbances in the possibility of getting the form or even to send an e-mail to the given adress, more a hint to the fact that it is somehow legally attached somewhere, and that they are obliged to keep some kind of appearance. You didn’t claim in 20 days, sorry for you. The mail landed in the waste paper bin and you didn’t see it, sorry for you. Your computer exploded three days after with all the information, sorry for you, etc. At least, this is what my imagination made up that day, thing I immediately communicated to the secretary to keep the suspense. (Well, if you want me to tell you my secret, Ms Doublewingsurf, computers can be securized by many means, and I have them. I you want to share them, you pay.)

Let us drive thus the hypothesis further. They said they’ll give an answer on Monday or Tuesday. I’m in Israel. I have given a fake adress in Ecuador. They avoid being accused of fraud by taking 600 USD for banking transfer, if they send it all graciously through Western Union. I will never have the time to arrive to Ecuador on time. Thus the money will be sent back to England or wherever: it’s 1.000.000 euro for the secretary for very cheap and without too much of an effort. Or a trap. Who will be stronger at the end, Ms Doublewingsurf or … reason?

It is an evidence, that this is exactly what I ment: whatever happens, either you look like an idiot at the end, or … you profit of it for reasons of … publicity! They’d never done me a bigger favour than sending the e-mail anyhow. And the International Police does certainly have something else on its programs, except … if they read this and … knock at the doors of a beautiful villa next to La Haye in Holland. You never know how the wind blows, at the end, Ms Wingsurf …


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