Posted by: Sk | February 21, 2009

10 Compte rendu

While you are doing things, you may not be able to evaluate exactly what kind of impact your inspirations may have on the general financial world, but this is partly due to the fact that the amount of information available is  sometimes so small that you can’t judge of a situation properly.I swear three days ago there was no information in internet about the possible linking of Inés de la Fressange to Roger Vivier, and it is but today that such a fundamental information is provided by the fumbling around of her fans with Google boy.To say to Roger Vivier, who has not understood yet the changes arising from the internet revolution: Google (or any search engine) is some kind of environment. Imagine you don’t care about internet and some one in Argentina writes a long horrible article on Vivier saying that his shoes are horrible and disgusting and all this on a page linked to some obscure prostitution mafia with implications in drug dealing. You put into Google Vivier + drug and you will have something appear. As there is nothing else, the recurrences in search do associate the name Vivier to all sorts of obscure surroundings.If you then start searching Vivier + shoes, or Vivier + elegance, the very fact of searching makes Google go on search of articles of the 18th century which could provide the proper information. Thus, a new environment is defined, where Vivier is associated to another context. If you take the environment thus defined, you discover the image or aura that has been transmitted by someone or a product all along the years. If you then write articles or texts or create links to contemporary environments having more or less the same semantic context, the researches in Google of the kind Vivier + drugs do simply disappear by the hierarchic structure inherent to Google.Logically, the marketing and publicity strategies resuming themselves to mystery and silence (elegance of the last 80 years until it disappeared around 1975), to allusions and slight references is improper for internet. It is not enough to have a reference in Vogue, it is necessary that a profusion of contexts create a positive environment allowing the disappearance of eventual attacks or bad image vehicles.If Vogue has 8 pages and is linked to 300 relative pages, it gets an impressive positive environment that does sell by itself.Test, myself. I start researching the context by using a double to triple versant. One: allusion through French Edition House Le Manuscrit, Two: appearance through Spanish literary works publishers, Three: reference through to homosexual populations related page vayabollo and with that, a referential personal page and net both in Spanish and French.The interesting thing is exactly that: the lack of backing in Google allows misuse of personal information through vayabollo, who publishes an e-mail address without anyone’s permission. The name itself does appear only through yoescribo. Consequently the possible misinterpretation of the appearance two or three is very high. Researches of the web pages ideabstracta + anything does give no result.Word Press helps. The multiplication of English texts associated to Sonja Kasten allows breaking of the name in 4 months, until it fills 5 entire pages in Google. The environment though is not positive. Although already it becomes clear that use of a second or third language, reference to historical figures, literature etc. and great brands does help, it continues creating a diffuse hooligan who wants to be aura where there is no concrete principle unifying the whole information. I start using the self referential method: I’ve already used the distinguished word ‘elegance’ once. Now I repeat it 10 times in different contexts along with such as metaphysics, publicity and other. Strangely the searches hitting on the different pages (which are absolutely determining for the appearance in Google results) do start being determined by a more defined context. The fact that searches through the Washington Post’s search engines fall on the pages creates thus the most appropriate environment I could desire: some detached intellectual aura with inherent dispositions to amuse myself with hooligan tactics.It’s true that I’m quite proud of my progress concerning the transmission of image through internet and in a certain way I make use of my strategies while creating Word Press pages for whoever asks for one. At the same time I define a whole commercial environment whose final objective is actually to attract some tycoon’s interest. This strategy, consisting mainly in considering the following: a common internet cafe hooligan is certainly not someone who will buy Roger Vivier. No. But if he sees colors and combinations and lines that fascinate him, he creates the fascination around x, were it at last, because he starts transferring esthetical lines into his own context and creates a backing for the first.Contrary thus to a vulgarization strategy, my strategy does construct a double line, where the expensive becomes some distant fairy tale with princesses and kings imposing through esthetical lines all sorts of wisdoms (the realization through work, the attachment to a home, the pride in defense of the name, etc). This implies that the expensive create lines to the other worlds through the somewhat humorous allowance of even counterfeit. Strategy is not, I’ll put you all into prison for copying, but ’see, what a success, I’ve been counterfeited already 7 times’, which warrants the backing of people with smaller power of acquisition. Thus, some lines are transmitted (name, esthetical presentation) that do finish by attracting these people: “I do belong to  a certain standing and I can’t simply buy a perfume for 12 USD. Is there not a similar one for 70?” These are the only people of interest for Houses as Dior, Chanel or Vivier, and even yes, even Inés de la Fressange.It’s true that my horror arising from the fact of seeing my immaterial concept ‘Inés de la Fressange’ in very bad surroundings in Google as well as my fashion idol ‘Betty Catroux’ is at the origin of some kind of anger that moves me almost unconsciously to make use of all my knowledge in order to get them out of there. As information available is very little and I’m not going to write to Fressange an e-mail saying: “Sorry, dear, you won’t mind but I’m starting to get very angry with all that bull shit. Mind providing some information?” I use the fishing information through Google strategy, by entering possible combinations that do further the appearance of articles even of … 1990 (!)Which means that I’m confronted constantly to emerging information that I’ve to integrate into the context by taking the measures that will create an atmosphere that satisfies … me. As she hasn’t cared before about herself (I learn: she couldn’t) why should she care now about it? Thus, I spend many hours figuring out a character that symbolizes whole tons of things and has even slight lines of communication to marginal populations without though getting mixed with them. The kind: “Well, it’s really not that I don’t want, but I need my body guard in order to understand your language.” The Fressange character becomes thus a double character: “Seen by the body guard who is a Russian Prince who is playing the hooligan”. In this context, the whole shocking affaire of 2004 allows the integration of the 3 mousquetaires fantasy ’sauve la reine’ or Michails Strogoffs devotion to his mother and the Tsar and other fantastic elements furthering duels, acid battles, sharp irony and many elegant ‘feintes’.The problem is that the confrontation with another way of seeing, marketing, publicity, etc. becomes more and more real every day. I know that Lagerfeld is reacting to my restoration of name of Fressange simply because he knows very well that that may have as consequence a ‘retournement de l’affair’ (as already appearing in Google through: rebondissement de l’affaire Fressange + hooligan) that may make him pay with his post his slaughtering of the lady and many thousands of compensation for Chanel.The thing is that I don’t care. Why should Lagerfeld prevail on me if Lagerfeld’s esthetics does nothing but imply the possibility of those things to happen? All of sudden my defined environment jumps over to a universal strategy of the restoration of name and honor and logically searches help in concerned populations: the English Monarchy has been brutally attacked through that kind of strategy, and Spanish dukes and counts, though not, have some attaching aura putting principles on that kind of context. On the other hand I know that the British populations assimilated to hooligans do fundamentally base their philosophy on national honor as very well described in Henry V. All story allowing them to obtain a more favorable context of interpretation, must thus have very positive feedback.At the same time I search for allies in most distants grounds, where exactly there is no political context available. Russia and China. I know Chinese very well, although I speak no Chinese. Playing on oldest tao traditions and assimilation of cultures does allow translating the problem into another context. The backing of Khodorkovskij through slight allusions to the Empire explaining in Russian that you can’t punish someone for something you haven’t cared very much about before, allows backing from an enormous lot of people half swimming at the edges of mafia without involvement though. (The Kakarantzas type) This helps to gather mainly male figures around the idea that even someone who is very ugly may deeply fall in love with a princess and consequently satisfies male vanity who all of a sudden launches an aggressive attack on those homosexuals who are bothering ideal creatures through vilest traps.If I’m lucky, the whole international pressure thus created (it is enough to count on Russian or Chinese gossip as internet not available for everyone and even less in English) may cut the Houses Dior and Chanel from Lagerfeld and Galliano through the categorical intervention of the Femmes Business Angels whose psychology I have studied before. If this happens, up to 80% of French population which has been maintained in silence through the reminder of the national interest linked to the Houses in question may change sides.That this is possible becomes obvious yesterday. Lagerfeld attacks Galliano accusing the latter of using Fressange in order to ruin him, and … vice versa. Because Fressange has no means, Lagerfeld thinks. They eat up each other, whose electronic image is given by the possibility of picking the images of both sides in that logic.But what, Fressange is still not in knowledge of the whole. A comment posted yesterday on seems to be posted by her, ambiguity which I exploit letting it appear. I don’t think at all it is her, though. The message is electronically altered. Some one has used her name in order to further some backing. But who? I guess the surroundings of the Lazard Bank who can’t but profit of the affair, and they are the only ones.That means that Fressange can be eating some croissant with a peaceful and detached air, while Roger Vivier congratulates her for her international business management, with a hint of irony and some reminders of jealousy.What does that mean? I’ve run accidentally into battles and wars concerning positioning that determine the financial world and my backing of something is used as backing for something else and this pushes things into a direction that is more convenient to x. Who actually doesn’t care a bit about me but knows very very well that a slight alteration in image of z may change many fortunes of hands and create new poles of financial organization.This new character, I call the cousin Lazard. Someone who spends his times seeing the up and down of the markets and coming to many silent conclusions. The cousin Lazard is a deep fan and admirer of Fressange and not absolutely because of her fashion style, he doesn’t understand, but because she has managed to become very famous, something the Lazard have never been able of. On the site where her genealogy can be found you can find a remark: “and there are two famous people in the family …” It is certainly a family member and the pride shines through as falling to all the family members.It’s an evidence on the hand that the banking environment is very tense. Main lines differentiating structures that impose a non involvement of banks in political affairs and those determining politics through the pretension of having money (Lazard versus Rothschild) are confused through the imposition of one boring distant cruel banker image. “There are differences still” is no slogan in France. How then mark differences in another way in order to assure a convenient image that may further business in a better environment?Inés de la Fressange seems to be the clue. Some distant association to under the table quarrels with allure of Robin Hood and international spy work. The appearance of a non calculated anarchic element making hypothesis all alone by herself at the other edge of the world does create alterations nobody has considered before. Seeming LVMH, Lazard does actually not mind about the fall neither of Dior, neither of LVMH. Vuiton sells by itself and only Vuiton is theirs. What they can’t do by themselves is accidentally obtained through the surreptitious backing of the hooligan supporting Inés de la Fressange: the support of the people, every day more suspicious about banks and bankers.It’s a fact. To care about someone else’s image does have deepest socio political implications and does immediately affect the financial world. The problem is that you have to consider the changes that happen through such enthusiastic defense of the right to the private life and the rejection of the exploitation of certain legal understandings mainly what women are concerned, as they do not have the use of law in the transmission of custom as much as men may. (If we want it or not.)Consequently, I will have to write an e-mail to Fressange in order to tell her that the international situation is proper for the launching of a new prêt a porter collection (without accents) financed by the Russian tycoon and that she please take care not to invade other people’s fantasy with allusive pronunciations of her name that may end up in international financial catastrophes.Could say thank you, the lady, after all.


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